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I'm an RN as old as God, adore ballroom dancing, writing and making money. I plan to retire soon with a fulltime income online.
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BS in Psychology, AD in Nursing


Life's too short not to be happy.


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  • How to Stop Nail Biting
    It's a nasty little habit and it can make beautiful hands seem ugly. Nail biting can be stopped, and this article offers some easy ways to keep your fingers out of your mouth for good.
  • How to Save a Life-Learn the Heimlich Maneuver
    The Heimlich Maneuver is now more commonly known as 'abdominal thrusts'. But whatever you choose to call it, it's a skill everyone should know. Choking can occur to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Learn how to save a life and be prepared should the need ever arise.
  • Motorcycle Mania - is There a Bike in Your Future?
    A new CNN poll shows 66% of people surveyed think it's time to park their SUV. As gas prices continue to soar, many are resurrecting dreams of owning a motorcycle. If the trend continues, see why motorcycle may become one of the hottest search words online.
  • MRSA-Should You Be Scared of Staph Infections?
    Many staph infections present themselves as a mild skin infection. But if the staph bacteria enter the bloodstream or destroy flesh, they can be fatal. The federal Center for Disease Control (CDC) is calling MRSA a "major public health concern".
  • Dancing with the Stars: One of the Hottest, Most-Anticipated Returns to the Airwaves
    Discover or re-discover the timeless beauty of ballroom dancing. Dancing with the Stars shares with viewers the joy of victory and the agony of defeat as professional instructors transform some of our favorite celebrities into accomplished ballroom dancers.
  • Ballroom Dancing: 10 Rules of Etiquette You Should Know
    Discover the unwritten rules ballroom dancers follow that make the experience even more enjoyable.

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