Jeanna Holbrook

Jeanna Holbrook

I am a 30 year old Florida girl at heart living in northern Alabama. I grew up with the sand in my shoes on the Gulf Coast but now, I happily take in the farm land and rolling hills. I was born to write. It is my passion. Along the journey my life has taken me on, writing has been my only outlet, my solace, my reward in many battles. I am married to my best friend, I have two daughters, and he has two children. We also have 3 dogs and 2 cats. We run a pretty tight household. Together we love to travel, laugh, and live every day to its fullest potential. We love extreme sports; jet skis, rock climbing, hang gliding, white water rafting, kayaking... being outside and together. My second greatest passion is travel followed closely by food. I love exotic new tastes and I love to try local cuisine in places I am visiting.
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Bachelors Degree in Communications from Grand Canyon University; Phoenix, AZ


.....Because life only happens once.



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  • When 'No' Falls on Deaf Ears
    Rape victims are very often in the wrong place at the wrong time. This story is a perfect example of how it can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time and the attacker can be anyone as well.
  • Why My Christian Kids CAN Read Harry Potter
    Imagination is just that and I challenge my children to use theirs as often as they possibly can, that doesn't make them Satanists, it makes them children.
  • From England to Florida in 48 Hours
    Moving back to Florida from England after a divorce with no money, no help, and everything we owned in two suit cases was the worst traveling experience of my life.
  • Military Vet: Protecting My Daughters, Families the Highest Priority
    September 11 changed me forever. I was a 20 year old active duty Air Force A1C when the towers fell. The effect it had on my life has changed my life course and daily decisions for my family and their safety.
  • 2011 Toyota Camry Review
    Toyota has earned it's customers by having great customer service and delivering quality products. The 2011 Camry is another addition to a long line of great products.

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