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I m a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. I have a huge passion for makeup, clothes, accessories, hair products, all styles, and trends, designer homes, flea markets, and any piece of furniture I can redo.
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  • Beauty Guru: My Top 3 Celebrity Beauty Inspirations
    There are a ton of ways to find inspiration for beauty. Your neighbor, mom, friends, even a stranger in the supermarket. But the easiest is celebrities. Can you name your top 3 inspirations? Not easy huh? I narrowed mine down just for you!
  • How Attitude Can Make or Break a Breastfeeding Mom
    Positive support for a breastfeeding mom is one of the biggest keys to success.
  • Beauty Guru: Guide to Fresh, Healthy Skin After Having a Baby
    My face has taken a beating over the last year, with all the hormones raging thru me. It has gone from combo to oily (during mid-pregnancy) to dry and back to combination now. I've had my fair share of breakouts and discoloration since baby girl was born
  • Beauty Guru: Photo Tutorial for Date-Worthy Smokey Eyes
    February is the month of love and of course that means dates. Who doesn't love a good smokey eye for date night? Smokey eye makeup doesn't have to be a scary thought. Follow theses simple steps for a quick easy smokey eye for your next date night!
  • Beauty Guru: How to get newsprint nail art
    Nail Art is all over the web! Including THIS Shine Beauty Guru assignment! Every few pins from Pinterest are nail art. Some people have major talent and major teaching skills too! One of my favorites is s Newsprint Nails.
  • Beauty Guru: Fall makeup trend - winged eyeliner
    Autumn is teasing me every morning with light breezes and cooler temperatures. It makes me ready for jackets, dark denim, pretty wavy hair, and darker shades of lipstick! This beauty guru assignment is about fall makeup trends, I chose winged eyeliner!
  • Beauty Guru: Top summer beauty secrets
    Summer is well upon us and record heat around the country have us grasping for any beauty tips we can. Instead of melting, hopefully these tips will help you beat the heat the rest of this summer.
  • Beauty Guru: My worst summer beauty mistakes
    Summer heat is hard on a beauty routine. Some of my biggest beauty mistakes have happened during this season. Avoid my mistakes or share your own.
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  • Beauty Guru: 5 favorite items in my makeup bag
    Sarah Michelle, of The Fierce Glamour, reveals her 5 must have essentials in her makeup bag. All add up to a flawless fresh face to give your morning routine a quick kick!
  • Beauty Guru Review: Braun Satin Hair Brush
    This month was all about the hair! I got to test the Braun Satin Hair brush with Active Ion Technology. I was pumped. Who can't use new hair brush, plus when it says "satin hair" who wouldn't be on board? Let's break it down.The Braun Satin Hair brush boasts, "an active ion jet releases millions of
  • Beauty Guru Post: Skin Truth, How Sensitive Are You?
    During the last few years, I've come to realize (the hard way of course!) that I have sensitive skin! It's especially been bad lately when I've tried a different product. What?! How did this happen? Great questions, which I can't answer. But I here are a few ways I found out that I now need the "sen
  • How to Keep Your Clothes Looking Brand New
    Are you hard on your clothes? Do you give away alot of stuff through out the year because its faded or thinned? Has something been ruined from colors bleeding?
  • What I Want To Wear on July 4th
    This weekend is a LONG weekend! Yay! And it's time to celebrate the 4th of July!
  • User Post: Quick Style Guide: Pattern/Print Mixing Made Easy
    Are you as obsessed with pattern/print mixing as I am? I love looking through my favorite blogs & magazine to see how they mix florals, prints, and patterns together! But when it comes to wearing it myself, I get stumped. I'm afraid I'm going to look stupid or just plain confused about what to put t
  • Beauty Guru Review: Gillette Venus Pro-Skin MoistureRich Razor
    This time around us Beauty Guru's were sent Gillette Venus Proskin Moisture Rich Razors to test! Since it's the start of summer, this razor couldn't have come at a better time!
  • User Post: Wear Neon Without Looking Like an 80′s Movie Extra
    When you think of NEON, what comes to mind? The 80′s of course! Big hair and neon everywhere!
  • Beauty Guru Post: Accordion to Me: Why I want a Pleated Skirt
    Have you seen this new trend of accordion pleated skirts? Aren't they gorgeous??
  • Beauty Guru Post: Essential Summer Must Haves
    It has hit 90 degrees here over the past few days. Ladies and Gentlemen, summer is here. Oh joy! (I have a love/hate relationship with summer..) With it here, that means there are some things you just must have! Now, this isn't your normal must have list. These aren't shoes or dresses, these are pra
  • Dear Body Lotion, you’re fired and have been replaced. Please leave.
    Dear Body Lotion, You're fired and have been replaced. Please take your cap and leave immediately. Sincerely, My Skin I've had to switch body lotion. This transition from winter to spring to summer (yes, summer it was 90 degrees today, *hate*) has been truly rough on my skin. Worse than ever, actua
  • Shine Beauty Guru Review: SoftSoap Body Butter Strawberry Smoother
    In Texas, it has already hit the high 80's so shorts, dresses, and smooth legs are a must! And with that dry flaky skin is no beauty "do"!Enter: SoftSoap Body Butter Strawberry Smoother. Which promises "this skin-pampering body buff wash contains juicy strawberry & jojoba butter extracts to help ret
  • User post: My 5 favorite Spring Trends
    "What are the top 5 Spring trends that you are looking forward to seeing/sporting this season?" 1) Shorts, Shorts, Shorts
  • User post: Splurge vs. Save: The Little White Dress
    Easter is in a month, Spring is here, and gosh darn it, I'm ready for WHITE! So enter this edition of:::Splurge vs. Save::: The Little White Dress
  • User post: Chic Transitioning from Winter to Spring
    Spring has sprung. Or at least on the calendar! If you're anything like me, you want spring and summer clothes NOW. Here are a few quick ways to update your wardrobe with spring touches that are still weather appropriate.
  • How To Make A Headband Holder
    I've been looking for a headband holder or how to make one for a long time? Well I didn't get any where with it so I decided to make my own. Here's how I made it!
  • User Post: How To Feel Good About Trying On Clothes
    Trying on clothes, sucks. Most people don't like to. And in my own experience, it usually ends up with disappointment. "Nothing fits right." "I'm not tan enough." "This looks horrible!" The bad thoughts only increase and I feel worse about myself than when I went in.
  • Guru Review: Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara
    Our latest product to test was Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara, whew, that's a mouthful!! So does it do all the things that are in its title?Yes.
  • Colgate 360: Hello, Pretty Shiny Teeth!
    The new Colgate 360° ActiFlex SonicPower Toothbrush that I got to test at a Beauty Guru was a suprise! An electric toothbrush with a smaller head, good battery life, and good bristles. Amazing! This brush is really good!I've had more expensive "high-quality" (notice the quotes!) electric toothbrush
  • AMA Red Carpet Rundown: Worst and Weird
    These kind of all fall under the same category I guess. These are the worst dressed and the weirdest dressed from last night's AMAs.
  • AMA Red Carpet Rundown: Gorge and OK
    Last night were the American Music Awards on ABC. All my fave musicians showed up and while I didn't catch the show, I sure did find the pictures of the red carpet. Let's run it down! Originally I was gonna have three categories: Best Worst and Weird. But I wanted to include more pictures.
  • Do you whip your hair? I’m gonna start!
    I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair... A) She's got genetics of hollywood.
  • Shine Beauty Guru: best beauty advice I've ever gotten
    This month's beauty guru assignment was to reveal the best beauty advice I've ever gotten. I admit, I sat on this one for a long time. Till due day actually. I considered hair advice, skin advice, make up advice, and only one word kept popping into my head. My mom always told me:
  • Quick Style Guide: Ways to feel more chic in your glasses!
    First off, I'm contacts girl. I've worn contacts since I was about 12. My glasses have always been my backup. I wear them when I'm too lazy to put in my contacts, when my eyes get too dry, and around the house. Because they are the backup plan, I don't really like the way I look in them and don't we
  • User Post: Fashion Week is here! Watch the shows live!
    Fashion week is here loves! Its finally time! I'm beyond excitement at this point. I'm totally bummed I can't attend the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference, which is taking place as we speak, but I'm staying updated through Grit&Glamour's updates !
  • User post: Quick Style Guide: Labor Day Weekend Wear
    So its what most people think of as the last weekend of "Summer"! An extended weekend, family gatherings, friend gatherings, mini-vacays....go out with style this summer! Here's a few suggestions to make your wardrobe this Labor Day weekend stylish and fresh!
  • User post: Quick Style Guide: Dealing with a “Not-So-Fall” Fall
    I'm tired of the heat. Sick and tired of it. For the last few weeks, the average temperature has been 100 degrees. While usually the temps may begin to drop in other states, around here it's gonna stay hot. See, we don't really get a fall. (Two Thanksgivings ago, it was 75 degrees) We get hotness th
  • A New Dress every day around $1, oh yes she did!
    You may have read this report on Yahoo! last week, which is where I found it. But I'm still fascinated and if you haven't, stay tuned for an awesome read about the creative idea a girl had to save money and get cute clothes!
  • Love My Links: Fall style preview!
    Loves, it may be the hottest part of August (yesterday got up to 105 degrees!) but I'm already dreaming of tights, cardis and all fall clothes. The back to school clothes ads don't help either! Of course, I need a whole new wardrobe for school, even though I don't attend anymore. Let's shop! Well I'
  • Love My Links: Summer Hair
    This NO DYE JULY isn't easy. I can see roots growing already and I don't like it. I'm having to style my hair around the roots. No tight ponies, or center parts anytime soon! I've already decided that as soon as July is over (Hello, Sunday!) I'm going to make my hair blonder. At least for a month my
  • Shine Beauty Guru: My Summer Beauty Secret makes waves!
    This month's Shine Beauty Guru assignment is:
  • User post: Sephora’s Chic Prints For Nails equal patterns of love!
    We all follow celebrity fashion and beauty for influence and inspiration. So when Katy Perry, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and more starting sporting awesome patterns on their nails, I took notice! (hounds tooth, zebra, silver fishnet, floral, cherries, leopard print) Welcome to the
  • No Dye July: Buying the right shampoo!
    Half way through July! So far so good. Have you dyed lately? I haven't. Right now, I'm concentrating on getting my hair to a healthy state and protecting my current color. *horns and trumpets* Bring on the color safe shampoo! But which one is the right one to buy?
  • First Outfit Post…ever.
    Lots of fashion blogs focus on personal style and outfit posts. I especially love to read …loveMeagan's blog ! She has great style, pictures, and more. So I've decided to give this outfit post thing a try! Here we go:
  • User post: What's your signature nail color this summer?
    Every time I give myself a DIY pedi, I pick the same color. It is just inevitable. Pink Parka by Essie is my go-to summer toe color! It's bright neon pink and screams summer!While neon pink is one of my favorite colors, I can't wear it everyday on my clothes. So what better way than on my toes!!
  • User Post: Sweat and Water get the knockout with the right Strength!
    As soon as clinical strength deodorant came out, I was on it. Texas heat + weak deodorant don't mix well. So Secret Clinical strength was a blessing. When I found out, we would be testing the WATERPROOF kind, I was stoked! Summer is upon us and this couldn't come at a better time. I opened that baby
  • Month Long Mission: No Dye July
    Last year, I did a month long feature called No Buy July ! Do you remember? I attempted to not buy anything fashion and beauty related for an entire month. I fell off the wagon once or twice but it wasn't a total waste of a mission.
  • User Post: Do you hide behind accessories?
    I'm not just talking statement jewelry, which of course makes a statement. Do you let jewelry be the prominent part of your outfit to cover other things? I think I'll go more in depth in this topic one day. Today, I let my necklace do the talking. I'm hoping that it will distract others from noticin
  • User Post: Sweat and Water get the knockout with the right Strength!
    As soon as clinical strength deodorant came out, I was on it. Texas heat + weak deodorant don't mix well. So Secret Clinical strength was a blessing. When I found out, we would be testing the WATERPROOF kind, I was stoked!
  • Red Carpet Rundown: Twilight Eclipse
    Oh loves its here again! Time for the Red Carpet Rundown for Twilight's Eclipse! I'm totally psyched about the premiere next Thursday at midnight! For now, let's focus on what the stars were wearing!!!
  • Easy Access: Summer's Hottest Trends
    Summer is in full swing, I'm already getting bored with my clothes. I don't really wanna buy more but I need some inspiration, STAT! I'm in need of some major fashion voltage! I'm obsessed anyway so why not share! So today I've searched through some of my fav magazine websites and found the hottest
  • User Post: Quick Style Guide: Staying Beautiful in the Heat
    Oh, its been to long since the last quick style guide! And you know how I love them so! It's summer ya'll! And in Texas that means 85 degrees by 9:00am. It's hot, its sticky, its hard to stay beautiful! So of course I've got some fabulous things to offer to help stay looking hot all day long!
  • Downtown Girls on MTV: Maybe worth watching!
    Last week, a new show premiered on MTV-Downtown Girls. I watched a rerun over the weekend and stumbled upon the new episode last night! It reminds me of a "regular girl" version of The City. I'm not completely sold yet but a couple of things intrigue me:
  • User Post: My Spring Wedding-Dresses, Shoes, Jewelry, oh my!
    I think every little girl dreams of the day she gets married starting around the age 3. Its encouraged and though of as cute. This includes visions of big dresses, long trains, flowy veils, and lots and lots of tulle, bridesmaids in colors all matchy. I was no exception. I was into drawing around 12
  • User post: How many times did you change clothes this morning?
    Some mornings getting ready for work and picking out clothes is easy. I already know what I feel like wearing and it's easy to put together. Other days it's misery. Clothes strewn everywhere; shoes all over the house!
  • Step out of your normal beauty box-I dyed my hair red!
    For our May Shine ! Beauty Guru Challenge, we were asked to "document a beauty transformation". We were challenged to step out of our normal beauty routine and try something new/different!
  • Moulin Tennis? More crazy tennis fashion
    A few months back we talked about Maria Sharapova's interesting outfit during the Australian Open, well now its Venus Williams' turn!
  • User post: My Spring Wedding-Hair and Makeup
    Lovelies, as you know I got married in April (Mine was a week before MJ's, crazy small world right?). I finally am back to a regular routine and can blog out the wedding! (plus we got the pictures back so I can show too!) Our wedding was outside on a Saturday in the afternoon. It was a small intimat
  • User post: Product Review: Goody's Spin Pin
    Sometime last week, I saw the tail end of a commercial for a new hair product/accessory. Whoo-hoo! The name: Goody Spin Pin
  • Product Review: Goody's Spin Pin
    Sometime last week, I saw the tail end of a commercial for a new hair product/accessory. Whoo-hoo!
  • User post: Sunglasses Philosophy: Man vs. Wife
    I love sunglasses. They are the best accessory for summer and can instantly make you look trendy! You can buy expensive ones, cheap ones, medium size, over size, kid size. Whatever your want you can find it.
  • User Post: What's your most complimented article of clothing?
    Do you have a piece of clothing that always gets compliments? I do. It's a red patterned dress with flutter sleeves and a high waist. (I ordered it off of Just Add Jeans who just opened a store in the Dallas Bishop Arts District, I'm DYING to go! Seems like you can't order online anymore *crying*) I
  • Southern Charm on the Red Carpet
    Southern Charm on the Red Carpet Last weekend was the Kentucky Derby! Get out the flowers, hats, and dresses because here comes southern charm and frill! I have absolutely NO interest in horses, races, and the like. But it sure is fun to look at the celebrities on the red carpet. I really only foun
  • Beauty Guru Review:Cover Girl Smoky Shadow Blast
    As a guru, I'm always super excited to try our new products. This month it was Cover Girl's Smoky Shadow Blast in Purple Plume. I was suprised to see that it was a cream shadow and a stick. Who knew that combination could happen! I've used cream shadows before and it hasn't been a pleasant experienc
  • Break time! Who needs the blues, perk up in White Jeans!
    Ok loves, its time! My wedding is this weekend! I won't be blogging until after we get back from our honeymoon on the 26th. Don't give up on me! I'll have lots more time after we get back and we'll start to delve into these summer/spring trends full force! YAY for florals and sandals! Until the, tak
  • User Post: love my links!
    Love My Links! on a gloomy Tuesday! Its a gloomy cloudy tuesday, so here's some fun links to get you out of mid-week blues! LOVE MY LINKS!
  • Paint Nude! on your nails! Love the effect! Beauty Guru Review
    Beauty Guru Reviews Nail Polish Shade In Nude!That would make quite the headline wouldn't it! But its true! We got to review one of this season hottest trends-Nude/Neutral nail polish! We got to test CND's Colour & Effects line in Desert Suede and Gold Shimmer polish.Their website touts "Content you
  • User Post: Varying Temps= layers, layers, layers!
    It's a lovely afternoon. Sun is shining and it's a good 75ish degrees. My wardrobe: a black/white striped floral print dress. The top half is tiny black and white striped with a wide stretch band empire waist with a floral print pattern on the bottom half. And I'm wearing leggings underneath it with
  • User post: What kind of borrower are you?
    This past weekend was a girl's weekend at my house. Three of my best friends and I had a big girls night out and borrowed each others clothes, shoes, makeup, and accessories. In all the clothes swapping, I came across a dress to borrow from CLK to wear on my upcoming vacation. This got me thinking.
  • User Post: Quick Style Guide: Mens Casual stepped up!
    A few days a go I had a twitter follower ask for a few tips on how to dress up a casual wardrobe. Pretty easy right? Well this follower happens to be male! Men's fashion is an area that I usually don't do, but let's try it out. Just to be clear, I judge Men's fashion on if my boyfriend would wear i
  • User post: When is your clean time?
    I'm a habitual night shower taker. I feel like it relaxes my body and makes me mentally prepared for sleep. Plus I love sliding under the sheets feeling clean and fresh. When I stray away from my normal routine and have to get clean at a different hour, it kind of annoys me. So this morning before I
  • What are you wearing today?
    On a rainy Friday, let's play!
  • Because its time to giv'em Kell! Kell on Earth premiers tonight!
    Its finally here! The premiere of Kell on Earth happens tonight on Bravo! If you are a "Hills" lover, you know who Kelly Cutrone is! She is also featured on "The City" sometimes, as Whitney Port's boss. People's Revolution is where Whit got her start. I'm super pumped about it!Here's a little info!
  • Doppelganger Week-who do I look like?
    Occasionally, trends go around on facebook and everyone puts a phrase or link in there status. Well this week its "Doppelganger Week"
  • User Post: What are you wearing today?
    Time for another edition: What are you wearing today?
  • user post:Dress Codes-Decoded!
    About a week or two ago, an acquaintance asked for some advice about proper party attire. She was attending a black & white party and didn't know what exactly it was or what to wear. This situation (no, not the Guido from Jersey Shore) got me thinking.
  • Dress Codes-Decoded!
    About a week or two ago, an acquaintance asked for some advice about proper party attire. She was attending a black & white party and didn't know what exactly it was or what to wear. This situation (no, not the Guido from Jersey Shore) got me thinking. Proper attire to any event is a grey area. Unle
  • SAG Awards: best, worst, what?? dressed
    The Screen Actor's Guild Awards were this past Saturday. While I missed the show I've been pouring over gown pictures. Here are the best, worst, and "what?!" dresses of it all!TO SEE THE REST OF THE GALLERY,click here!
  • Maria Sharapova: Couture on the Court?
    Maria Sharapova, noted tennis player and sex symbol, lost at day one of the Austrailian Open this past weekend. But her performance was more overshadowed by what she was wearing! Maria opted to wear Nike Golden Set Women's Tennis Dress .
  • Dead Winter Days= Dreaming of Spring Feet!
    We are now in the dark days of winter, where the fun and anticipation of holidays is over, and now we anxiously wait for spring. I love my boots and tights; I really and truly do. My collection is perfect and I wear either, or both almost everyday. But deep down inside, my feet are already itching f
  • My face + Kiehl's= Frenemies!
    When I recieved the Kielhs Ultra Facial Cream, I literally jumped up and down like little girl! I read all the Gossip Girl books and one of the "luxury" brands they use is Kielhs. Hence, I was super excited to try whatever was inside and have an expensive beauty experience!So here's a little about t
  • Hair Rut? Two easy, quick solutions!
    This week I've felt like I have been in a hair RUT! The cold air already sucks the moisture out of my hair enough without blowdrying or straightening, so I've been trying to layoff the heating tools. Well this has resulted in air -dried, wavy in spots, thrown back with a headband or ponytail hot mes
  • User post: Trends or Basics?
    This morning on E!'s Daily 10, they ran a segment called New Year, New You. It was all about Spring 2010 trends. They included motorcycle boots, and a white motorcycle jacket. I usually love segments like this but today it rubbed me the wrong way. I love to be a trendy as the next girl. But I don't
  • 2009 Rewind! Tell me your best and worst moments!
    Hope everyone had an amazing Holiday!! I did! Whoo-hoo for Christmas engagements! Back to the grind! Now its time for the New Year! A time for looking to new goals, dreams, and more. 2009 has been a great year with good and bad moments! Instead of doing a cheeky retrospective, I want you to tell me
  • What are you wearing today? Xmas Eve Eve Edition
    Let's play a Christmas Eve EVE edition of , What are you wearing today?
  • User post: Christmas Day Style-quick and easy!
    Is anyone else stumped what to wear on Christmas? I am! Going to multiple families, cooking, eating, standing, sitting, opening presents= the need for a breathable, comfy outfit. Here's the breakdown:
  • Social Network + Fashion=Obsession
    If you add a social networking site website like Facebook or Myspace, with millions of users, and the Do's and Don'ts section of, with thousands of pictures of street style, what do you get?+
  • User Post: Redken Body Full Review-Body, Yes Please!
    For this review I decided to jump in with both feet, well more like whole head. I abandoned almost all of my other hair products (still had to apply my split end treatment) to use all of the Redken samples I received. The 4 tested are from the Redken Body Full line which is supposed to "provide norm
  • User post: Christmas Honesty: why I don't ask for fashion related items
    The shopping season is in full swing as people rush to find the perfect gifts, and hope to receive the perfect gift. TV Commercials are ripe with deals and sales. My favorites has been the Target ads, with the little girl who confesses all her bad behavior when she thinks her parents spent too much
  • Help! Where do I begin with red lipstick?
    Every Christmas, I throw a holiday party. It has evolved from a few friends coming over randomly to a nice cocktail party.Its this saturday. YAY! I have my dress, shoes, jewelry, and hairstyle all picked out. But make up is throwing me for a loop. I've decided to do ruby red lips. But I have no red
  • User post: How to find the perfect winter coat
    With the holiday season here, and temperatures dropping lower every day, now's the time to pull out your winter coat and/or buy new one. I bought a new one last year, and it took a bit of trial and error to find the right one. Now if it's your turn to buy a new one, let my lessons be your guide!
  • Quick Style Guide: Thanksgiving Attire..leave room for the turkey!
    Thanksgiving is upon us! Family, Friends, Food, Clothes? What does one wear for a meal with family, or more than one meal with different families? Here's your quick style guide for Thanksgiving dressing! (haha, so punny!)
  • 5 Thankful Thoughts About Your Body Image
    Thanksgiving is just a few days away loves. And now is the time to name what we are thankful for! I have plenty to be thankful for, and I'm not gonna bore you with all, but I will share with you 5 things.
  • 5 Thankful Thoughts About Your Body Image
    Thanksgiving is just a few days away loves. And now is the time to name what we are thankful for! I have plenty to be thankful for, and I'm not gonna bore you with all, but I will share with you 5 things.
  • User post: Re-wearing an outfit 2 days in a or don't?
    Ok, so at the end of last week, I may or may not have committed a fashion faux pas-and I don't care. I'm pretty sure this is what MJ would refer to as a " fashion crime "
  • New Moon-Red Carpet Rundown
    About 2 weeks ago, I finally watched Twilight. And I'll admit, since then, I've watched it 4 or 5 times. As we all know, New Moon comes out Friday! (w0o-hoo!) And the lovely vamps, werewolves, and humans walked the red carpet on Tuesday. Here's the rundown:
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