Liz Cosline

Liz Cosline

Liz Cosline is an Ownership Coach and Team Enhancer. She was in business management for over 23 years receiving several awards. She coaches individuals or teams in bringing out the potential to solve the problems that occur and get obstacles out of the way. She has been published around the world talking about balancing work and home and having teams be a work of art. She received the NAPW '"Woman of the Year. She developed a new in house training program for frontline managers - From the Front Management - to inspire what customers have always wanted.
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When people are valued and engaged - they thrive.



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  • East Coast Rises to Sandy's Challenge
    Everyone was affected by this massive storm called Sandy. She was so huge most had never seen a storm like this. So she was called the "perfect storm.”
  • Manners in Business
    Are manners important in business? Treating people well. Having manners in dealing with people.
  • The Heart of Business
    We have talked about people skills in business but it needs to go further.
  • Disengagement Disease
    Employees disengaging at work. Human resource departments paying attention. Discussions on what to do about employee engagement.
  • Are There Too Many Things To Get Done?
    There is so much to get done. Whether at home or at work there are very long lists. There is the food shopping, cleaning, wash, events, meetings, reports, trainings, e-mails, appointments, reviews, interactions, phone calls, planning, conversations, checking to see things are done, and on and on. Di
  • Why Teams Fracture
    Any time a team fractures, there is a price. It is a dear price, because not only does the team, the operation, the morale, the productivity, and the efficiency degrade, but service to the customer will plummet.
  • Keeping Employees Engaged- What a Nightmare
    Employee disengagement costs billons in the United States Every year according to a Gallop poll.

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