John A. Paz

John A. Paz

Technical writer, regular writer, sports enthusiast, and essayist.

I hold an English degree and have extensive experience as a technical writer. I also do job search consulting, including resume advice and editing.

I've played organized sports my entire life, and I am a devoted fan to the most unique collection of professional sports teams anyone has heard of. I'm from St. Louis, Missouri, so naturally I am a devoted Cardinals fan.

I am the president of The American Outlaws - Orlando, FL chapter, and I also coach children and adults and continue to play recreational soccer. I

I love to spend time with my family, travel, go camping, play soccer, write fiction, write commentary, write, read, write about what I read, watch soccer (live)... how much time have you got?

Really, the only constant in my life is that I know I am a writer. For as long as I can remember, writing has been the way I open myself to the world and for self-reflection.
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B.A. - English: University of Central Florida (2008)


Believe you can achieve anything. Prepare like you might not achieve much. Live like none of it matters anyway.



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  • Not the Last
    Trapped for years with unthinkable intelligent creatures, a survivor finds some gruesome evidence of the past.
  • Albert Pujols, for the Love of Money
    A fan's reaction to Albert Pujols signing a record contract with the Los Angeles Angels, and a look back at what is behind the outrage and disbelief coming from Cardinals Nation.
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  • The American Autum
    The seasons are changing; The Arab Spring has given way to The American Autumn, and the world will never be the same.
  • My Best Vacation was Summer in Southern Spain
    Europeans already know of Spain as a bangin' tourist destination: warm weather, nice beaches, non-stop parties and lots of cultural things to do. But this American wasn't convinced, until he received a round trip ticket to Valencia as a graduation gift.
  • Shut-up About Casey Anthony Already, You Sad, Pathetic People
    American's obsession with tragedy and crime is on full display in Orlando, FL, where the murder trial of Casey Anthony has hijacked local and national news outlets, and yes, I think you're all disgusting for paying so much attention.
  • How to stop sucking at soccer: The basics
    A three-part series which contains: - An overview of the more important skills needed to be a footballer (soccer player). - Crucial, yet simple, drills and exercises that will make you more effective on the pitch.
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