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Bob D..Caterino

Born Robert DiCaterino, in Newark, New, Jersey. When he was twelve he sold his first work, radio spots in which he recorded and produced, to a local radio station at Thirteen. Now he has written many books, articles news, plays, scripts, and many stand up routines for other comedians. His best selling book, Growing Up Goomba has been doing well since its release in 2000. Caterino stays busy writing for many publications, as well as working on books, plays, and poetry.
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When you need a quick pick me up, quick, pick me up. Caterino said that


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  • I Was a Mall Santa Claus
    Being a mall Santa has many more rewards then anyone will ever know.
  • What is My 'I Quit' Number?
    In these troubled times, we do not wish to work long after 64, but are forced to. As things cost more, with the pay isn't stretching far enough to walk away from it all.
  • Whitney Houston
    It shames be to say this, but colleagues who are supposed to report news throw too much speculation into the mix. Whitney Houston passed away at 3:15 in Beverly Hills, Calif. There is no need to speculate on reasons, It is not the time.
  • First Person: The New Refinancing Plan Will Save My Home
    in the tough times America are facing, we, the home owner, are struggling to choose between the American Dream, and food. We should never have to choose and the Obama plan saved us.
  • Florida Primary-and Other Things
    The GOP sort through as they pick the Obama terminator .
  • Gingrich Wins the South Carolina Primary
    When Gingrich speaks, E.F. Hutton even listens. He is the overwhelming conservative candidate of South Carolina.
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  • Mini Pita Pie for Your Super Bowl Party
    These are inexpensive mini pizzas that take less than 30 minutes to prepare.
  • Ghost of the Manor
    Thy sheets in the night, thy knighted soul thou come in the night as my fears ever grow.
  • Aliens Among Us
    We watch too much television. Aliens don't look like snakes, or drive in futuristic space crafts. Beware, be afraid.
  • A Christmas to Remember
    The Cesternino's and DiCaterino's used to be the ultimate Christmas time, and the memories those times gave us are going to last a lifetime.
  • Snow
    The glistening powder falls from above to make everything look as it should, clean.
  • The Envelope (From the Case Files of Ice Brisco, Famous Detective)
    Be careful, losing something sometimes can be a good thing but not in this case
  • The Falling Leaf
    Things come and go, but the autumn leaf lives on forever.
  • Little Things in Small Packages
    Yes, small things do come in small packages and this is one of those stories you hope never happens to you.
  • The Old Woman Next Door
    She was my fathers teacher when he was in grammar school. Now some 60 years later, she stands before me
  • Cyborg's Revenge
    Scientist Daniel Richter created the perfect woman. His last words were "What have I done"
  • HotMix 106, Brings Surfing the Net, to a Brand New Level
    You can surf, play games, or study, and still have great tunes, and comedy playing in the background.
  • I Must Be Going
    Men and women fall in love but duty calls and the parting is such sweet sorrow
  • Fireworks on the 25th of June
    The city has its display in the downtown area so they ask all others to do theirs another day.
  • Blue Sky's of Summer
    The warmth, seeks you out, because it just likes to be with friends
  • My Mime Story
    There is something about the Mime I just don't like.
  • The 4th
    We feel, we conquer, we calibrate for we are Americans.
  • From the Desk of God
    Many laugh at Camping's, estimated, end of the world theory but was he actually right on the mark?
  • The Chicken and the Egg
    The question is not what came first, but what is the moral
  • Skyscape in Blue
    Meet the sky, the earth, the never ending vault of image
  • Life's Minor Fixes
    Here are a few easy fixes throughout life that would make things simpler, in my view anyway.
  • Growing Up Italian
    The misnomers are in abundance, the stereotypes are flowing high, as Italians in America, put on a good show. Growing up in a mostly Italian neighborhood, was joyous but protected.
  • Loaded Meat Loaf
    Meat loaf is a meal that everyone has had in their lifetime, but, this is a meatloaf fit for royalty.
  • Never Forget
    This poem is in honor of all who served, and died for our freedom
  • Larry Jones
    Many hear their grandfathers tell tales, spin yarns, or have a fish tale or two. Larry was 108 years old and still telling his wild west tales.
  • Ode to Fathers
    Poetry might be corny to some, but it says a lot, and everyone should write some. Happy Fathers Day
  • Zombies in the Shadows
    The walking dead walk because of what they did when they were alive, something they did to someone that made them seek a higher power for revenge, and now they walk the night even after they pass away.
  • Eggplant Parmigiana
    Old family secret recipes are over rated. This is how grandma made it, mamma after her, and they all cut corners, Thats the secret.
  • I Am Not an Alein
    Strange beings come and go all the time. This is one story with proof of an alien being visiting the planet.
  • Who?
    Mary is missing and Barry is covered with blood. This was a home invasion gone bad but who could have done such a sinful deed?
  • Growing Up Fireworks
    Fun times growing up. I always had the best Fourth of Julys ever. Read why.
  • Growing Up Politics
    In these modern times of politics, Americans need to see the reality from the illusions put forth. It is now time to get real.

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