MD Lynn

MD Lynn

MD (Michy) has been an author & freelance writer for over fifteen years, with a penchant for fiction, creative nonfiction and topics that pique her passion: alternative medicine, animals & pets, love & relationships, and her all-time favorite: food! She loves gourmet dining, gourmet cooking, comfort foods, sushi, seafood and dinner parties where she is both a guest and cook.

She currently lives in the suburbs of the Texas Gulf Coast, halfway between Galveston & Houston & enjoys the best both cities and what Texas have to offer. Michy is living with a terminal illness, and thus topics like health and alternative treatments are both a personal passion and a life-extending pastime of hers. She lives, loves and cooks gourmet, healthy, non-GMO, all-natural whole foods meals for a unique blended and extended family--two almost-baked children (26-girl, 19-boy) and her favorite furry child, Jake the Dog; Conner the Conure; Scruffy Mutt; three cats (Kassie Kat, Dusty Boy and Kallie Que), and her crazy extended family of choice.
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