Mary Ann Sorrentino

Mary Ann Sorrentino

Mary Ann Sorrentino has been a syndicated columnist who wrote for the Keene Sentinel for 15 years. She currently is a regular contributor to the Providence Journal .She is the author of Abortion: the A Word (Gadd Books) as well as a blogger. She worked in broadcasting for 13 years as a 5-time Associated Press Award winner for Best Talk Show when she was on WPRO in Providence, RI and was inducted into the RI Radio Hall of Fame in 2010. From 1977-1987 she was Executive Director of Planned Parenthood of RI. For more than a decade she was also the President and CEO of a company called "CUSTOMIZED ITALY" which specialized in itinerary planning for , "Travelers, not Tourists" wanting unique trips to Italy. The brochure for that company asked, " Have you ever known anyone who traveled to Italy and said they never wanted to return?"

Probably Not.

Sorrentino now spends most of her time in Florida though she maintains a home in her native Rhode Island. She is a proud wife, mother and grandmother, has dual citizenship USA/Italy and travels frequently to Europe, Latin America, and other global destinations.
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Elmira College, Psychology/English, University of Florence, Italy, Demography


I should like to be able to love my country and still love justice. - Albert Camus.



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  • Easy, Affordable Day Trip to Historic and Beautiful Lucca
    Tuscany's Lucca is a beautiful city with history, charm, breathtaking views and affordable gourmet food. An affordable day trip to Lucca, 90 minutes by train from Florence, completes the Tuscan experience without breaking the bank.
  • Save Time, Money and Avoid Stress With Pre-Departure Planning
    Longer trips generate more travel and home-closing details. This check list helps save time and money and makes unforeseen travel emergencies easier to handle so you can enjoy your journey without stress.
  • Luggage Heavier Than You Are?
    Lighter luggage make longer trips more enjoyable. Tips and advice on how to reduce your carrying burden by pounds by smart packing at home and smart buying at your travel destinations. Save on airline baggage fees, as well.
  • Shopping for Food and Wine in Bologna, Italy
    Bologna is heaven for food shoppers. Gastronomic delights are everywhere in this Emilia-Romagna capital. Here's a shopping map and itinerary for Bologna's food and wine top spots for your meal planning.
  • Apartment Hunting in Italy
    Apartment rentals in Italy are plentiful, renting in foreign countries has risks for the renter. Here are hints on how best to find an apartment or villa rental which may sound more romantic than they actually may turn out to be without diligence.
  • European Train Travel Vs. Car Rental
    Travelers are increasingly drawn to iEurope's efficient and economic rail travel. Car rental costs, astronomical gas prices and packed highways with changing rules and expensive fines are driving smart travelers to Europe's train websites
  • Shopping in Turin's Relentless Rain
    Budget and upscale shopping in Turin, Italy, a city that offers great shopping and browsing for every budget in any weather.
  • Preparing for a Long Journey
    A long trip (more than three weeks) puts some in a methodical advance planning mode about reservations, documents, travel funds and packing. Others throw clothes in a suitcase the night before departure and take off. What works best for you?
  • Saving Money Traveling in Today's Europe
    Do Europe's economic woes present a possible opportunity for tourists? The answer may be a loud, "YES!" Here are some ways travelers can take advantage of today's uncertain economic times.
  • Guns, Climate Control and Voting Rights: A View from the Beach
    Reaction to President Obama's 2013 State of the Union address to the Congress, the nation and the global community, specifically on gun control, climate change and voting rights
  • Global Travel Doesn't HAVE to Be a Chore: Minimize Travel Hassles and Enjoy Yourself
    International travel today involves more paperwork, invasion of privacy, checkpoint hassles and transport challenges than ever before. Learn how to travel with as much comfort and ease as your energy, planning, and persistence can create
  • How Dangerous is Your Destination?
    Travelers often worry about their safety in a foreign country. Americans especially express concerns about law and order in other parts of the world. Maybe we need consider our comparative danger in the USA and think of foreign travel as a respite.
  • Can't Afford Europe? Drive to Quebec!
    Quebec Province in Canada is tres francais. So, if Paris is out of reach on your budget, head north for a wonderful fix of French culture and food in the chic atmosphere of Montreal or Quebec City.
  • Buenos Aires: Great Shopping in the Paris of South America
    Buenos Aires is a great shopping city, with exchange rates advantageous to major world currencies. Fine goods are readily available in this breathtaking city filled with charming, helpful natives.
  • Planning Makes Perfect (and Cheap) Travel
    Advanced planning and research months before departure can save travelers more than many "last minute travel deals." Here are some tips on how planning can unlock the door to travel bargains.
  • Tips for Uncovering Hidden Local Treasures
    Finding the perfect hotel, restaurant, or shop to meet your travel needs is easier with the help of willing locals wherever you roam. Ask politely and see for yourself how willing people are to help.
  • Mile High Manners: Plane Etiquette for Long Hauls – and Short Hops
    Airplane seatmates must respect neighbors' spaces. Ten tips for mile high plane etiquette and common sense behavior in tight quarters
  • Hillary Clinton in 2016
    Hillary Clinton for President in 2016. Women voters have clearly shown their power in 2012. Hillary embodies the "We're Mad and We're Not Going to Take It Any More" mandate from female voters. Bring on the 2016 election and "Let the Games Begin!"
  • Long Journeys, Smart Packing, and Laundry on the Move
    Hygiene, fashion and portability are still possible on long trips with careful planning and smart packing. What you pack you also have to lift so do your homework while you coordinate, eliminate and accessorize.
  • An Open Letter to President Obama
    On re-election the President spoke of what he learned from America's voters. Now let's look at what voters learned from the 2012 presidential race and election.
  • Voters' Picks: Another Nana for Obama
    Why women-- and especially those from the "women's movement" generation-- support Obama
  • Puerto Rico's Old San Juan
    Old San Juan gives visitors a taste of Spanish history and Caribbean island romance while never leaving the USA. Narrow cobblestone streets, sparkling beaches, imposing colonial forts and charming natives make the affordable airfares worth investigating
  • First Person: The Election 2012 View from Hillsboro Beach, Florida
    The Obama/Romney choice is challenging for Florida voters. Tallahassee conservatives try to embrace a candidate they are not really sure of and traditionally liberal South Florida residents fight for their candidate to get a fair shake
    Also published on:
  • No Need to Panic About Latest Prez Polls
    Obama had an off night in the first debate and Romney's making small gains, but this political junkie is betting the man from Chicago will again dance with his wife at January's inaugural ball
  • Why Am I STILL Fighting for CHOICE After 3 Decades?
    A 69-year-old feminist grandmother and former Planned Parenthood President wonders aloud why women's most basic right to privacy and reproductive choices are still negotiable in Election 2012?
  • Hefty Baggage Fees: What You Don't Need in Your Suitcase
    Carry-on luggage can help travelers avoid huge airline baggage fees, but first one needs to master the art of packing and planning ahead to take advantage of cheaper necessities at one's travel destination.
  • Oltrarno: Real Florence Without the Hassle
    Simply cross the Ponte Vecchio in Florence to enter the Oltrarno district of Italy's elegant "city of flowers." This artsy, tranquil, and chic quarter only a stroll away from the city center offers a better way to enjoy Firenze.
  • Italy Train Tips: Using Trenitalia
    With today's technology, Trenitalia -- Itay's national rail service -- is easier to book, confirm, ride, and enjoy than ever before. Trains tend to be new, clean, and comfortable, as well as economical and a convenient option for visitors.
  • Beating the Heat in Rome and Beyond
    High temperatures in Rome and elsewhere demand ways to stay cool. Explore ways travelers can survive record high temperatures in Italy's capital and other big cities around the globe.
  • A Better Way to Navigate Italy's South
    Boats, trains, and buses make moving around Italy's fabulous south easier, cheaper, and safer. Outrageous gas prices focus more attention on the great public transportation options too often ignored by travelers intent on car rentals instead.
  • Social Security's Demise Long Ignored by the Reality-Challenged
    Social Security has been publicly ailing for decades: workers need their own retirement strategies and income to supplement inadequate pension checks, and they need to start NOW
  • Christmas, Chanukah, or Ramadan in Italy
    Plan your winter holidays in Tuscany, Rome, or Piedmont, Italy. The famous Italian sunshine may be in shorter supply, warming chilly cities, or glistening on snowy mountainsides, but winter holiday feasts are easy to plan in beautiful, gastronomic Italy.
  • Feeling Good About America Again
    More Americans approve of the direction the country is headed in today than they have since 2010 when the economic crises took shape. Elders look ahead to retirement with greater enthusiasm as the nation recovers.
  • Pack Light but Travel Elegantly
    Shopping with a trained eye and packing carefully gives travelers the opportunity to see the world in comfort and style. Classic, versatile clothing and shoes and accessories are the key.
  • Vesuvius and the Campania Valley Still Inspire in Italy
    Southern Italy's mighty volcano, Mount Vesuvius, still dominates the scene above Italy's struggling but beautiful valley around the Bay of Naples.
  • Sharing a Birthday with Britain's Prince Willam
    Prince William turns 30 on June 21. We asked contributors to send along birthday wishes, goals and suggestions -- in 30 words or less.
  • Managing Your Health During Foreign Travel
    Minor illnesses can be a major inconvenience for travelers. Plan responsibly, then let local pharmacies and hotel staff guide you to needed resources, including the emergency room or hospital when necessary.
  • Mexico's Isla Mujeres: Yucatan Peninsula's Most Tranquil Offering
    Mexico's Isla Mujeres, a heartbeat off Cancun's shores, offers the best of Mexican hospitality and the tranquility visitors seek. With hotels and restaurants for every taste and pocketbook, this island beckons those seeking affordable luxury, fun and sun.
  • Luxury Transatlantic Crossing is Relaxing Prelude to Energetic Tour of Italy and Ireland
    A perfect Italy/Ireland jaunt starts with a transatlantic cruise to avoid jet lag, leading to a full land itinerary featuring Turin, MIlan, Bologna and Rome and a return flight through Dublin for a short stay in Ireland before flying home.
  • Follow Art Deco Around the Globe
    Art Deco was born at the 1925 World's Fair in Paris, but it spread to other countries quickly and remains a favorite design school for many willing to travel widely to enjoy examples of Art Deco around the world
  • Isle of Capri, Italy, Is Always Worth the Trip
    The legendary isle of Capri off the coast of Naples still enchants as it did in ancient times. Sparkling seas, breathtaking vistas, great food, luxurious surroundings, and, if you're lucky, celebrities.
  • Madeira, Portugal: Sun, Sea, Wine, and Welcoming People
    Ninety minutes off Portugal's coast is the delightful island of Madeira with its welcoming capital city, Funchal. Known for its temperate climate, beautiful vistas, wide range of tourist services, and welcoming natives, Madeira is a gem worth pursuing.
  • Quebec City, Canada: Waterfalls, Ferry Rides, Chateaux, and Everything French!
    An affordable trip to nearby Quebec City, Canada, can satisfy that craving for France when Brittany and Provence are temporarily out of your reach.
  • Almost Heaven Above the French Riviera
    Hill towns of St. Paul de Vence, Grasse, and Mougins offer ancient charm, individual style, and breathtaking views of France's riviera below
  • Sicily's Mount Etna: The Imperial Volcano
    A side trip to Sicily's Mount Etna volcano provides a full day of breathtaking views and leisurely stops in charming towns for a brief but exciting diversion from your Sicily base in Palermo, Cefalu', Taormina, or Agrigento.
  • Italy: Still For Lovers and Those Who Wish to Be
    All of Italy is full of romance, but the Ligurian Riviera, Veneto and Puglia include very special places where love can grow and thrive.
  • Chocolate as Travel Fuel in Paris, London and Mexico City
    A travel guide to easing the craving for chocolate in the capitals of France, England and Mexico
  • Portugal Offers Affordable Luxury Despite the Shrinking Euro
    The beautiful sights, great shopping, fine dining, interesting history and warm hospitality of Lisbon, Estoril and Cascais still offer travelers superb vacation value for a top shelf travel experience
  • Creative Advance Travel Planning Often Beats Last Minute Deals
    Even those unable to travel on short notice can find great travel deals by planning ahead, being creative and staying flexible with their travel plans. Find airline and hotel bargains by knowing where and how to search the web.
  • Top Shelf Italy at Economy Class Prices
    See Italy's jet-set destinations by seeking luxury lodging at reasonable prices in nearby towns sometimes even more beautiful, though lesser known
  • American Holidays with a Taste of Italy
    Celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve allows American residents in Italy to have the best of both worlds.
  • Mexico, Italy, Cuba: Christmas Under the Palms
    Mexico City, Naples, Italy, and Havana Cuba can make Christmas and New Year's holidays sunnier and more colorful in tropical style rich with history
  • The Best of France in Nearby Quebec Province
    Montreal, Quebec City and the French-speaking province of Quebec will provide visitors with all the best of France's fine cuisine, great art, love of elegance and joie de vivre without the disadvantage of a costly Euro exchange rate
  • Venezuela: From Caracas to Puerto La Cruz to Colonial Cumana
    Venezuela's Northeast offers visitors the opportunity to see the country's elegant capital, nearby beach resorts and a day trip to South America's oldest city through a seaside national park
  • A Meatless Gourmet Guide to Italy
    Meatless travelers can find feasts for the stomach and for the eyes when dining on Italy's bounty.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina and Neighboring Colonia De Sacramento, Uruguay
    The perfect affordable winter escape includes Argentina's sophisticated capital city and a charming, artsy colonial town in Uruguay just a one hour ferry ride away.
  • 9/22 GOP Debate Reaction
    In this late September rematch, GOP presidential hopefuls fight toward the finish as primaries loom. Their strengths and weaknesses are laid bare for voters to ponder and act upon.
  • Travel Etiquette: Respecting Local Customs Makes You a Welcome Guest
    Travel tips on language, dress and currency that will enhance your travel experience to make your trip easier and more enjoyable
  • Traveling Solo in Monopoli: Gateway to the Fabulous Feast that is Puglia
    Puglia's Monopli offers history, great lodging, fine dining and a convenient gateway to Italy's heel region, home of endless farmlands and olive groves, sandy beaches and the fascinating ancient trulli
  • See Late Summer Italy Affordably After Locals Pack Up
    Italian travel is cheaper in late summer when most Italians flee their exquisite cities. Take advantage of Europe's traditional vacation months to enjoy Italy's magic with great bargains in its best hotels and restaurants open and anxious for business.
  • Choosing and Losing a Great Doctor
    One patient's reaction to the loss of a great doctor's special care in today's complicated health care climate
  • Tea Party Truths and Consequences
    As a political barbecue runs amuk, Texas Tea Party conservatives find Sen. Barry Goldwater was right when he said, "Sex and politics are a lot alike. You don't have to be good at them to enjoy them."
  • Escape from Naples: Ischia - a Great Getaway Alternative
    A day trip offering all the beauty of neighboring Capri without the snobbery and expense. Sail, swim, sunbathe, dine, drink great local wines, see sights, shop and unwind
  • Can Michele Bachmann Steal Sarah Palin's Thunder?
    Can the popular presidential candidate from Iowa overcome her own malapropisms and migraines to capture the Palin momentum and ride it to the GOP convention?
  • Driving in Italy Over 70
    Short Story Based on an Image
  • Hidden Treasures and Secret Gardens of Rome: Visitors Guide
    Visitors to Rome will always visit the Coliseum, Vatican City, and the Forum, but the Eternal City has other hidden treasures not to be missed
  • Rush Limbaugh and the "Feminazi"
    With a boss apparently afraid of being interviewed without a script, Rush Limbaugh's staff cancels a radio chat with a woman colleague rather than "take it like a man."
  • Building Memories in Rome and Florence, Italy
    How I fulfilled my dream of seeing my grandchildren in my beloved Italy, and gave them a forever memory.
  • July Fourth: Main Street to Afghanistan
    A poem for July 4th, 2011, for our sons and daughters who make it possible for us to be free to celebrate. May they come home safe and soon, and may they be the last to fight a war, anywhere, anytime.
  • Still Traveling on a Shrinking Dollar
    How to travel in comfort, with some frills, at the lowest travel costs

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