Chris Robison

Chris Robison

Served as an elected member of City Board of Mayor and Alderman, was a member of Finance and Safety Committees. Worked on several local campaigns and national primary campaigns. Received Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Certification from M.T.S.U. in 2011.
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B.S. Political Science - Middle Tennessee State University


"If you're going to get in a butt bitin' contest wit' a bear, don't let the bear get the first bite."



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  • Manufacturing Support: Why Attacking Syria is a Bad Idea
    Leaders in Washington are working overtime on making a case for a military attack on Syria despite overwhelming opposition by the American public to military action. After 12 years of war, Americans are opposed to war and they should be.
  • Debt Ceiling Debacle
    Competing plans for raising our nations debt ceiling are working their way through congress as leaders seek compromise to end the uncertainty before August 2nd deadline.
  • A Palin Presidential Play? Pundits Ponder
    Will she or won't she get in? This is the question everyone is asking and Sarah seems to marketing herself and her brand very heavily right now.
  • Red NY 26 Special Election Goes Blue
    Democrats enjoyed a historic win in hostile territory on Tuesday. The issue at hand was Medicare. In a Siena Poll conducted April 26-27, The Democratic challenger Kathy Hochul trailed Republican Candidate Jane Corwin by 5 points and less than........
  • Tenn. Ushers in Era of For-Rent Politicians with New Campaign Finance Law
    The 2011 Tennessee legislative session was a session filled with emotion. The Republican majority focused on attacking teachers unions and increasing corporate influence in state politics.
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  • Republicans Stumble in Messaging about Medicare Overhaul
    Even after the special election results in NY 26 Tuesday, Republicans in Congress stand by their man. In a Senate vote Wednesday, only five Republicans broke from party ranks and voted with Democrats in opposition to the Ryan proposal to drastically.....
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