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Annie Tobey

Annie Tobey has over 20 years experience as a professional writer, focusing in recent years on active travel and craft beer. Her articles have been published in Pathfinders Travel, Blue Ridge Country, Richmond Family Magazine, Belle, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Richmond Magazine Dine Guide, All About Beer, Fifty Plus, Richmond Parents, Pleasant Living, and other local and national publications. She is author of For Any Young Mother Who Lives in a Shoe (Judson Press, 1991) and was editor and co-publisher of Richmond s V Magazine for Women and the Central Virginia Women s Sourcebook. She has also contributed her professional writing skills to businesses such as Capital One, International Training Consultants, Life Logic, PartnerMD, and Uniquely Fore Her.

As the Active Woman Traveler hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Annie shares her local and travel experiences to help readers discover new adventures. A runner and outdoors enthusiast, she focuses on active travel, to spread the energy and health benefits of an active lifestyle. Annie also helps readers find great food and craft beers when the sun goes down.
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  • Snowy, Slushy Holiday Lake 50k++ Trail Run
    A 6 to 8-inch base of melting snow created challenging conditions for participants in the 2014 ultramarathon trail run.
  • Playing Along the Buffalo National River
    Adventures are plentiful in the beautiful Arkansas Ozarks, in the forested mountains along the scenic, historic Buffalo National River.
  • Congressional Medal of Honor Petition
    Two young soldiers, Marine Corporal Jonathan Yale and Lance Corporal Jordan Haerter, acted valiantly against an Iraqi suicide bomber and lost their lives. A petition is in circulation to award them the Congressional Medal of Honor.
  • Cuccinelli's Social Conservatism Didn't Align with Individual Rights
    As a long-time Republican voter who believes in individual rights and liberty, I was relieved to hear the results of the 2013 Virginia gubernatorial race.
  • Ragnar Trail Relay, Appalachians
    The Ragnar Trail Relay took teams of 4-8 runners on 128 miles of challenging mountain singletrack trails, for 24-plus hours of running, in daylight and the dark of night.
  • A Pleasant Spring Stroll at Maymont
    A stroll through Richmond's Maymont Estate in the spring puts nature's rejuvenation on display, accompanied by the diversity of people enjoying the beautiful outdoors.
  • Richmond Celebrates Women in Beer
    Richmond, Virginia raised a glass to women in the beer industry during the Brewbies weekend at Capital Ale House, a local, established beer-centric restaurant supporting craft beer.
  • How to Savor a Beer, Sip by Sip: Craft Beer Basics
    A beer how-to lesson to enjoy with friends, learning the basics of beer while sampling a variety of styles. The styles are designed to tease all areas of the palate and to find at least one beer to please all tasters.
  • Virginia's Richmond Marathon
    I ran my first marathon in Richmond, Virginia. I experienced the cheering crowds, party stops, supportive training team members, and the wall. I missed some goals, but achieved the most important one.
  • How to Fill a Celebration with Memories
    Whether concerned with materialism, strapped for cash, or trying to please picky people who prefer cash, the annual tradition of unwrapping is coming unraveled. This game fills that void with fun and memories, focusing on gifts that last a lifetime.
  • Holiday Cheer & Beer Classic
    On December 8, 2012, Virginia's largest indoor craft beer festival is coming to Meadow Event Park near Richmond. The event will be held from 12-7pm, with 15 Virginia breweries, live music, Virginia food, and shopping.
  • Swannanoa Palace: Haunted and Mournful
    Swannanoa, a 52-room mansion on Virginia's Afton Mountain, is haunting in its beauty, its state of disrepair, and in the spirits that roam its grand rooms. The story behind this 1912 mansion may reveal why these orbs would linger into the 21st century.
  • Richmond, VA Fireworks from New Favorites and Old Standbys
    In Richmond, Virginia, Independence Day fireworks celebrate U.S. freedom, joining old traditions with new. Joining favorites like Dogwood Dell and The Diamond in 2012 is Brewdependence Day at Hardywood Park, the city's new craft brewery.
  • Beat the Heat in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
    The natural beauty of Michigan's Upper Peninsula--the U.P.--stretches for miles, offering opportunities for outdoor recreation in a cool, breeze-kissed climate, plus great stops for food and drink.
  • Down and Dirty Running
    Mud runs bring out a different side of running, encouraging a spirit of fun and adventure with friends as well as a burgeoning mud run culture of mud runner lingo and products.
  • Another Filthy Event in Richmond, Virginia: The Henricus Dauber Dash Mud Run
    The Henricus Dauber Dash, a 5-mile mud run near Richmond, Virginia, is set in historic Henricus Historical Park on the James River. The five-mile run utilizes the park’s wooded trails and adds obstacles for a messy good time.
  • Virginia Craft Beer Honored with a Month and a Day
    Virginia's craft beer industry, now with 40+ breweries, has achieved official recognition. August has been pronounced as Virginia Craft Beer Month, with the Virginia Beer Cup and Craft Beer Fest scheduled for August 18, 2012.
  • Pasture Restaurant Redefines Dining in Richmond, Virginia
    The Pasture restaurant in Richmond, Virginia serves Southern-style foods tapas style. This distinctive dining experience is spearheaded by a collaboration between owners of two other successful Richmond restaurants, Comfort and Six-Burner.
  • New Virginia Craft Brewery with a Quality Focus
    Hardywood Park Craft Brewery has given Richmond, Virginia beer drinkers a new reason to buy local, and a new reason to appreciate quality craft beer.
  • 5 Reasons to Visit the Louisiana Coast
    The Louisiana Coast and its resilient residents offer 5 reasons to visit: fishing, birding, nature watching, eating, and aiding the rebuilding through your tourist dollars--the most enjoyable donation you'll ever make.
  • Ski Northern New Mexico
    In northern New Mexico, the elevation and rugged terrain provide a setting for memorable snow sports and its lower latitude makes for comfortable temperatures. Five ski areas here offer well-tended trails for enjoying the winter weather.
  • Sedona Taphouse Beer Buzz
    The newest beer-centric restaurant has opened in the Greater Richmond area, promising potential for a new drinking destination while demonstrating room for growth. I'm eager to have a new beer joint south of the river, but I'm not sure this is it.
  • Richmond’s Oregon Hill: Solid & Steady
    Richmond, Virginia's Oregon Hill emanates a sense of community pride. Visitors can appreciate the tree-lined roads and the 19th century mixed architecture that tells of the working families who have made this neighborhood their home.
  • How to Make the Most of Virginia's Fall Foliage
    From mid-September till mid-November, Virginia's fall foliage builds and peaks from the Appalachian Mountains to the Atlantic coast. These resources can guide you in finding the height of color.
  • Travel Disaster in Pink Jeans
    Visions of travel terror bring to mind crying babies on intercontinental flights and lost luggage, but it wasn’t circumstances that created my travel nightmare.
  • Three Great Places for Off-Road Biking in Richmond, VA
    Richmond, Virginia offers great opportunities to enjoy the challenges of mountain biking in beautiful natural settings, yet still convenient to the city.
  • Breweries and Grub in Richmond, Virginia
    Two brewery restaurants in Richmond, VA offer beer brewed on premises and hearty foods to match.
  • Four Great Reasons to Motorcycle in Haywood County, North Carolina
    There are four great reasons why a motorcyclist should head to Haywood County, NC.
  • Two Reasons to Run in Madison, Wisconsin
    There are many reasons to run when traveling, and Madison's trail system and culinary scene demonstrate two.
  • Hiking in Beauty and History in Richmond, Virginia
    Some of Richmond, Virginia's best hiking trails offer views of the James River. The diverse trails range from historic to natural; rugged to paved; sequestered to urban.
  • 3 Cool Outdoor Activity Spots in Michigan's Eastern Upper Peninsula
    When much of the U.S. is fighting the heat, Michigan's Upper Peninsula is enjoying ideal weather for outdoor recreation.
  • A Taste of Milwaukee
    To learn about the history of Milwaukee, WI, taste its foods: cheeses, sausages, ethnic foods, beer and more.
  • 5 Healthy Reasons to Visit Door County, Wisconsin
    Travelers can enjoy a healthy, active vacation in Door County, Wisconsin, home to a powerful superfood, plenty of outdoor activities, delicious dining, and reasonable prices.

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