Brock Jerome Goldflies

Brock Jerome Goldflies

I am a proud Chicago resident of all 18+ years of my life so far. I was raised by my mother mostly; my dad did some things as a father, but not a lot. I earned Eagle Scout in 2010 (the 100th anniversary of scouting in America) as the first dad-less scout in the troop s modern history, and I earned the bronze and gold palms later on. As of right now, I am taking a year off and will not be starting college until fall 2012 for reasons, I shall say, I have nothing to even do with. I am currently working on a book based on my family life and how inspirational Mom would be to single moms everywhere. I am a major Ron Paul supporter, and my politics are based nothing on what I believe in (I myself am a moderate), rather, only what works for this country.
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CICS Northtown Academy Class of 2011


Common sense, logic, and and acceptance of any circumstance are the keys to being an open-minded human being.


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  • Electability is Just a Theory
    The GOP presidential race is still volatile, and with the media hyping over which candidate can face the President, there is one beacon of hope they neglect to glorify.
  • Iowa Grants Sheep the Right to Vote (A Satire)
    A satire about how sheep can really impact the presidential race.
  • Herman Cain is Out, so that Means Ron Paul is Most Likely No. 1 in Iowa
    Herman Cain announced on Saturday, December 3, 2011 that he would discontinue his campaign for President of the United States. This means the four-way tie in Iowa is now only a three-way tie, and Rep. Ron Paul is now the leader of said tie.
  • Ron Paul Censorship--So Much for News... (A Rant)
    Ignoring a real presidential front-runner is annoying, but what is most bothersome is how it is beginning to look like we are living in the kind of country we try to avoid being. This is a rant towards the irksome mainstream media.
  • Why Ron Paul's Presidency Could Save America
    Ron Paul's campaign is gaining much attention on the internet (not so much on TV), and it's because of his politics: what he would do as president could be what America needs to prevent further turmoil.
  • Black Sabbath's Tony Martin Years
    He led the metal pioneers for a total of almost ten years, yet many fans don't appreciate the vocals of Tony Martin
  • "Vengeance" Review
    Released back in May, the new album by the Rods, a metal band from New York who used to open for bands like Metallica has much to live up to it's name.
  • Out of the Dark: Wicked Lady, a Hidden Treasure in Music
    Wicked Lady is an obscure band that existed in the late sixties and early seventies. They played proto-metal, and they have a small cult following. I had the honor of talking to their guitarist, Martin Weaver, and learning what most fans don't know.
  • 10 Years After the Attacks, 10 Years of Maturity
    I will be sharing my memories of the most evil thing that has happened in my country and everything about me that those attacks have altered.
  • Justin Bieber: A Fade?
    Justin Bieber might be ever 11 year old girl's dream, but he's just another pop star. In 20 or so years, his name might be even less significant than the name "Bobby Sherman."

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