Patricia Tibbits

Patricia Tibbits

I am a single mother of 3 beautiful children. I am the baby of 7 children. Born and rasied in Chicago, IL. I have been through serveral bad experiences, that I have learned and grew from and willing to share my experiences and advice with others. I have always loved to write, ever since I was young. I moved to Georgia for serveral years and in 2007 I moved back to Illinois. I have made 3 group pages on Yahoo, Myspace and Facebook for my cause Mothers Against Child Molesters, which is a group I formed to help me cope with my experinces with abuse myself as a child and with marrying a child molester, who molested and assulted my oldest child and to help and offer support for others who've been in my shoe's. I have a lot to say, I hope you all will listen and accept me.
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Recieved my GED at West Georgia Technical College and took several courses in the LPN Program. I am also an EAGLE Award winner, from Georgia.


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  • Bleeding Heart
    A poem about heartbreak and sorrow and then finding yourself again..
  • A Poem Dedicated to Andy Whitfield
    This is two different poems, the first one I wrote myself, the other is written by Frances and Kathlenn Coelho.
  • Alone in My Thoughts...
  • Where's the Justice?
    This is an article expressing domestic violence awareness and what we need to do to STOP this from happening. We must STOP the cycle...NOW!
  • Somonauk Summer Fest
    Somonauk Summer Fest will be doing many activites, including fashion shows for back-to-school clothes and Prom dresses, food, live music, games and much, much more! You won't want to miss this GREAT event!
  • A Dog Name Destiny..
    A poem about my amazing full blood red nose pitbull. She loves to chase lights, sticks and our cat and does a 360's to get them!
  • If Love is Beautiful
    A poem about love...and what it can make you feel and do...
  • A Look at One Woman's Hatered
    I am just asking for people opinions about my article called "My Back Story" and to see if others think I am to blame and the cause of my daughter being molested. I want honest answers. No hate messages, please.
  • One Man's Pain
    The pain of one man's heart and the thought of losing the woman he loves.
  • Fliming of the New Superman Man of Steel Movie
    Production of the new Superman movie is set to shoot in Plano, Il, as well as, Naperville and Chicago, IL!
  • My Back Story
    This is some of what I have experienced in the begining when I first found out the real truth about my husband.
  • He Gets Me Everytime..
    A poem about how the love I have for my fiance, gets me and holds onto me tight, through it all.
  • My Dad, the Jokester
    A funny, good hearted story from a child of a cop. Need I say more?
  • Mothers Against Child Molesters
    Where you abused, was your child or a loved one molested or abused? Did you fall in love with a child molester or an abuser? What's your opinion on the laws in your state, do you want justice?
  • If I Only Knew
    A poem I wrote to my child, after I found out my husband raped and molested her.
  • Mind Control
    This is a poem I wrote in 2007, right before I found out about my ex-husband and who he was.
  • The View from Two Marine's Eyes
    Here you can see war through a Marine's eyes.

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