Leah Muth

Leah Muth

After a hiatis, I am back!

I'm a mother, a freelance writer and artist, a home maker, a friend, a lover, a listener, a shoulder to cry on, a person to hug, a secret-keeper, an advice giver, and someone who wants nothing more then to raise her daughter and fill the world with beautiful words.

I write poetry, short stories, reviews, opinions, etc. I also have a current book project I am working on for both young adults and college level students which is to be a three part series, and a group of Ten books for a children's library on growing and learning.
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  • Life Lessons My Ex-Boyfriend Taught Me
    We all learn lessons through experience, and I knew one day I would learn these very lessons. I just wish it didn't have to be from my ex boyfriend.
  • Home Run Wins the Game
    A Baseball Haiku of that moment when a baseball is soaring through the air and Fenway Park, over the big, green monster.
  • Leaving the Traffic Behind
    Crash and Bang as the mighty sky roars.
  • Love and Mortality
    A Shakespearean Sonnet on two who lose each other in death and reunite after.
  • Red and Thick to Lean and Starch
    My personal accounts of my transition to becoming a "Vegetarian".
  • Dolphins and Sharks
    A Sestina of dolphin, sharks and our beautiful world.
  • How to Fatten Up Your Skinny Pooch
    A few ideas and recipes on how to fatten up your skinny or malnourished animal.
  • Angels and Wishes
    A story of miracles for the holiday season as a boy gives his last wish to a girl who might just have the ability to make it come true.
  • Winter Hibernation
    A Haiku on the winter season.
  • Christmas in the Air
    A beautiful poem based on Christmas morning and the magic of Santa
  • Welcome to Fright High
    Located in the old Abingdon Middle School on route 41. 202 W. Snyder St. Abingdon,IL.
  • As Nature Doth Arrange
    A rhyming poem about the season changing to fall and all that happens.
  • Useful Tips for the Beginning Web Designer
    Here is an article for those who are interested in web designing. A few simple things to get one started and what to watch out for.
  • The City of Fallen Angels
    A review of my favorite book so far released in the 2011 year. City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare.
  • The Deathly Cold is Coming
    A free verse poem about the ending of summer and the beginning of the "dying season".
  • We Will Not Forget
    This is our generations story. We were alive and young when it happened. We will remember, we will never forget.
  • Autumn Crafts Involving Nature
    A list of different ideas on how to use your beautiful backyard autumn leaves for decoration or for conservation!
  • Jane Austen; A Woman Beyond Her Years
    Jane Austen; a woman of romance and yet never had she loved so passionately in her own life. A novelist beyond her years but lonely at heart, she wrote some of the best books of any time!
  • An Oceanic Home
    a haiku about our lovely ocean and how it envelops our world.
  • The Acer Aspire One Laptop
    A review on my own personal laptop that at this very moment is helping me write this story.
  • 2011 is the Season of the Witch
    An overview of my favorite 2011 movie so far, Season of the Witch.
  • I'm Married to a Carnivore
    A first had account on what it is like for a meat and potatoes kind of man to be married to me, a lean meat and shurbs kind of girl.
  • Volunteer Opportunities in Galesburg, Illinois
    An overview of my person volunteering experiences and the way you can help in Galesburg, Illinois.
  • Another Day is Done
    As another day in nature comes and goes, we remember that just because another day is done does not mean their won't be another to come.
  • We Will Survive
    An overlook of where I was, how I changed and America today because of that attack on Sept. 11, 2001.
  • Leah's Curls
    A beautiful story I wrote when I was in my creative writing class. A Story of Love, Passion, and finding the will and strength to let go and live on.
  • Summer Heat and Summer Nights
    The wonderful summer season. Intense air, cold lakes and sweets galore. Memories of the passing season when children are young and enjoy their youth.
  • Oh but a Gift from the Stars Above
    How she grows each day, the way she plays and the innocence that, right now, fills her heart. The way she learns, the things she does. What would I do without my beautiful Abbigail, not only my daughter but my teacher as well.
  • Lovers End at Fifty Paces
    Does the good guy always win? Two lovers must come to terms that in the Wild West it doesn't matter how much money you have or how strong your bond is for each other. What matters most is who can draw with an instantaneous speed.
  • The Autumn Leaves on Fire
    A Tritina poem about the changing season and the impact on the nature around it. Envision as you read, the reddening leaves of the maple trees and how the world, for one quick season, seems to be on fire.
  • Innocent Beauty
    Cherry Blossoms; a beautiful and tranquil flower that exists to promote peace and prosperity. Adored and admired, it grows and thrives as most life does before its own time comes to an end.

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