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  • Graham Pocic Interview
    Recently, I had the pleasure to speak with Illinois center Graham Pocic and let us just say if you were to look up the phrase “gentle giant” there is probably a good chance that it would be a picture of Graham Pocic.
  • Interview with Small School Standout----B.W. Webb
    The other day I was lucky enough to get a chance to talk to a player, William & Mary star B.W. Webb, a man many fans might not know a lot about currently but after the combine and the draft, they will without a doubt. Here is my conversation with one
  • Conversation with Miami Hurricanes- RB-Mike James
    Having been a Miami Hurricanes fan since 1984, I have always taken pride in how many players from the program have made it the NFL and made a significant impact. Recently, the stream of players has slowed quite a bit but one diamond in the rough,
  • The First Five Steps to Rebuild the Philadelphia Eagles
    How has a perennial playoff contender become the basement dweller of the NFC East and one of the worst team in the NFL? Well, it did not happen overnight and there are a lot of reasons that the fall can be pointed to, but honestly
  • NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat: Part Two
    Is it warm or is it just me
  • Get Some Help Jerry Jones-- Please!!!!
    I consider myself a die-hard Cowboys fan for the past 32 years. My first real football memories are of the 1980 season when I was eight and let me say we are at a crossroads for this franchise. The Cowboys are not lacking talent, as they have several
  • Thanksgiving 2012: Seattle Seahawks Vs. Dallas Cowboys on November 27, 1980
    Approaching another Thanksgiving, now as a father of two small children, I cannot help but reflect on the great memories I have from my childhood for this time of year. I grew up in a family with two brothers, one older and one younger and one passion
  • NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat
    As we approach the midseason mark, I figured it was time to take a look at what coaches might need to either start recording a few more wins or start working on that resume for their new employer.
  • 'Superstorm' Sandy Hit Northeast PA
    The rain was not nearly as bad as the weathermen predicted for Northeast PA last night and my basement stayed completely dry. Sandy’s winds were another story. They were incredible, sounding like
  • 10 Ways to Improve the NFL for Fans
    I am willing to bet few people look forward to the football season as much as I do. I heard a caller on the radio say that the NFL has made not just the Super Bowl an unofficial holiday, but every Sunday a holiday when football is being played. I agree.

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