Gillian Daire

Marine, writer, and humanitarian. She enjoys exploring the dichotomous nature of life, and believes in the therapeutic power of writing.
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  • Life Survives Death
    Out of the death of winter arises the fullness and life of summer.
  • Most Cherished Gift
    Christmas can be like any other day. Or, if we choose, it can be a day, a season, a lifetime when we allow ourselves to be human.
  • How Can You Still Know Me
    War changes people. Despite what his loved ones see, after so many deployments a Soldier may no longer know himself.
  • Telling Signs of Fall
    Fall precedes the death of winter. It can be sad to see the sun set on summer days, but fall embodies the excitement of change.
  • Lost Soul
    Through various circumstances, a person may find himself living on the streets. The lack of social contact can have a profound effect on one's mental and emotional well-being.
  • The Magnificence of Human Resilience After 9/11
    In the ten years since our Nation was attacked, I have learned a great deal about the magnificence of human resilience, and the love one person can have for another. Lessons that have forever changed me.
  • Homelessness 'One Paycheck Away' for Many Veterans
    As a Marine reservist, combat veteran, and unemployed American, I am increasingly concerned with the impact the economic downturn is having on our nation's veterans.
  • The Last Concert of Summer
    Summer is often a metaphor for life. One tends to feel a sense of sadness at summer's end. Did we make the most of it?
  • Loathe to Dream
    For those whose memories emerge in dream, a nightly battle ensues.
  • Not Home Yet
    Many struggle with their experiences in combat. Friends, family, and brothers and sisters in arms want to see them win this battle, and begin to heal these invisible wounds.
  • Deployed Dream
    Amidst the chaos of war, there exists occasional quiet times. These moments of reflection are often filled with thoughts of home.

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