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I am an undergraduate student working towards my Bachelor s Degree in Music.
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Undergrad working towards a degree in music, with an emphasis on vocal performance.



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  • My Faulty Imagination and the Infinite God
    Ways in which we imperfectly perceive the all-perfect and glorious God.
  • Butterfly Kisses
    This is a love haiku that describes a rain-laden butterfly kiss.
  • Shattered Muscles
    This is a love haiku describing the innocent love between to people and one's fascination with the other.
  • Firework Passion
    This is a love haiku describing an electrifying touch.
  • Eyes of a Dreamer
    This is a haiku poem about young, passionate lovers exchanging long glances, memorizing each other's features.
  • Grains of Sand
    A love haiku about a day at the beach.
  • Old Love
    Haiku poem about a lover dreaming of their future with their beloved, picturing them in deep in love even in old age together.
  • My Beloved
    This is a contemplative love haiku about a soul and their unity with Christ.
  • Quizzical Clouds
    Haiku poem about the approaching springtime after a winter snow.
  • Winds of Whispers
    A contemplative poem on an encounter with the living God.
  • Playful Touch
    The intense joy of a innocent kiss.
  • Restless
    This poem describes the power of playful touch.
  • Fragile Bones
    This haiku describes the power of an embrace.
  • A Cave of Sheets
    This haiku depicts young love.
  • Freebird
    A young couple's decision to get away from the city for a day.
  • Vintage Film Photography
    This is a showcase of a few samples of my film photography. I've captured some fantastic moments with my old Minolta that digital cameras just fail to do.These types of photos range from silhouettes, to still life, to underwater action. Enjoy!
  • Electric Speech
    This poem describes the intensity of a gentle whisper between a couple.
  • Daydreamer
    This poem describes the mind games that love can bring upon someone.
  • Adding Our Efforts
    This poem describes the release of all cares behind for love.
  • Fleeting Moments
    This poem describes the power of words spoken within love.
  • That Tidal Wave of Joy
    This poem describes the uncontrollable laughter and happiness one feels in love.
  • Quiet Affirmations
    This haiku describes unwavering trust between those in love.
  • My Silver Lining
    This love haiku describes the power of silence.
  • The First Kiss
    This poem describes the intensity and passion of a couple's first kiss.
  • Morning Radiance
    A poem that describes the radiance of an early morning sunrise.
  • A Moratorium
    This haiku describes the attraction and curiosity one feels when they look upon a loved one.
  • Unbroken Silence
    A short meditation on Christ's sufferings.
  • Merging Oceans
    This poem describes a couple who have become so intimate that the speaker feels they have become one heart.
  • Around the Circle
    Somehow all I do ...
  • Lingering Love
    I feel your heart beat...
  • Costa Rican Vacation
    From the bustling urban city of San Jose, to the rural coasts of Puntarena, there is something waiting to be discovered for newlyweds and large families alike. It is so thickly diverse and rich in cultural experiences!

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