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I am a retired Maintenance Professional. After 25 plus years in the field of building and equipment maintenance, I decided that I needed a different direction in my life. My dreams have always been to be a writer of children's books and freelance articles.
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Various courses in business, management and job related certifications.



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  • The Blizzard of 2013 -- aka the Great Raid on Dunkin’ Donuts -- in Connecticut
    The blizzard of 2013 was to be a historic snowstorm. While many people were preparing to be stranded for a few days, some were stocking up on an item no one would ever think would be a necessity in an emergency.
  • Can America Survive This Financial Turmoil?
    Can America survive this financial turmoil? The key is to put into place reforms that will change the direction we are going today. There are many changes needed. Here are just a few that will make a major impact on our economy.
  • Welcome to Pennsylvania?
    Welcome to Pennsylvania? Just when you think all is going well on your trip. You find that you made a grave detour.
  • Big Dog! Big Dog!
    Russell was a career criminal. This was going to be his easiest job. Piece of cake, or was it. Maybe it would be the nightmare of his life instead.
  • 9/11 a Day in Infamy
    A poem to exalt the heroes of the 9/11 terror attacks, and a reminder that we can never forget.
  • 7 Common Sense Ideas to Fix America's Financial Crisis
    How America does business needs to change if we are to continue to be a great nation that is financially sound. America needs some common sense policy changes to bring this about. These changes are spelled out in this article.

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