Adam Justice

Adam Justice

Adam works as an Engineering Technician and Web developer for a civil engineering/surveying firm. His engineering experience encompasses mechanical, architectural, civil and mining. He started designing websites when he was 14, and has done freelance graphic design and web development as a part time job ever since. Some of his other jobs include Customer care rep for cell phone companies, and painter. Adam is a registered Democrat in a region that is almost exclusively Democratic, but like his neighbors he has a strong aversion to socialist agendas, and has a tendency to favor republicans in national elections.

He has been trading stock almost daily for 7 years. His current broker is sharebuilder, but he has used E-Trade, and Scott Trade. In his spare time he plays video games on his X-Box 360 and guitar. He is an avid auto enthusiast, inheriting a love of muscle cars from his father. He also plays basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, boxing and trains in martial arts (specifically Indonesian Kuntao) on a weekly basis. His favorite sports team is the Calipari led Kentucky Wildcats, but he also follows several pro teams in various sports.
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Associates in Applied Science /Computer Aided Drafting from BSCTCS, Certified Detailer, Mine Impoundment Inspector / Certified Instructor, Computer Aided Drafter (Certificate & Diploma BSCTCS)


You cannot strengthen one by weakening another; and you cannot add to the stature of a dwarf by cutting off the leg of a giant.
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