Maya Hope's Mom

Maya Hope's Mom

Diana Dull Akers is a Parenting Guru for Yahoo Shine where she enjoys sharing observations and lessons learned raising her adopted daughter, age 6. Because reading with her kid is such a big deal, she is also a reading advocate/parent blogger for, a children's e-book service.

A self-defined late bloomer to love, marriage, housing purchases and parenting, Diana enjoys writing from her life-over-50 vantage point.

Diana earned her PhD in Sociology from the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC). She has taught sociology, gender studies and aging courses and worked as an applied researcher in health and prevention arenas. Frequent references to food in her writing are inspired by her completion of a humble culinary program in the early 1980s. Her love for cooking, baking, the Food Network and scrutinizing restaurants in obsessive detail continues.
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