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Jeff Briscoe

Jeff Briscoe

Jeff Briscoe is a resident of Port Charlotte and a proud dad of three great Florida kids. A proud outdoorsman, he's as likely to be found paddling a canoe as he is to be driving a car. His children give him the perfect excuse to explore Southwest Florida's parks, piers, beaches, hiking trails, and marinas. Jeff is a freelance writer who covers sports, politics, and more for the Yahoo! Contributor Network and the Fort Myers Examiner.
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  • Wide Receivers Dominate 2014 First-Round Draft Selections of the NFC South
    With three of four NFC South clubs selecting a wide receiver with their first-round selection in the 2014 NFL Draft, the division is on the hunt for the league's next dynamic play-maker, and rookies Mike Evans and Brandin Cooks soon hope to fill the role.
  • Five Greatest Benefits of Online Dating
    Once reserved for those struggling with the traditional dating scene, online dating continues to grow mainstream, where it has become the preferred method for many seeking a new love interest. Here is a look at the five greatest benefits of online dating.
  • Three Refreshing Salad Recipes: Kid-Friendly and Perfect for Spring
    With visions of the beach in mind, spring is a perfect time to place a greater quantity of healthy fruits and vegetables upon the dinner table. Here is a look at three diverse salad recipes my family will be enjoying this spring.
  • Top 10 Health Risks for 40-Something Males
    Any age is a good time to start thinking seriously about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Yet, as men reach 40 years of age and beyond, the timing is critical to gain awareness of the many common dangers that rapidly can prevent good living.
  • The Challenge of Engaging a New Generation of Church-Goers
    With fresh observations from the recent Easter season, I was again reminded of the significant evolution of worship services at churches across America during my lifetime. Here is a look at three ways in which the church has adapted to changing times.
  • Sake Bars With Great Sushi in Southwest Florida
    Best known for fresh seafood from the nearby Gulf of Mexico, Southwest Florida continues to improve its reputation for a diversity of offerings for those with international tastes. Here is a look at four options for enjoying sake in the Fort Myers area.
  • Top Dance Clubs to Keep the Party Going in Southwest Florida
    Southwest Florida is best known for access to pristine beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, but the region's growing nightlife has evolved to keep the party hot on the dance floor when the sun is long gone. Here are five top dance clubs in Southwest Florida.
  • Risks and Warning Signs of Heart Disease in Women
    It is widely known that heart disease is the nation's number one killer, but some may be less aware the potent ailment annually results in more deaths of women than men. Here is a closer look at how heart disease affects women and a guide to its symptoms.
  • Three Vegetable Juice Recipes That Are Healthy and Tasty
    Since ordering his first juice machine from a pitchman on a late night infomercial, my Uncle Bob has been a longtime juicer and often uses these hearty drinks in place of traditional meals. Here are three vegetable juice recipes my uncle has perfected.
  • Earth Day Trivia: Five Facts About the Day Celebrating Our Planet
    Once an obscure celebration marked by activists, Earth Day assumes a more traditional role each year as celebrations are held around the world in support of the protection of our planet. Here is a look at five pieces of trivia concerning this day.
  • Tax Breaks for Families: Too Much, Just Right, or Not Enough?
    In combination with a legislative effort to reform the child tax credit, a recent story published by Slate.com has generated substantial debate as to whether persons with children are taxed unfairly by what is often considered a flawed system.
  • Can You Really Save Money by Changing Your Own Oil?
    While ads refer to the money that can be saved by changing a vehicle's oil, the decision to work on your own car is less straight-forward and ultimately depends on how one wishes to spend time. Here are five necessary components for changing a car's oil.
  • Tips for Keeping Fleas Off Your Cat and Out of Your House
    As deeply as cat owners enjoy the natural tendency of these furry creatures to cuddle, fleas present not only a real danger to households, but substantially hamper the enjoyment of your pets. Here are five simple steps for dealing with fleas in the house.
  • Enjoying Math Games With My Elementary School-Age Children
    In raising my children, I am aware there are times when the words school and fun cannot be used in the same sentence. Despite that limitation, here are four math games I use with my elementary school-age kids to practice multiplication and division.
  • Rearview Visibility Systems Mandatory in New Cars by 2018
    Once reserved for luxury cars, rear-view cameras will soon be a mandatory part of all new vehicles. In a final ruling from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the inclusion of rear-view visibility systems will be required by May 2018.
  • Suggestions for Setting Proper Boundaries for Teens
    The teenage years have always been challenging for parents and children alike, but establishing proper boundaries can be one of the most effective ways to overcome obstacles with grace. Here are five ways a parent can set reasonable boundaries for a teen.
  • Glazed Ham and Coconut Cake Are Favorites on Our Easter Table
    Easter may not offer the widespread family get-togethers of Thanksgiving or the merry gift-giving of Christmas, but our family eats every bit as festively on this meaningful and fun spring day.
  • Term Life Insurance May Be Right Choice for You
    The increased flexibility and affordable price of term life insurance makes it an attractive option for many consumers, especially younger adults. Here is a closer look at considerations necessary to weigh when purchasing a term life insurance policy.
  • 'Country to Country Festival' Brings Once Uniquely American Music to Receptive Audience in London
    Coming off the successful Country to Country Festival that showcased numerous top Nashville acts, including Brad Paisley and the Zac Brown Band, to a London audience of over 40,000 fans, many wonder if country music is about to expand internationally.
  • A Look at the Best and Worst NFL Free Agent Moves of the NFC South Division
    With March continuing the NFL tradition of drastic roster shake-ups, the teams of the NFC South have been active players in free agency. Focusing on the best addition and worst loss for each club, here is a look at early results of the changing landscape.
  • Might Tampa Bay Bucs Look to Trade Cornerback Darrelle Revis Again?
    Might the Tampa Bay Buccaneers deal cornerback Darrelle Revis only a year after acquiring the All-Pro in a similar pre-draft trade from the New York Jets? Though consecutive transactions are unusual, it may prove tempting for new Bucs' coach Lovie Smith.
  • Potential Targets on Defense for Tampa Bay Bucs in 2014 NFL Draft
    With a background on defense, new coach Lovie Smith will be tempted to use the Tampa Bay Bucs' seventh-overall selection in the 2014 NFL Draft to address needs on his preferred side of the ball. Here is a look at potential draft targets on defense.
  • Potential Targets on Offense for Tampa Bay Bucs in 2014 NFL Draft
    While the challenge of improving the NFL's least productive offense is not easy, new coach Lovie Smith does inherit the Tampa Bay Bucs' seventh-overall selection in the 2014 draft. Here is a look at potential draft targets on offense for the Bucs.
  • Interview With Historic Olympic Bronze Medalist Erin Hamlin of USA Luge
    The Sochi games have offered no shortage of memorable moments, but Olympic history was made when Erin Hamlin of the United States won a bronze medal during women's singles luge competition at Sliding Center Sanki on February 11, 2014.
  • A Guy's Guide to Shopping for an Engagement Ring
    With little room for error, and the inevitability of boyfriends dropping to one knee around Valentine's Day, guys should do their homework to get the decision on an engagement ring right. Here are five suggestions for men shopping for an engagement ring.
  • Tampa Bay Bucs: A Look at New Defensive Coaching Staff of Lovie Smith
    While the task of bolstering the offense of the Tampa Bay Bucs must receive the highest importance, supporters should not forget the bread-and-butter of new coach Lovie Smith is defense. Here is a look at the new defensive coaches for the Buccaneers.
  • Top Waterfront Beach Resorts for Romance in Florida
    Offering access to nearly 1,200 miles of breathtaking coastline, Florida possesses no shortage of ideal backdrops for elegant resorts and exciting romance. Here is a look at five top resorts throughout Florida for planning romantic getaways.
  • Valentine's Day 101: Tips for Planning a Romantic Vacation
    As Valentine's Day approaches, many couples anxiously make plans for a special day, realizing that advanced preparation is the surest way to ensure romance is done right. Here are 10 tips for planning a romantic vacation.
  • Team USA Women's Curling Coach Surprisingly Based in South Florida
    While skiing will never find a home in the Sunshine State, the increasingly-popular Olympic sport of curling has developed a surprising tie to South Florida through Team USA women's coach Bill Todhunter and the Panthers Curling Club of Coral Springs.
  • Five Biggest Upsets in Winter Olympic History
    Showcasing dramatic moments, as well as sporting excellence, the Olympics are known for a history of stunning upsets. Here is a look at five gold medalists who pulled off some of the most surprising moments in the history of the Winter Olympics.
  • Kate Hansen and Erin Hamlin Seek Glory for USA Luge at Sochi Olympics
    Women's singles luge competition begins two days of excitement at the Sochi Olympics on February 10, 2014. Here is an interview with Erin Hamlin and Kate Hansen of USA Luge, as the athletes attempt to capture the first-ever American gold medal in luge.
  • Trivia on the Fun History of the Westminster Dog Show
    The Westminster Dog Show has a unique place on the sporting calendar of America's diversity of pastimes. With the 138th show scheduled for February 10-11, 2014, here are six notes of trivia on the fun history of the Westminster Dog Show.
  • Tampa Bay Bucs: A Look at New Offensive Coaching Staff of Lovie Smith
    Coming off a frustrating 4-12 record in 2013, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers acted quickly in selecting veteran Lovie Smith as the team's new leader. Here is a run-down of the reshaped offensive coaching staff of the Bucs under Smith in 2014.
  • Super Bowl Trivia and Record-Setting Moments
    The Super Bowl has evolved into America's most celebrated sporting event and Super Bowl XLVIII between the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers should be no exception. Here are 5 notes of trivia that memorialize history created by this magical game.
  • Top Five Exciting Moments in Super Bowl History
    Since the Super Bowl showcases the NFL's top teams competing in America's grandest sporting event, it is only fitting that the game has produced so many thrilling moments. Here is a look at five of the most exciting plays in Super Bowl history.
  • Motorcycle Racer Brad Baker Brings Ice Racing to the 2014 Winter X Games
    Riding a new Harley-Davidson Street 750 bike, motorcycle racer Brad "The Bullet" Baker participated in a thrilling exhibition of ice racing at the 2014 Winter X Games in hopes that the extreme sport can be added as a medal event in future years.
  • Trivia on the History and Biggest Stars of the Grammy Awards
    The Grammy Awards have long been described as music's grandest night. With the 56th annual ceremony scheduled for Sunday, January 26, here is a look at five notes of trivia on the history and the brightest stars of the Grammys.
  • Trivia on the History of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
    With hopes of reflecting on the continuing legacy of Dr. King, and the importance of the holiday in his name, here are five pieces of trivia about Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
  • German Athletes to Watch in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics
    Despite a fractured history, the country of Germany is arguably the most successful nation in Winter Olympics history. Here is a look at five German hopefuls for Olympic gold at the 2014 Sochi Games.
  • Sochi 2014: Profile of Russia for the Olympic Games
    By hosting the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, expectations for stellar performances from the host country will be higher than ever. Here is a look at the people, history, Olympic heritage, and outlook for Sochi for the country of Russia.
  • French Olympians to Watch in the 2014 Sochi Winter Games
    Though France has a lengthy history at the Winter Olympics, the country's record of success has slumped in recent years, and fans are looking for a turn-around. Here is a look at five French Olympians to watch at the Sochi games in February 2014.
  • Sochi 2014: Profile of Austria in the Winter Olympics
    Few nations are more closely linked with the history of the Winter Olympics than Austria, which is also the world's leader in alpine skiing. Here is a look at the people, history, Olympic heritage, and outlook for Sochi for the country of Austria.
  • Five Rules for Freestyle Skiing at the Sochi Olympics
    Two new freestyle skiing events have been added for this year's Winter Olympics. In order to prepare for this expanded excitement at the Sochi games in February 2014, here is a look at five significant rules of freestyle skiing.
  • All-Time Olympic Alpine Skiing Records to Surpass at the Sochi Winter Games
    With the Sochi Olympic Games set to begin in February 2014, here is a look at five all-time Olympic alpine skiing records that could be broken by entrants in the field during these winter games.
  • Sochi 2014: Olympic Formats in Cross-county Skiing
    Consisting of a total of 12 medal events, cross-country skiing has become one of the larger competitions of the Olympic games. Here is a look at the techniques of skiing and formats of racing for cross-country skiing at the Sochi Olympics.
  • Sochi Olympics: Equipment Required for Alpine Skiing
    Alpine skiing will undoubtedly prove a challenging part of the Sochi Olympics, as competition on the Caucasus Mountains is expected to provide no shortage of drama. Here is a look the common equipment used for alpine skiing.
  • East Claims 23-13 Shrine Game Victory in Turnover-Filled Clash at Tropicana Field
    In a game characterized by tradition, over 100 college seniors took the gridiron for the final time as amateurs on Saturday, January 18, in the 89th annual East-West Shrine Game at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.
  • Common Terms to Know in Freestyle Skiing for the Sochi Olympics
    Perhaps no sport demonstrates the ability of the Olympics to adapt with changing times better than freestyle skiing. Here is a look at five terms of freestyle skiing to prepare for the excitement of this competition at the Sochi Olympics in February 2014.
  • Sochi Olympics 2014: History of Snowboarding
    Since its arrival at the Olympics in 1998, snowboarding has rapidly gained loyal followers due to a widespread appreciation for the close competition of races and the technical mastery needed for its many obstacles.
  • Sochi Olympics 2014: History of Alpine Skiing
    Alpine skiing will be showcased during ten days of Sochi 2014 and figures to be one of the games most thrilling sports. With ten events scheduled, competition for Olympic glory on the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains at Krasnaya Polyana should be intense.
  • Commentary: Voters Should Demand Accountability for Specific Actions in Congress
    Despite compromising on a bipartisan spending agreement in the final weeks of 2013, approval ratings for Congress remain at historic lows. While I generally back Rep. Tom Rooney (R-Fla.), I will continue to base my support on specific votes and actions.
  • Sochi 2014: Olympic Short Track Speed Skating Records
    Short track speed skating was added as a medal event to the Olympic games in 1992 and will undoubtedly serve as a fun part of Sochi 2014. Here is a look at the record holders for the eight Olympic events in this thrilling sport.
  • Five Favorites for Olympic Gold in Women's Alpine Skiing at Sochi 2014
    With minimal separation between participants, and an always-present chance of crashing out of competition, alpine skiing is one of the more dramatic pursuits of the Olympics. Here is a look at five contenders to follow in women's alpine skiing at Sochi.
  • Five Favorites for Olympic Gold in Men's Alpine Skiing at Sochi 2014
    Alpine skiing has a tendency to produce some of the biggest stars of the Winter Olympics and the Sochi games figure to be no exception. Here is a look at five leading contenders to follow in alpine skiing at Sochi 2014.
  • Sochi Olympics 2014: Rules for Ski Jumping
    Ski jumping is one of the most traditional sports of the winter games and images of its aerial athleticism have long characterized the Olympic landscape. Here's a look at five sets of rules for ski jumping that keep balance between safety and athleticism.
  • Essential Terms of Ski Jumping for Sochi 2014
    Beloved for its presentation of soaring athleticism, ski jumping has been a part of every Winter Olympics since the first games in 1924. Here is a look at five basic terms from ski jumping that will be heard during broadcasts of the action from Sochi.
  • Five Favorites for Olympic Gold in Women's Figure Skating at Sochi 2014
    Women's figure skating is always one of more memorable events of an Olympic games, since even non-sports fans follow the drama and tense moments of this pursuit. Here are five contenders to watch during women's figure skating at Sochi 2014.
  • Five Favorites for Olympic Gold in Men's Figure Skating at Sochi 2014
    Figure skating is always one of the signature events at the Olympic games, since even casual fans tend to follow the competition's high drama and signature moments. Here is a look at five skaters to keep an eye on during men's figure skating at Sochi 2014
  • Sochi Olympics 2014: Previewing the Thrilling Sport of Luge
    With the Sochi Olympic Games set to begin on February 6, 2014, one of the first high-speed wonders that will be showcased to a worldwide audience is the luge competition. Here are ten elements breaking down the format of the thrilling sport of luge.
  • Rules and Requirements for Olympic Biathlon
    The 22nd Winter Olympics is scheduled to open on February 6, 2014 in Sochi, Russia. One of the more anticipated pursuits of the games will be the throwback sport of biathlon. Here is a look at five general sets of rules for the Olympic sport of bialthon.
  • Ten Terms to Know for Olympic Biathlon at Sochi 2014
    Expanded to 11 total events scheduled for the Sochi Olympics, the basic concept of biathlon remains asking competitors to ski a certain distance, while periodically stopping to fire a small rifle. Here is a look at ten terms to get familiar with biathlon.
  • Specialized Equipment for Biathlon in the Winter Olympics
    Though it may lack the prestige and popularity of other events, the Olympic sport of biathlon is one of the more fascinating activities of any winter games. Here is a look five pieces of equipment needed at the Sochi Olympics in February 2014.
  • Hollywood's Most Entertaining Night: Top Moments of the Golden Globes
    Hollywood loves a good ceremony and the Golden Globes have been one of entertainment's top nights for more than 50 years. With 71st Golden Globes scheduled for January 12, here is a look at five top moments during the proud history of these fun awards.
  • Hollywood's Most Entertaining Night: Golden Globes Trivia and History
    With the 71st Golden Globe Awards scheduled for January 12, 2014, here is a look at five pieces of trivia and lesser-known tidbits about the history of these prestigious awards from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.
  • Biathlon Events at the Winter Olympics
    The sport of biathlon combines cross-country skiing with rifle shooting and demands participants seamlessly display both abilities simultaneously. Here is a look at the eleven biathlon events that will be held at the Sochi Olympics in February 2014.
  • Rules of Curling in the Winter Olympics
    Despite lacking the speed and athleticism of many other events, curling has gained an enthusiastic following since its introduction as Olympic sport in 1988. Sure to be an entertaining part of the Sochi games, here's a look at ten basic rules for curling.
  • Lovie Smith Is Safe Choice as New Coach of the Tampa Bay Bucs
    Dismissing Greg Schiano after a miserable 2013 season, the Tampa Bay Bucs did not take long to tap NFL veteran Lovie Smith as the new coach of a struggling team. The rapid decision has proven very popular and Smith can fairly be described as a safe hire.
  • Rules and Requirements for Olympic Bobsledding
    With three medal events in bobsledding at the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014, fans are looking forward to substantial excitement from this dynamic sport. Here is a look at the rules of Olympic bobsledding.
  • Ten Terms to Know for Olympic Bobsledding
    One of the true specialty sports of the Winter Olympics, bobsledding attracts fans of diverse forms of racing, who appreciate the skill of navigating a course of ice at high speed. Here are ten terms critical to an appreciation of Olympic bobsledding.
  • Speed on Ice: Olympic Speed Skating Records
    With competitors exceeding speeds of 40 miles per hour, few events of the Winter Olympics produce more excitement than long track speed skating. With the Sochi games approaching in 2014, here is a look at the various Olympic records in speed skating.
  • The Missing Shoe: One Family's Holiday Shopping Misadventure
    As a father of three, a majority of Christmas shopping excursions involve tracking down perfect presents for our children. Though that task presents no shortage of challenges, the adventure that proved most memorable involved shopping with my kids.
  • Speed on Ice: Terms to Know in Olympic Speed Skating
    Speed skating is one of the signature events of any winter games and has been a tradition since the very first Olympics in 1924. With the approach of the winter games in Sochi, Russia, here are five terms critical to an appreciation of speed skating.
  • Speed Skating Events at the Winter Olympics
    Speed skating has long served as one of the staple events of the winter games, but the passion for high-speed action on ice has never been greater than recent times. Here is a breakdown of speed skating events at the Winter Olympics.
  • Rules for Speed Skating at the Winter Olympics
    With 20 total events, speed skating spans an entire Olympics and has become one of the more exciting aspects of a winter games. As the Sochi Olympics approach in February 2014, sports fans eagerly anticipate the high speed action of these dramatic races.
  • Growing Appreciation for Eco-Friendly Bedroom Furniture
    Despite the typically bulky nature of such items, there is a growing movement favoring eco-friendly bedroom furniture and consumers are rapidly acquiring superior options for decorating this part of a house in harmony with nature.
  • Tampa Bay Bucs' Lavonte David is the Best Young Linebacker in the NFL
    Coming off a dominant performance during a 27-6 victory for the Tampa Bay Bucs over the Buffalo Bills, it is time to state for the record what local fans have observed for the past two seasons: Lavonte David is the best young linebacker in the NFL.
  • Six-Pack of Reasons Why Mike Glennon Will Become a Franchise Quarterback for the Tampa Bay Bucs
    Life in the NFL takes strange turns, and one such recent development has given Mike Glennon a chance to mature into a franchise quarterback. Here are six reasons why Glennon will become the quarterback of the future for the Tampa Bay Bucs.
  • Cyber Monday Offers a Wealth of Savings for Smart Shoppers
    Offering a refreshing alternative to the chaos of "Black Friday," shopping on "Cyber Monday" provides many advantages for the consumer. Here are some tips for making this increasingly popular day into a fruitful part of your holiday shopping.
  • Tampa Bay Bucs: Five Reasons Greg Schiano's Team Has Won Three in a Row
    Reaching the mid-way point of the 2013 season with a putrid 0-8 record, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have surprising reeled off three consecutive victories. Here is a look at five reasons for Bucs' recent turn-around under coach Greg Schiano.
  • Selecting Vitamins and Supplements for the Healthy Man
    Though proper diet and exercise are universally considered the most important factors for good health, men are increasingly turning to vitamins and supplements in hopes of an improved life. Here is a look at some popular choices for male health.
  • Meaningful Thanksgiving Day Activities Designed for Kids
    While Thanksgiving is known for plentiful cooking and exceptional eating, we know those duties do not shape the true meaning of this special holiday. Here is a look a five meaningful Thanksgiving Day activities for the kids.
  • Travel Destinations for Families at Christmas Time
    Though many annual traditions of home are cherished by American families, others prefer to use Christmas as an opportunity to hit the road in search of fun times. Here is a look at five distinct Christmas vacation destinations for families.
  • Best Affordable Hotel in Kissimmee, Florida
    As a Florida resident, Disney World is a special place for my family, and discounts for in-state visitors provide tempting incentives for frequent trips. So, too, does knowledge of an affordable, family-friendly hotel in the Howard Johnson of Kissimmee.
  • Charlotte High Overcame Hurricane Charley to Rebuild School, Community, and Football Team
    August 13, 2004 is a day not soon to be forgotten by fans of the Charlotte Fightin' Tarpons. Expected to spare the region, Hurricane Charley instead took a devastating turn in the Gulf of Mexico and headed for Punta Gorda, Florida.
  • Linebacker Clyde Newton Posts Game-High 11 Tackles During Indiana 52-35 Victory Over Illinois
    Receiving the first starting assignment of his college career, Clyde Newton enjoyed a breakout performance for the Indiana Hoosiers during a 52-35 victory over Illinois on November 9, 2013 by posting a game-high 11 tackles.
  • Honoring the Military Service of My Father-in-law on Veterans Day
    Veterans Day is a special holiday in which Americans take time to appreciate the military service of our armed forces. As this annual celebration approaches on November 11, I want to recognize the sacrifices of my father-in-law during the recent Iraq War.
  • Greg Schiano Not to Blame for Many Failures of the Tampa Bay Bucs
    The article title alone nearly makes me a lone voice among disgruntled fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the record reveals embattled coach Greg Schiano is not to blame for all of the team's woes in 2013.
  • Memorable World Series Trivia and Fun Tidbits
    Since the first recognized meeting of the American and National League champions in 1903, the World Series has marked a special time on the sports calendar. Here are five examples of the always fun topic of World Series trivia.
  • 10 Tips to Help Baby Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep
    Helping an unhappy baby to fall asleep is a daunting task, but there are many simple steps a parent can follow to deal with restlessness and prevent it from becoming a regular part of life. Here are 10 tips to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • Port Charlotte Family Fall Music Festival Returns to Southwest Florida
    Music has a unique way of refreshing the soul and residents of Southwest Florida will soon get a powerful dose of spiritual uplifting with the return of the Port Charlotte Family Fall Music Festival on November 15-16, 2013.
  • 10 Halloween Tips to Help the Environment and Your Wallet
    Just as parents prevent children from unhealthy access to limitless sugar, we should use resources wisely so the environment does not suffer while we create special memories. Here are 10 eco-friendly Halloween tips that also save money.
  • Tampa Bay Bucs: Former Pro Bowl Guard Davin Joseph Should Be Benched
    With a week six 31-20 home defeat to the Philadelphia Eagles, a miserable season continued for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in which the disappointing team still seeks its first win, even after cutting ties with starting quarterback Josh Freeman.
  • Five Reasons Josh Freeman Will Not Succeed with Minnesota Vikings
    Following his release last week by the Tampa Bay Bucs, free agent quarterback Josh Freeman signed a one year contract to finish the 2013 season with the Minnesota Vikings. Here are five reasons why Freeman will not succeed with his new club.
    Also published on:
  • Releasing Josh Freeman Was Right Move for Tampa Bay Bucs
    Concluding several turbulent weeks of speculation on his future with the struggling club, the Tampa Bay Bucs released former starting quarterback Josh Freeman, and I believe moving on from the disappointing player was the right call.
    Also published on:
  • Rookie Mike Glennon Debuts as Starting Quarterback for Tampa Bay Bucs
    In a surprising decision by embattled coach Greg Schiano, the Mike Glennon era commenced for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Sunday's 13-10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, as the rookie was named starting quarterback for the disappointing 0-4 team.
  • Obama's Speech to United Nations Rightfully Emphasizes Diplomacy with Syria and Iran
    Despite general disagreement with a majority of his domestic policies, I came away impressed that President Obama delivered a relevant address to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, September 24.
  • Commentary: 'Inconvenient' Government Shutdowns Pale to ACA's Ramifications
    As the House of Representatives prepares for a critical continuing resolution vote concerning a $986 billion funding bill, I support efforts by Republicans to de-fund President Obama's Affordable Care Act, even if such a bold strategy risks government shu
    Also published on:
  • Suspension Overturned for Tampa Bay Bucs Hard-Hitting Safety Dashon Goldson
    Though the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have yet to triumph on the field in 2013, one of their top players claimed a victory in the NFL offices this week, as the suspension of hard-hitting safety Dashon Goldson was reduced to a $100,000 fine.
  • Defensive Tackle Derek Landri Injured in Tampa Bay Bucs' Heartbreaking 16-14 Defeat
    For the second consecutive week, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost in crushing fashion, as a strong defensive effort was wasted during a 16-14 defeat to the New Orleans Saints on September 15, which also saw defensive tackle Derek Landri injured.
  • Tampa Bay Bucs: Five Disappointments of Week 1 Loss to the New York Jets
    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers began the 2013 season with a crushing 18-17 defeat to the New York Jets on Sunday, September 8. Here is a look at the most disappointing performers for the Bucs during the week 1 last-minute loss to the Jets.
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