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Sam Scham

Creative writing student, eager to learn new subjects and explore different ways to express creativity.
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No Dream Is Too Big



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  • Forgotten
    A man, heart-broken, waits for his love to return.
  • Top Ten Distractions for Writers, or Any Job Really
    There are ten huge distractions that we all face, but how can we ignore them and get to work?
  • The Future of Reading
    Reading as we know it is changing everyday. But why is it catching on so well?
  • J.K Rowling: The Most Magical Novelist
    J.K Rowling accomplished more in a decade than writes all over hope to accomplish in a lifetime.
  • Shoot
    Guns, weapons of mass destruction, a person's worst fear. Guns are used in our everyday lives by cops and security guards. But they are also used for horrible reasons, as in this story. One person's failure to see the truth can affect the lives of those s
  • "Life is like a Box of Chocolates"
    How does chocolate relate to life? Are people a mix of chocolate in the box we call life?

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