Caroline Evans

Caroline Evans

After High School I enlisted in the USCG. I served at sea in the North Atlantic during the Cold War. I served ashore commanding searches and law enforcement activities in Long Island Sound. This area included parts of NY, CT and RI.

I attended several colleges and universities on the GI Bill and gained a degree in computer programming and became a Certified Legal Assistant. I also studied taxation and ended up working for H&R Block as the fourth most senior executive for the RI District. I was what would now be termed their CTO.

I passed the IRS Enrolled Agent exam which allowed me to practice tax law to the Tax Court level. I left H&R Block in the early 1990s and set up my own tax practice and also provided business and IT services to small to medium sized businesses and private citizens.

I was the IT pro in the libraries in Tiverton RI. I doubled the number of patron workstations available by using Ubuntu Linux to supplement the licensed Windows computers. Lots of other professional-grade free software exists. I deployed it in the library and for my private clients. I won some awards for library outreach.

I was a member of RI s statewide library organization and was recognized as an expert in open source freeware.
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