Michelle Radcliff

Michelle Radcliff

Michelle Radcliff has been in the home furnishings and home decor business since 2006. She has been writing professionally on interior design and decorating since 2008. Michelle owns a retail home décor business and manages a home decorating blog called Home Decorating News. She is also one of the contributing experts for LoveToKnow and Demand Media. Michelle completed the interior decorator.program at Penn Foster College in 2013.

Originally from Wyoming, Michelle moved to Las Vegas in 1987, for physical therapy after sustaining a spinal cord injury in a car accident two years earlier.

Michelle’s interest in interior design began when she was still in high school. However, the idea of travel also intrigued her and in 1997, she earned an associate of arts degree in travel and tourism. Just one year later, Michelle was blessed with a baby girl and became a full-time mom to her new daughter and stepdaughter.

Once her kids were older, Michelle decided to start a home-based business after doing extensive research on Internet marketing. She saw the opportunity to pursue her passion for decorating and design by launching her own home décor business. Michelle began her market research by testing what type of home décor sold well on eBay while she worked on designing and building her retail website. Through blogging and article marketing, Michelle discovered she also had a passion for writing. In addition to her articles on design and decorating, Michelle enjoys writing on a variety of other topics that she has expertise or interest in, such as parenting, gardening and metaphysics.
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Associate of Arts Degree in Travel and Tourism, College of Southern Nevada, completed the Interior Decorator program at Penn Foster College in 2013


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  • Accent Lamps for the Living Room and Dining Room
    Layered lighting in a room ensures you have the type of lighting needed for every occasion. It also helps eliminate dark spots and sets the tone for the room's mood.
  • How to Stencil a Decorative Border
    Add a touch of artistic flair around arched doorways, windows, ceiling borders or wall partitions with a stenciled border design. A stenciled border won't wrinkle, pucker or pull away from the wall like wallpaper borders sometimes do.
  • Decorating Ideas for Oddly Shaped Kitchen Ceiling Borders
    Turn challenging architectural features in your kitchen into unique and stylish design ideas.
  • DIY Canopy, Bed Curtains and Fabric Headboard Ideas
    Use fabric to dress up your bed by hanging it over, around and behind your bed. No need to buy a fancy bed frame, some basic hardware and fabric is all you need.
  • Decorating With Fairy Lights
    Accent lighting turns ordinary settings into unforgettable settings. Fairy lights are small to tiny LED string lights that come with both plugs or small battery packs, so they can be used practically anywhere.
  • Deck Ideas to Give Above-Ground Pools a Built-In Look
    Make an above-ground pool look like a permanent feature of your yard with decking and landscaping that provides the appearance of a built-in model.
  • Easy Arrangement Ideas for Framed Wall Art
    With a few simple design techniques, anyone can group wall art in visually pleasing, balanced displays, no matter how large or small the grouping may be.
  • How to Decorate With Eclectic Art Nouveau
    Embrace the free spirited, artistic side of your personality with eclectic Art Nouveau inspired design. This style has the ornate details of Victorian style without the excessive clutter.
  • Decorate Windows and Mirrors With Window Film
    if you love the look of stained glass, leaded glass or decorative frosted glass but never thought you could afford this type of upgrade in your home, there actually is an affordable solution.
  • Tablescape and Decorating Ideas for Outdoor Dinner Parties
    Expand your living space with comfortable, outdoor dining and conversation areas. Entertain in style with creative, summer-inspired table settings.
  • Design Style Profile: Mid Century Modern
    if you love vintage treasures but your style is modern contemporary, you can have the best of both worlds with mid-century modern decorating.
  • Ideas for Indoor Gardens
    There is room for gardening even in the most urban settings. Indoor gardens can be grown in multiple directions, built-in to furnishings or grown without soil.
  • Creating the Right Mood When Decorating
    Don't overlook the atmosphere of a room when putting together a plan to decorate. Knowing what design elements to focus on will help you create the mood you want in any space.
  • Parents Are Legally Powerless to Stop Kids From Running Away
    Until my own daughter ran away, I didn't know how much kids now have the upper hand on legal issues. If your child decides to slip out and not come back home, no legal authority will help you stop them from doing it again.
  • 5 affordable and practical eco-friendly decorating materials for your home
    As more and more manufacturers discover cost-effective ways to produce eco-friendly products, it's becoming easier and more affordable to live a greener lifestyle.
  • Creating a French Country-style home
    It's not hard to decorate your home like a French country farmhouse once you understand the basic elements of the design style.
  • The Biggest School Rumor of All Time
    Friday, December 21, 2012 may go down in history as one of the lowest recorded attendance days in United States public schools, due to the biggest school rumor of all time.
  • Decorating with Curtains
    If you have only considered curtains as window treatments, you are missing out on some creative and decorative decorating opportunities!
  • 10 post-holiday organizing tips
    A convenient system for storing and organizing Christmas decorations will make the task of un-decorating less of a dreadful chore.
  • Romantic Bedroom Decorating Styles
    Stir up some passion in your bedroom with a romantic themed bedroom. Create a relaxing retreat where you and your partner can leave the stress and worries of the outside world behind.
  • Are Good Babies Destined to Be Rotten Teenagers and Vice Versa?
    Do kids go through good and bad phases to give their parents contrast? Or am I the only lucky mom with such a vast experience of both?
  • What to look for in high-quality reproduction Tiffany lamps
    A high quality reproduction Tiffany lamp will be hard to distinguish from an original due to the quality of the art glass used and the same construction method. However, only reproduction lamps are within the means of the average buyer.
  • Make your enclosed porch cozy for winter
    If the cold weather drives you off of your enclosed porch to seek comfort and warmth indoors, you may be missing a few easy, affordable enhancements that will allow you to continue using your porch despite the weather outside.
  • Creative Ways to Use Space in Small Homes
    With a little imagination, you can repurpose a space just like you can repurpose furniture. Learn how to make the most of what you already have and you may discover you have more than you thought!
  • Tips for color washing walls
    If you're having a hard time deciding between two similar colors for your walls, you may be able to use them both with a color washing technique. Color washing is not hard to learn and will leave you with beautifully painted walls.
  • Warm colors for winter decorating
    Heat up cool winter colors with warm hues that add interest and contrast. Warm colors help create a cozy, comfortable winter home.
  • Affordable DIY mudroom ideas
    You can easily spend a small fortune furnishing a space as simple as a mudroom. However, with a little imagination and knowing how to repurpose other furniture, you can design an affordable, functional and attractive mudroom.
  • Decorating with floating shelves
    Floating shelves provide a unique way to display or store any type of items in any type of space in your home. The shelves themselves can actually become part of the decorative display.
  • Flip your bathroom decor in time for the holidays
    As one of the most frequently used rooms in your home, the bathroom should not be overlooked when decorating for the holidays. A simple exchange of decor will have your bathroom festive in no time.
  • Fun DIY Kids' Halloween Costume Ideas
    Homemade Halloween costumes can be more economical and more fun than buying a ready made costume. Look around your house and see what you can come up with!
  • Decorating a builder-grade new home
    Two different home advice proposals.
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  • Decorating with Used or Recycled Materials
    Reclaimed and recycled materials are showing up in more and more homes today. These materials are not just preferred for budget friendly or eco-friendly reasons. Reclaimed materials are also desired for their unique character, history and charm.
  • Later Start Time for Las Vegas High School
    Research has shown that teens have a later sleeping pattern than younger children. Luckily, one Las Vegas high school has adjusted class schedules to accommodate this biological fact.
  • Easy, inspiring front door decor for fall
    Mother nature is the best inspiration you can find for fall decor. Hand made autumn decor can be both easy and affordable; all you need is a little imagination.
  • Window Treatment Ideas for Arched Windows
    While it might seem challenging at first, an arched window is actually fun to decorate. This type of window has many creative solutions for unique and interesting accents.
  • 5 steps for creating an outdoor conversation area
    Take advantage of the warm weather and expand your home's living space this summer by creating an additional outdoor room.
  • Help Your Teen Overcome Negative Body Image Issues
    Don't let your teen suffer alone with negative body image issues. Find out how to be supportive and get help.
  • Mediterranean Home Design Basics
    If you've always admired Tuscan or French Country decorating, you will certainly be interested in Mediterranean design, which encompasses elements of both these styles and more.
  • Avoid These Common DIY Reupholstery Mistakes
    Reupholstering furniture can be a very rewarding DIY project, even if you are a beginner. However, it is important to avoid certain mistakes which can easily be made if you're not aware of them.
  • Bohemian Style Decorating
    Bohemian style decorating is an unconventional, free spirited design style that allows you to blend decor and furnishings from different styles and cultures. If creativity appeals to you, it's a style worth exploring.
  • What not to do when your teen wants to sleepover
    When kids are very young, we keep a close watch over them to protect them from harm. When kids get bigger, many parents let their guard down. Checking up on teenagers may seem overprotective to some, but to me it's a sign of good parenting.
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  • Effective Techniques for Accent Walls
    An accent wall is an effective way to add interest and sophistication to any room. Find out which walls make the best choice for an accent wall and the different techniques for creating one.
  • Text message codes every parent should know
    Kids today are very tech savvy and parents often find it difficult to keep up with them. If your child has a cell phone, you should read this article.
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  • Vinyl Tile: A Budget-Friendly Flooring Option
    Get the look of a real hardwood or ceramic tile floor without the expense or need for professional installation.
  • Decorating ideas for boy/girl siblings who share a bedroom
    Learn some easy solutions for the decorating challenges posed by a brother and sister who must share a bedroom.
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  • Summer Decorating Tips
    Open up your home with a light, casual decorating theme this summer. Embrace the outdoors by expanding your living space to include your patio, porch or balcony.
  • The Downward Spiral of My Family’s Net Worth
    My net worth became a statistic, like millions of others. However, I think the only way things will change for the better to keep believing that things will get better.
  • Graduation Blues
    Congratulations is what we expect to hear when talking about high school graduation. Unfortunately, recent headlines concerning local graduation ceremonies have some families feeling blue during a time that should be light and happy.
  • Teen Girl-on-Girl Violence
    There is a disturbing trend among teen girls who are attacking each other with a viciousness that makes girl fights of past generations pale in comparison. Find out how you can protect your tween or teen daughter.
  • Asian-inspired outdoor decorating ideas
    Summer is all about outdoor fun and if you're looking for decorating ideas for your patio or yard, an Asian inspired theme can create both a relaxing and fun outdoor environment.
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  • Affordable Decorating with Contact Paper
    Contact paper is a decorative covering similar to wallpaper. Originally designed to use on shelves and the inside of drawers, contact paper can be used for so much more, including glass and even furniture.
  • Affordable and portable outdoor kitchen ideas
    If a tight budget or the idea that an outdoor kitchen must be a permanent fixture to a home has stopped you from exploring this option for your backyard, you need to read this article. An outdoor kitchen can be affordable and portable as well.
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  • Guide to Victorian bedroom design
    If you love a lavishly decorated room with ornate furnishings, a Victorian style bedroom would be a perfect fit for you. Learn how you can put a room like this together with the right furnishings, fabrics and decor.
  • Turn your bedroom in to a restful retreat
    Getting adequate sleep is crucial to your physical and psychological well being. Learn how to create a peaceful, relaxing environment in your bedroom to help you get some much needed quality sleep.
  • Summer Jobs for Young Teens
    A summer job for a young teen will accomplish two important things. It will give the child something to do and hopefully put a few dollars in his or her pocket. Find out what kids under 16 can do to earn money this summer.
  • Decorating with Floral Prints
    Many people are intimidated by floral prints because they don't know how to incorporate a pattern like this into their design scheme. However, with a few designer tips, you can easily add color and interest to any decorating style with floral prints.
  • Spring Cleaning in Your Bedroom
    Spring is the perfect time for fresh starts. Cleaning and organizing your bedroom is a good way to start a chain reaction of positive lifestyle improvements.
  • How to choose “green furniture”
    How do you know if furniture is eco-friendly? Find out what it is made from and how it was made.
  • Why You Need to Lock Up Your Prescription Medication
    If you have prescription medication and children in the same house, please read this article. You may not think it applies to you now but you might change your mind by the end.
  • What You Can Do With Faux Painting Techniques
    There are many faux painting techniques you can learn to add interest or special finishes to walls, furniture and other household decor.
  • Decorate with Easy Easter Crafts
    With spring just around the corner, now is a good time to start planning for your Easter decor. Easter is the perfect holiday for easy, homemade decorations.
  • Adding a Home Bar
    Entertain in style from home with your own home bar. It's a worthwhile investment and may not be as hard to come by as you think.
  • Design Trends: Decorative Ceiling Tiles
    The decorative, ornate ceilings that were once popular hundreds of years ago are now back in style for both commercial and residential applications. Find out how decorative ceilings tiles make it affordable and easy to embellish your home.
  • Rustic decorating syles: Lodge, western, and southwestern
    Rustic decorating can include styles with subtle variations such as lodge, western, and southwestern. Find out what these styles have in common and what makes each one unique.
  • Turn Thrift Store Furniture and Accessories into Antique Treasures
    You may think you can only find junk at thrift stores. However, with a little elbow grease and the magic of a faux finish, you can transform outdated, ordinary furniture and accessories into antique treasures!
  • Parenting Skills: Could We Learn Something from French Mothers?
    Do you think most American children today are well behaved, polite and patient? If it's not an accurate description of your kids, you may want to consider hiring a French nanny.
  • Easy Home Accents for a Designer Look
    Have you ever walked through a model home or apartment and wondered how they make the rooms look so attractive and appealing? With just a few extra decorative accessories, you can start transforming the rooms in your home to look just as good!
  • Where to Find Parenting Help
    Raising children today is considered a bigger challenge than it was for previous generations, according to some experts. Fortunately, there are resources available to help parents who are struggling with the tough issues families are often faced with.
  • What's your kitchen cabinet style?
    Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important design features in your home. The style you choose should make sense with the general style of your home and work well with the other features in your kitchen.
  • Eclectic Decorating: How to Make it Work
    Eclectic decorating is a mixture of different decorating styles. Learn how to combine elements from different styles into a design scheme that works.
  • Budget Home Makeovers: Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
    More homeowners are opting to save time and money on kitchen remodels by refacing their kitchen cabinets. Find out how much you can save and what your options are for upgrading the look in your kitchen.
  • Top Home Improvement Projects for 2012
    With real estate values at an all-time low, it's a good idea to make your decorating dollars go as far as they can. Find out what areas of your home to focus on if you want to get the best value for your money.
  • Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces
    The goal of successfully decorating a small space is to make it appear larger. Find out what techniques designers use to accomplish this goal.
  • Why Is My Teen Sleeping so Much?
    If your teen is having trouble concentrating at school or his having unpredictable mood swings, he or she may not be getting adequate sleep. Find out why teens need more sleep than younger children and what you can do to make sure they're getting it.
  • Choosing Paint Colors for a Kid’s Bedroom
    Whether you play it safe with neutral colors or you go bold with lots of color, choosing paint colors for your kid's bedroom will require a cooperative collaboration that makes sense with your lifestyle.
  • First Person: Making Ends Meet When You’re Low on Material
    Raising a child on a single, fixed income in today's economy poses a lot of challenges. However, if you can find ways to supplement your income and save money on the things you buy, you can maintain a decent lifestyle.
  • Embrace a New Decorating Style with Transitional Interior Design
    If you live in a historic home or you own a lot of traditional type furnishings and want to update the look in your home, you can combine traditional and contemporary styles with transitional interior design.
  • Easy Tips for Winter Decorating
    Once the holidays are over, you can keep a winter decorating theme in your home using natural elements, a winter color scheme and warm, cozy home accents.
  • Hot last-minute gift ideas for teens
    The days are counting down fast and you still need that one last gift or two for the young people in your life. Whether it's for family or friends, these last-minute gift ideas should have you covered.
  • Amazing ways to decorate with wallpaper
    With so many styles of wallpaper available today, you can find a style to match any type of decorating theme. Find out how many different ways you can use wallpaper as a decorating medium in your home.
  • A 2012 toast to hoping the Mayans were wrong
    There are a lot of different theories about how the world might end or drastically change in 2012. If you had a choice concerning a massive, global event, what would you choose?
  • Five Easy Holiday Table Centerpiece Ideas
    Left over Christmas ornaments, pine boughs, pinecones, garland and pillar candles are just a few of the items you may already have on hand to make your own holiday table centerpieces.
  • Five Common Mistakes that Parents Make
    Parenting is a tough job and everyone has different parenting styles. Learn how to recognize the most common parenting mistakes and avoid repeating these mistakes by accepting responsibility for them.
  • French Country Decorating
    French country is a great decorating style for those who love traditional decor with an antique or vintage feel. Learn why so many American homes have embraced this classic decorating style.
  • How to make easy homemade holiday gifts
    Show someone how much they mean to you by giving them a homemade holiday gift this year. Putting your time, energy and love into a gift is a great way to express appreciation and gratitude to your loved ones.
  • Decorating ideas for your master bedroom
    Your master bedroom is a personal space that should include everything you need to relax and unwind. Learn how to pick colors and decor that will create the perfect atmosphere for you.
  • How much privacy should your kids have?
    Some parents believe spying on their kids is an invasion of their privacy. I believe privacy for a minor is a privilege, not a right.
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  • One mom’s disgust with MTV’s promotion of pregnant teens
    Teen pregnancy has been a problem for many years and with shows like '16 and Pregnant' and 'Teen Mom' making celebrities out of pregnant teenagers, we seem to be going in the opposite direction of finding a solution.
  • How to choose interior paint colors
    When you thumb through an interior decorating magazine, you will find rooms painted in rich, striking colors. Learn how to combine the right colors to create this look in your home.
  • Keeping your kids busy during the holiday break
    The holidays are supposed to be fun. However, the holidays can also be stressful, especially if you have a house full of kids who have nothing to do. Here are a few ideas for a well-balanced, family holiday break.
  • Childhood Memories of Christmas in Wyoming
    Christmas is never more magical than when you are a kid. I was blessed to have grown up in Wyoming, with the best parents, who gave me the greatest gift a child could ever hope to have; wonderful Christmas memories.
  • Tuscan Themed Decorating
    Some of the most stunning homes in America are decorated with a Tuscan theme. Classic, elegant and colorful, artistic accents give a Tuscan themed home a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Dorm room decorating ideas
    Are you getting ready to move in to a bare dorm room next semester and need decorating ideas? Good, you've come to the right place for tips on dorm furniture, organization and storage and to great ideas for dorm accessories and decor!
  • Decorating with Murano art glass
    Add a touch of elegance and class to your home with Murano art glass. Rich in culture and tradition, Murano glass is sought after by collectors worldwide.
  • Frugal Decorating Ideas for the Holidays
    Buying holiday decor can get really expensive. However, there are ways to fill your home with beautiful holiday decor without spending a fortune.
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  • How to Motivate Your Teen
    A teenager's desire to be helpful around the house seems to have waned from what it once was in the past. Consider my theory for why this has occurred and some possible solutions.
  • Thanksgiving “Tree of Thanks” Family Craft Project
    Keep your kids busy indoors with an easy, fun craft project that will make a nice Thanksgiving wall display. You can keep adding to this project every year and watch it grow along with your family.
  • Tips for a Teen Bedroom Makeover
    If one of the scariest rooms in your home is your teenager's bedroom, it might be time for a bedroom makeover. With a few good tips and some decorating resources you can help your teen transform his or her bedroom from gloom to glam!
  • How to choose the right first pet for your child
    Children love animals and most kids are ecstatic over the idea of having a pet of their own. However, owning a pet is a big responsibility and you will need to choose your child's first pet very carefully.
  • Go wild with animal print décor
    Animal print decor has become very popular, even in upscale homes. Learn how animal print can be incorporated into any decorating style.
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