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C.J. Hopkins

I am an American based in the suburbs of Paris. After obtaining a bachelors degree with a curriculum which encompassed many areas (focus mainly on psychology and film studies), I skipped back over the pond to France and have been living happily as an expat ever since. Writing primarily in the domains of travel, film and correspondent for international entertainment news, it is my recent experience witnessing my child growing in front of my eyes that gives me the greatest pleasure and inspiration.
An enthusiast for random facts, as well as an undying devotion for the New York Mets, you can contact me via e-mail: hopkins.courtney@gmail.com
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B.A. Psychology, Film Studies


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  • Emotional Bag Check: A New Haven for Unloading and Picking Up a Load
    The website, "Emotional Bag Check" provides an original compass in allowing visitors to "check-in" by unloading their problems. Its other option, "carry it" enables visitors to aid an anonymous user by allowing them to make a dedication (note and song).
  • Beyonce Electrifies the Stage Twice in One Evening
    Following her groundbreaking performance during this year's Glastonbury Festival in England, Beyonce showcases her non-stop routine in France, also proving why she is perhaps the most dominant force in music domestically as well as internationally.
  • Jane and Her Swift Boots
    Jane a.k.a. Swift Boots is a commandant in the desert. Nobody knows her real name except for fellow commandant, Reynolds. The boyish Reynolds and a seemingly disillusioned Jane will meet their fates one day in the hot and unusually humid desert.
  • Double Duty: Cameron Diaz as Guest on the "Grand Journal" and Guest Panelist on "X Factor"
    Although the summer film "Bad Teacher" does not hit theaters until July 24th, French television channels have been heavily promoting American and international entertainment heavyweights as they sign off before summer starts to heat up.
  • A Boat and Missing Goats
    Rhodes, Greece is a great tourist destination. Its impeccable warm weather and rich historical roots lures many each year. My trek over there was both adventurous and breathtaking, even if some areas resembled a ghost town.
  • "No Hay Banda!" Until September 2011
    For some, "there isn't a band" but those who were baffled, confused and eventually enamored (after numerous views) by David Lynch's masterpiece, "Mulholland Drive" will be in delight as Silencio Club will be opening its doors in September 2011.
  • The Triumphant Misadventures of a Tropical Vacation
    Traveling outside of one's country can be both exhilarating and scary at the same time. My vacation in Belize marked the first time departing the United States. Two weeks of fun while battling the forces of a tropical climate.
  • Deja vu? Bradley Cooper Has Already Flaunted His Linguistic Skills on French Prime Time
    Bradley Cooper's one-on-one interview with French journalist Laurence Ferrari has been garnering much attention over the internet, but this does not mark the first time the actor has flexed his French skills during primetime.
  • The Top 10 Summer Films You Have to See in Theaters
    Do not assume that studios have nothing else to offer after early summer hits such as "Thor," "Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides" and "The Hangover Part II." This summer is just beginning to heat up.

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