Threesia Goff

Threesia Goff

Threesia is a freelance writer that has been published on Yahoo! Voices, Shine, Finance, TV, Shopping, News, and Sports.

She is a wife that takes pride in her ability to manage her family s finances and enjoys sharing her success and pitfalls with her readers. She is also a pet lover who strives to share her expertise in dog care.

In her down time she enjoys crafts, dabbling in computer graphics, freelance photography, and giving back to her community whenever possible. She also enjoys online gaming and blogging. Her favorite pastime has to be playing with her 7-year-old beagle, Daisy.

Threesia was a Featured Contributor for the Yahoo! Contributor Network in the Lifestyle - Pets Category from December 2011 until the end of the program in January 2012.

Threesia is available to write for private clients and may be contacted at
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High School Graduate, Early Childhood Development Vocational, Apprenticeship in dog training and care


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  • 4 Steps to Whipping Your Flowerbeds into Shape for Spring
    Cleaning up your flowerbeds isn't an easy or fun job, but the result always makes it worth the effort. Here are the four steps I take to whip our flowerbeds into shape in the spring.
  • 6 Essential Cold Process Soap Making Tools
    Here are the six tools I believe are essential for making cold process soap from scratch.
  • Outdoor Spring Cleaning Guide
    Until I became a homeowner I had no idea how dirty winter can be. Now, I know spring cleaning has to extend pass the front door out into the yard. Here's a look at my outdoor spring cleaning guide.
  • Homemade Peppermint Bath Salt Recipe for Body Care
    Recipe for homemade peppermint bath salts for body care, and a list the skin benefits that made me choose each ingredient.
  • 3 Must-have Dog Bathing Supplies
    The first step to an enjoyable bath time is making sure you have the right supplies on hand to make your job easier, and to make your dog as comfortable as possible. Here are three of my must-have bath time supplies I use for my dog.
  • Using Lotion on Dog Paws
    As a dog owner the last thing I ever thought I would be doing is applying lotion to my dog's paws, but over the last few months that is exactly what I've been doing. This is what type of lotion I use on my dog's paws, and a look at our results so far.
  • First Person: 3 Ways I'm Staying on Budget This Holiday Season
    The National Retail Federation reports that shoppers are expected to spend around $737.95 on gifts, decor, and more. his year I not only plan to spend less than I did in 2012, but I also plan to spend less than the estimated $737.95.
  • Planning a Thanksgiving Dinner Under 600 Calories
    Dieting during the holidays is rough, but with the right planning it can be done. This is how I planned my Thanksgiving day meal and kept it under 600 calories.
  • 3 Fun Fall Activities for Couples
    Fall is such a beautiful, fun, and romantic time of the year, so why not take full advantage of it? Here are three fun fall activities for couples of all ages.
  • First Person: 3 Kitchen Renovation Expenses I Didn't Plan For
    After beginning our kitchen renovations, my husband and I ran into some unexpected expenses. Here are some of the unexpected expenses we faced during our kitchen renovation, and how we paid for them.
  • Preparing to Find a Lost Dog
    Do you know what to do if your dog is lost? Sadly, many dog owners don't give much thought to what they will do if their dog comes up missing. I, on the other hand, have created a very detailed plan to help me recover my dog.
  • First Person: 3 Ways Dieting Is Causing Me to Spend More
    While dieting is actually saving my family money on groceries, it is also costing us more on other things. Here are three of my unexpected diet expenses.
  • 3 Reasons I Do Not Paint My Dog's Nails
    We we adopted our beagle puppy, I wanted to spoil her by putting bows in her hair and painting her nails, but I quickly learned that painting her nails wasn't worth the time, effort, or health risks. Here are three reasons I do not paint my dog's nails.
  • Ways to Prevent Your Dog from Slipping on Slick Floors
    After my husband and I installed new laminate flooring in our kitchen, our dog was having problems walking across the slippery surface. Here are three things I'm doing to prevent my dog from slipping on slick floors.
  • First Person: Financially Preparing for an Expensive Home Renovation
    My husband and I have decided to renovate our kitchen. Here are three ways we've prepared ourselves financially for an expensive home renovation.
  • First Person: Three Ways I Save Money on Produce
    Before dieting, our biggest food expenditure was meat, but now that we've decreased our portion sizes and switched to healthier meats like chicken and turkey, our largest expenditure is produce. Here are three ways I save money on produce.
  • First Person: Ditching My DIY Beauty Treatments Costs Me $1,110 a Year
    Despite the potential savings, I've decided to give up my do-it-yourself beauty regimen, and have begun to splurge on professional beauty treatments. Here are three beauty treatments I'm splurging on, and what they are costing me each month.
  • First Person: 3 Ways I Budget When Every Penny Counts
    When an unexpected expense pops up, which doesn't happen very often, it can be hard to maintain our budget and financial goals. Here are three ways I budget our money when pennies count.
  • 3 Reasons Dogs Pee in the House
    You may be asking yourself: “My dog is trained, why is he/she peeing on the house”? Well, there are a number of reasons it could be happening. Here are three things that could cause your dog to pee in the house.
  • Tips for Taking a Road Trip With Your Dog
    Here are some of the things you need to think about if you are planning a long road trip with your dog.
  • 3 Ways You and Your Dog Can Help the Community
    I decided to look into ways we can connect with the community, and perhaps offer some comfort to those who are loss fortunate than us. Here are three ways my dog, Daisy and I plan to help in our community.
  • First Person: 3 Ways I'm Dealing With the Rising Cost of Beef
    Beef products now cost 9% more than in 2012. Here are three things I'm doing to adjust to the rising cost of beef.
  • First Person: 3 Ways I Safeguard Our Emergency Fund
    Building an emergency fund is extremely important, but if you don't pay close attention to it, all of your hard work and sacrifice could be for nothing. Here are three ways I safeguard our six-month emergency fund.
  • 3 Essentials Every Dog Should Have While They Are Outside
    As a pet owner, it is your job to ensure your dog has ample opportunity to get outside and play, and it's also your job to ensure they are safe while doing it. Here are three things I believe are essential for every dog to have while they are outside.
  • Why Your Dog Should Meet Your Neighbors
    Moving with a dog? Make sure you take the time to introduce him/her to your new neighbors. Here are three reasons you need to introduce your dog to your neighbors.
  • First Person: Repairing a Gas Leak Cost Us $168
    In May 2013 my husband and I learned we have a gas leak in our home. This is what we had to do to repair our gas leak, how much it cost us, and how we paid for the repairs.
  • First Person: Our Biggest Expense? Our Dog
    After going over our budget for the next six months, I realized that our dog is now one of our biggest monthly expenditures. Here are some of our pet expenses, and what they cost us each month.
  • First Person: 3 Ways Money Makes Me Happy
    There is an old adage that says money doesn’t buy happiness. However, I don't believe that is entirely true. Here are three ways money can buy me happiness.
  • First Person: We Are Spending More Despite the Weak Economy
    My family saw or gross income decrease in early 2013 due to inflation and the end of the Social Security tax. However, we've found ways cover our losses, and manage to have spending money. Here's how we are able to spend more, despite our early losses.
  • First Person: Buying a Second Car Would Cost Us $5,000 a Year
    Most people seem to think that we should jump right into a new loan simply because we paid the old one off. However, it doesn't make financial sense for us to do that. This is why we aren't buying a new vehicle, and what we are doing with the savings.
  • 3 Reasons Your Dog May Be Scratching Itself
    There are a lot of reasons your dog might be scratching itself. Some are easily treated at home, while others might require the care of a veterinarian. Here are three reasons your dog may be scratching, and what you can do to solve the issue.
  • 3 Mischievous Things Your New Puppy Will Do that Will Drive You Mad
    So, your thinking about getting a new puppy, but you aren't sure what to expect? Here are three mischievous things you should expect your precious pooch to do that will likely drive you mad.
  • First Person: My Husband's Secret Spending Is Wreaking Havoc on Our Budget
    Lately, my husband hasn't been following our budget, and worse he has been making secret purchases. The entire situation is starting to cause some issues in our personal and financial life.
  • 3 Things You Should Know About Your Dog's Friends
    Many of my friends and family members also have dogs, and as much I love to let my dog play with the other dogs, there are some things I ask the owners before allowing her to interact with them. These are things you should know about your dog's friends.
  • Preventing Dog Bites Begins with Dog Owners
    According to the CDC, about 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs every year. As a result, many organizations came together and started “National Dog Bite Prevention Week.” Here are some of the things I do to prevent my dog from biting.
  • Cheap Replacements for Expensive Pet Products
    After overspending on specialty pet items, I now look for products I can use in place of the more expensive dog items. These are three of the cheap replacements I'm using for my dog
  • First Person: Buying Store Brand Products Saves Me $696 a Year
    In a time when people often pay more for items because of their brand name, I am buying to store brands to save money. Here are some of the store brand products I purchase, and how much money I save.
  • First Person: 3 Ways I Spring Clean Our Finances
    Spring cleaning means different things to different people. For me it's really a time to organize, purge, and replace the everyday things in my life like our family finances. Here are three ways I go about spring cleaning my family's finances.
  • First Person: Our Vehicle Costs Us $5,970 a Year
    The AAA auto club released the results of a survey saying that average annual cost of owning a sedan is $9,122 per year. I compared our spending to the numbers given by the AAA auto club, and here are the results I got.
  • First Person: 3 Ways Our Budget Has Helped Us Find Financial Security
    My family's finances have been running on a budget for so long, it's hard to remember what our financial life was like before I developed our budget. Here are three ways our budget has helped us find financial security.
  • First Person: We Updated Our Home's Curb Appeal for Less Than $200
    My husband and I purchase our first home about a year ago, and while we love it, it does need some improvements. We decided to spruce up our home's curb appeal by doing a do-it-yourself front porch makeover with a budget of $200.
  • First Person: My 3 Worst Shopping Habits
    I love to shop, and I love to get a bargain, but there are times when those two things land me in financial hot water. Here are three shopping habits that I'm planning to break, and a look at the money I can save.
  • First Person: A Kentucky Derby Celebration for Less Than $200
    My husband and I plan to host a cook-off cookout to celebrate the running of the Kentucky Derby. This is what we have planned, and how much it will cost us.
  • First Person: Celebrating Memorial Day for $100
    After looking at our finances, my husband and I decided to cancel our Memorial Day weekend camping trip to save money. This is how we plan to celebrate on Memorial Day weekend, and how much it is going to cost us.
  • First Person: Celebrating Mother's Day for Less Than $100
    Every year I struggle to find the perfect Mother's Day gifts for my mother and mother in-law, so I've turned to my DIY skills to rescue me. Here are the gifts I'm planning to make for Mother's Day 2013, and how much they are going to cost me.
  • First Person: 3 Grilling Essentials That Are Worth the Splurge
    Spring is here, and summer is on its way, so grilling season has arrived. Before my husband and I can host our first cookout, we had to purchase some grilling supplies. These are three of the grilling essentials we splurged on, and what they cost us.
  • First Person: 3 Ways I Avoid Bank Card Delinquencies and Fees
    My husband and I have always been good about avoiding bank overages, but it hasn't always been easy. Here are some of the ways my husband and I keep our finances in check so we can avoid delinquencies and fees.
  • First Person: 3 Gardening Essentials I Splurge On
    I have found some must have gardening tools that I can't live without even though they cost much more than I would like to spend. Here are three gardening essentials I splurge on, and what they cost me.
  • First Person: 3 Food Products I Splurge On
    After starting a diet, my husband and I noticed we could actually save money while dieting. However, all the savings, there are still some foods that I think are worth splurging on. Here are three food products I splurge on, and what they cost me.
  • 3 Tricks to Get a Dog to Eat Its Food
    Do you have a dog who refuses to eat its food? If so, you aren't alone. I've been right where you are, and I know how frustrating it can be. Here are a few things you can try if your dog is a finicky eater.
  • 3 Reasons My Dog Isn't Ready for a Doggy Companion
    My husband and I decided we wanted a second dog as a companion for our 6-year-old beagle; however, after further consideration, we decided it wasn't the best thing for our dog. Here are three ways I know that Daisy isn't ready for a companion.
  • Dealing with a Mysterious Dog Cough
    In an effort to fight a cough my dog developed three months ago, her veterinarian has give us some rules to live by to help keep Daisy comfortable until whatever is ailing her passes or is cured.
  • First Person: 3 Spring Clothing Staples That Are Worth the Splurge
    I don't like spending a lot of money on clothing, but I tend to splurge on staple pieces because they will last me multiple seasons.Here are three clothing and accessories staples I'm buying this spring, and how much they are going to cost me.
  • First Person: How I'm Saving for Future Veterinarian Expenses
    As my dog ages, I know my husband and I are facing rising veterinarian costs. So, I'm turning to crochet to help us save money for future expenses. This is how crocheting will save us money, and what I plan to do with the money we save.
  • First Person: 3 Ways Shopping Online Saves Me Money
    It seems everyone is shopping online, and my husband and I are no an exception. We order everything from clothes to hobby materials online, and save money while doing it. Here are three ways we save money by shopping online.
  • 2 Life Lessons I've Learned from My Dog
    We all know how important it is to teach our dogs basic life lessons, but are you open to the life lessons your dog can teach you? Here are two life lessons I've learned from my dog.
  • First Person: 'Green' Cleaning Saves Me $58 a Year
    After learning my family was spend far too much money on cleaning products, I made some changes. Here is a look at what we were spending on cleaning supplies, how I lowered our costs, and how much money we are saving.
  • First Person: The 3 Cleaning Products I Splurge On
    I try to save as much money as possible on cleaning supplies; however, there are some things I splurge on that make the job of cleaning my house a little easier. Here are three cleaning products I splurged on, and how much they cost me.
  • First Person: We Pay Higher Federal Taxes on Purpose
    My husband and I receive a federal tax refund every year, and that's exactly the way we like it. This is how we ensure we receive a refund, and how we use the money.
  • First Person: Early Easter Sales Saved Me $37 on Decorations
    I recently noticed some stores were holding sales on Easter decorations a full three weeks before I expected them, so I decided to take advantage of the deals to stock up for next year. Here are three Easter items I've bought, and how much money I saved.
  • First Person: 3 Financial Lessons I Learned in My 20s
    Thinking back to my 20s, I regret not handling my finances the right way; however, all the troubles did teach me some valuable lessons. Here are three financial lessons I learned in my 20s.
  • First Person: Celebrating Our Anniversary for $125
    This year I'm determined to make my anniversary special for my husband, so I've been saving money, and now have $150 to spend. Here is how I'm planning to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and what it will cost me.
  • First Person: Hosting an NCAA Championship Party for Under $150
    For years now my husband and I have attended various final two championship parties, but this year we plan to host one ourselves. Here is what we have planned for NCAA championship party, and what it will cost us.
  • First Person: I Spent $350 Starting Up My Etsy Shop
    In February 2013 I opened an Etsy shop to sell the crocheted pieces I've created. Later in March 2013, I launched a website to accompany my Esty shop. Here is what it has cost me to start my crochet shop on Etsy, and what my financial goals are.
  • First Person: 3 Expensive Beauty Products I Avoid
    It always surprises me just how many products I use on a regular basis, and how much they cost me, but they are worth it to me. However, there are many products I avoid because they were too expensive. Here are three beauty products I avoid.
  • First Person: 3 Home Repairs We Always Do Ourselves
    As new homeowners, my husband and I have faced some costly home repairs, and we have learned that there are times it's better to do them ourselves. Here are three home repairs we turn into do-it-yourself projects to save money.
  • First Person: 3 Inexpensive Home Upgrades for Less Than $200
    After buying our first home in 2012, my husband and I decided to put off any major renovations. However, like many new homeowners we were eager to do some upgrades to give our home a fresher feel. Here are three upgrades we've done, and how much we spent.
  • First Person: Turning Spring Cleaning into Cash
    Like many other families, we welcome spring by cleaning our house from top to bottom. I hate doing it, but it's gotten a lot easier now that I know I can make money along the way. Here are three ways I turn my spring cleaning into cash.
  • Dog Safety During Home Renovations
    If you are a dog owner who is planning to do work inside your home, here are some safety tips you should keep in mind to keep your pet safe.
  • First Person: Spring Cleaning My Kitchen Costs Me $65 a Year
    Each year I replace certain kitchen items while spring cleaning. Here are some of the kitchen items I replace, and what it costs me.
  • First Person: I Refuse to Pay High Fees for Refund Anticipation Loans
    This is why my husband and I decided against a refund anticipation loan, what the loan was going to cost us, and how we file our taxes now.
  • First Person: I'm Willing to Pay More for American Made Products
    Over the last two years I've started to make an effort to find and buy things that were made in America, and it seems I'm not alone. Here are a few types of items I'm buying, and how much more it's costing to buy the American version.
  • First Person: We're Opting for a 'Staycation' This Year
    Rising gas prices has caused my husband and I to ditch our vacation plans in favor of a "staycation." Here is what we have planned, and what it is going to cost us.
  • First Person: How the Economy Tweaks My Spending Habits
    After looking at our finances, I was able to identify several trends in our own spending that follow the rise and fall of the economy. Here are a few financial trends I've noticed in my family that are based on our view of the economy.
  • First Person: Reselling Old, Unwanted Items Earned Me $250
    I often take advantage of resell opportunities to bring some extra money into our house. Here are some other things I resell to earn money.
  • First Person: How I Would Spend My Share of the National Debt
    Speaker of the house, John Boehner asked, "What Could You Do With Your $52K Share of the National Debt?" His question made me wonder what I could do with $52,000 if I had it, and how it would change our lives. Here are three ways I would use my share.
  • First Person: Making My Hobbies Work for Me
    Finding money to help cover the cost of my hobbies isn't always easy to do, but I've managed to find ways to make them pay for themselves. Here are three ways I turn my hobbies into cash.
  • First Person: President's Day Sales Saved Me $205 Restocking My Garden
    Recently, some stores in my area held sales in celebration of President's Day, and I decided to use these discounts as an excuse to restock my garden supplies. Here are some of the things I purchased, and how much money I saved.
  • First Person: We're Celebrating Easter for Less Than $140
    My husband and I have been asked to host Easter, and I'm determined to pull off a grand celebration with a small budget. Here is what we purchased for our Easter celebration, and how much money I've spent.
  • First Person: New Taxes Aren't Changing Our Spending Habits
    In January 2013 the payroll tax "holiday" was allowed to expire, which means Americans are bringing home less money. Despite bringing home less money, my husband and I do not plan to adjust our spending.
  • First Person: Why We Ignore Pay Raises
    Everyone loves to get a pay raise because more money always makes life easier, right? Sadly, that isn't always the case. This is why we ignore pay raises, how we manage our finances without the money, and what we do with the additional income now.
  • First Person: 3 Signs We Are Living Within Our Means
    People often wonder how my husband and I manage to keep our monthly expenses so low, and the honest answer is a simple one; we live within our means. Here are three examples of ways we are living within our means.
  • First Person: 3 Financial Traps We've Avoided
    Dealing with family finances can be both stressful, and it's easy to fall into financial traps. Over the years I've managed to avoid some major traps, and this is how.
  • 3 Garden Dangers for Dogs
    As spring approaches I'm preparing to head outside to work in my garden, and I won't be alone; my dog, my faithful friend and partner in crime will be by my side. Here are a few things to keep in mind while working in your garden with your dog.
  • First Person: We're Saving for Veterinary Expenses
    After several costly veterinary bills, my husband and I have decided to start a savings account to cover future expenses. Here's a look at what we are doing to prepare for future expenses, and where the money will come from.
  • First Person: Personal Upkeep Costs Me $930 a Year
    After comparing the amount of money I spend on personal upkeep compared to what my husband spends, I was astounded! This is how my husband's personal care costs compare to mine.
  • First Person: Electronic Banking Landed Us in Financial Hot Water
    My husband and I use electronic banking quite often, and have found that simple error can become costly mistakes. Here are a couple issues we've ran into with electronic banking, and what we learned from it.
  • First Person: 3 Laptop Accessories That Are Worth the Splurge
    I'm a very budget-conscious person who hates buying things that serve a single purpose; however, there are times I have to make exceptions. Here are three laptop accessories I splurge on, and why they are worth paying more for.
  • First Person: I Spent $100 to Jump Start My Diet
    My husband and I recently began dieting, and just one month in we now have a clearer idea of how dieting will affect us financially.
  • Including Your Dog in Your Emergency Preparedness Plan
    Every time a storm come through my area I'm home alone with my dog; a 6-year-old- beagle named Daisy. In an effort to keep her safe, I've included her in our emergency preparedness plan.
  • Your Dog Can Improve Your Social Life
    Feel like your social life is in a slump? If so, your dog could be the answer to your problem. When my husband and I decided to add a dog to our family we had no idea she would help our social life. This is how our dog has helped my social life.
  • First Person: Living a Frugal Lifestyle Doesn't Make Me Cheap
    People seem to think being frugal means you're cheap; however, that just isn't the case. This is how I view a "cheap" lifestyle versus a frugal one, how my frugal lifestyle works, and what I do with my savings.
  • First Person: Dieting Is Actually Saving Us Money
    For years now I've used our budget as an excuse not to diet. I was wholeheartedly convinced we couldn't afford healthy foods on our budget, but I was wrong. Here's a look at our pre-diet food cost versus our diet food costs.
  • First Person: Our Emergency Fund Is Coming Up Short
    Nearly 50% of the households in America do not have enough money saved. Unfortunately, my husband and I are among that 50%, and this is why we have fallen short of our savings goals.
  • First Person: We Spent 4.8% Of Our Income on Gas in 2012
    As a middle class family of two, my husband and I have really taken a hit on our gas budget in recent years. Here is how we are budgeting for gas now, what we spent on gasoline in 2012, and what we are doing with any money we've saved.
  • First Person: 3 Sale Strategies I Can't Resist
    Stores deploy so many different sale strategies it can be difficult to know which to jump on and which to pass on. Some sales are so good that I just can't let pass me by, and here is a list of my favorites.
  • Caring for Dog Paws in the Winter
    Most pet owners don't pay much attention to their furry friend's paws beyond nail trimmings, but they should. Here are three things you should be doing to protect your dog's paws this winter.
  • First Person: Using Our Tax Refund to Reduce Our Debt by $410 a Month
    This year, my husband and I are using our refund to reduce our debt. how much it will save us each month, and what we plan to do with our savings.
  • First Person: Kitchen Equipment Is Worth the Splurge
    When I'm shopping for something new I always try to find the best deal I can. However, I've learned the hard way that some things are just worth spending more for. Here are a few pieces of kitchen equipment that I splurge on.
  • First Person: We Ditched Our 401(k) in Favor of Liquid Savings
    In an effort to find a way to save for our retirement and emergencies, my husband and I decided to ditch our 401(k) and put our money into liquid savings. Here are the changes we made, and how we are saving now.
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