Phin Upham

Phin Upham

Phin Upham is an investor who lives in NYC and San Francisco. He has studied at Harvard University and Wharton Business School (UPenn) and is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
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  • Wonderland in New York
    The bronze “Alice in Wonderland” statue in New York City’s Central Park is lovingly polished and worn down by the hands, knees and feet of hundreds of thousands even millions of climbing children
  • Motivation - Why We Do What We Do
    Why do we do what we do? What motivates us? Are we goal oriented or hedonistic? A review of the seminal work on the topic by Phin Upham
  • Social Systems and You
    What is the purpose of society and its parts? Phin Upham discusses the theory of functionalism.
  • What is the World?
    How do we organize and understand the world around us? In this review of seminal scholarship on the subject Phin Upham reviews some of the major theories and integrates their conclusions.
  • The Four Great Insults to Man
    In this article, Phin Upham discusses the relationship between science and history
  • An Analysis of Emile Durkeim's "Suicide"
    In 1897 the scholar Emile Durkheim wrote Suicide one of the first examples of rigorous sociology. It used the suicide rates in Europe to illustrate the importance of community ties to behavior. To this day it stands as a classic in sociology and has had p
  • Relationships Matter
    Companies exist in a web of suppliers, partners and allies. How do these relationships affect success. Phin Upham discusses a seminal work in the field.
  • To Thine Own Self Be True - Self Concept and Self Identity
    Who, and what, am I? This question seems to be central to our existence as individuals, yet it has stumped philosophers for decades. Recently, psychologists have begun to use their methodologies to tackle this question, with illuminating results.
  • Social Animals - an Examination of Theories of Social Interaction
    How influenced are we by the world around us? How much are our personality, our observations, our actions, and even our thoughts are deeply influenced by what we believe will be effective or by the norms of the social world around us. Phin Upham reviews
  • What is Emotion?
    What is emotion and how can it be studied? Is it hardwired or learned? A review of some of the seminal works on the topic.
  • How We Think - an Analysis of Cognition
    How do we think? What ideas of self are embedded in this process? A review of classic theories of self is presented and synthesized.
  • The Triple Hex in Unemployment
    Unemployment and America's Competitive Advantage is Discussed

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