Rachael Moshman

Rachael Moshman

Visit me at www.rachaelmoshman.com or http://www.facebook.com/rachaelmoshmanwrites. I am a lifelong Florida resident, but hate the heat. I have a bachelor s degree in psychology and a master s degree in education with focuses in early childhood, infant/toddler development and special needs. I am currently a full time freelance writer and college instructor. I was the program director for a nonprofit organization focused on family stability and early childhood education for many years prior to becoming a professional writer. I have been a resource, trainer and mentor for area childcare workers and preschool teachers, as well as for families of young children. I have been published in a variety of parenting magazines across the US and Canada. I have been a guest blogger at www.scarymommy.com and www.adoption.com. My greatest accomplishment is becoming the last mom to an amazing little girl through foster care adoption. In addition to my husband and daughter, I live with two cats and a mannequin named Vivian. I am a magazine junky, own too many shoes and collect tons of recipes that I never attempt to make.
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