Kay L. Morse

Kay L. Morse

Kay Morse's original studies were in the sciences of psychology and ecology, which she continues to follow in writing about brain researches and various sciences, like ecology, quantum physics and cosmology. Kay ultimately turned her studies to economics and investing, which is where she began her career and about which she still writes. She later changed directions and studied English Literature and English Linguistics, then took advantage of telecommute opportunities with eNotes.com in the burgeoning field of e-education. For eNotes, Kay researches and writes reference tutorials in a wide range of topics; fact-checks and copy-edits as part of the four-person quality control team; and mentors eNotes' freelance educational writers, holders of Ph.D.s, M.A.s and/or teaching credentials (who are adamant about not doing students' work for them but rather providing encyclopedic expert reference material while building a "living, real-time encyclopedia").
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Undergrad psychology and ecology; Merrill Lynch Broker training and license; B.A. English Literature; M.A. English Linguistics (in progress)


The Sun shines brighter when the air is clear.


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