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Andrea Papke

Though I was born and raised in Oregon I lived in Downtown San Francisco for a few years just (2) blocks from the Haight/Ashbury District. Born into the hippie movement I spent many days listening to music in the Golden Gate Park with my flower child Mom.
Growing up in Oregon mostly, however in many different towns such as Newport,Oregon I fished and spent many days on the beach. I stayed in Foster care for a short-time. And was happy to be re-united with my Mother in 1986. When our family relocated to Fairhaven,Massachu., I enjoyed swimming and sailing. Once leaving Marthas Vineyard in August 1986 our 25 ft. sail got caught in Hurricane Charley. It was a struggle to make it home as the monstrous waves broke the tiller, then our radio went out. When we had left it was smooth but the weather has a funny way of change. We followed the light which was The Butler Flats lighthouse. That lighthouse is one of only a few that is still in operation. Most are sold at auction to be used as homes.
I studied Art and Writing in Portland, Oregon. After that I drove myself to sunny California. I could never let go of those days in the Golden Gate Park.
Though I do work as an apartment manager now- when I first came here I worked as a cocktail waitress and as a Hostess in high end clubs. Tried my luck at acting but do not have a passion/ or talent for it. I use to model for jewelry auctions in the early 90 s for Kelly Girl, but my true passion is a blank page and reading. However I enjoy cooking, making recipes (mostly pies) and jewelry making.
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Studied Art at Portland Community College. I also studied writing as well.


Whether we come from poverty or the latter- if we never step out of our comfort zone: We will never realize our true potential.

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  • Gun Control: is the Hot-bed Issue that Has No Easy Answer
    When something hits home, we think. I never forgot than in-famous day in February 28, 1997 when the most notorious shoot-out took place in America. And it happened to be the place (B of A), I use to frequent. It was the 1st time I thought: Gun Control.
  • California's Best Oceanfront Restaurants for Your Valentine
    One must know of a secret rendezvous place to celebrate your love. But only a true 'Cali' girl knows how to keep a secret very hidden. So whether solo- or looking, you'll fall in love with my favorite #1 bistro list.
  • When Our Internal Conflict Collides with an External Element
    When families turn on each other over a relative's will, it can cause irrevocable damage. Most of us have been hurt by someone. But when history repeats its self, were dumbfounded, and than we learn a lesson the old fashioned way.
  • What Happened to KEIKO the Whale?
    When I had discovered KEIKO's unfortunate ending it reminded me of a case in the La Jolla Cove, where the Judge let the seals colonize the cove home in beautiful La Jolla Cove. If we study the cove/ only the indigineous grow their.
  • Princess Andie's Beauty Tips
    Andie was not the most beautiful girl, but she knew she had charm. Though a commoner; however, being this said.....It didn't mean she wasn't an aristocrat. Andie got away with a lot---but it came with a catch.
  • My Favorite Lipstick: " California Sunshine, My Number # 1- 09. "
    Momentos can be simple as a pen; and we keep them even if their old, like a tube of lipstick. It is why 'California Sunshine' is my favorite charm. As when I wore it....I learned an invaluable lesson in my life.
  • When My Doctor Doesn't Believe My Pain, What Can We Do?
    Trying to get proper help when you're in pain. A web-site called for: Woman in Pain. Help bring attention to: Gender Bias in Healthcare.
  • The Sparkler Never Ends on the 4th of July
    The Vietnam Vet's who served, but what is the cost they pay?
  • An Oregon Park
    The Parks in Oregon like Scotts Mills- are special. My favorite is Silver Falls, and the Silverton Park. The trees go on forever, and the water falls so pristine:" When once a time I lived a simpler time."
  • What I Discovered in Atlanta: 'My Southern Belle'
    Best places to visit in Atlanta: The Coca-Cola museum, the famous restaurant The Sun Dial. Where is the one place where men and women are still treated like ladies and gentleman, and where can you find World Class Shopping - Atlanta.
  • Favorite Books Are like a Best Friend; They Inspire You to Go After Your Dreams-- Even If They Are Long Gone
    The common factor in many great stars, like James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and sultry Carole Lombard is that all share a short life. The legendary model Gia still has an impact today. These are my most favorite books about Super-Stars.
  • The 1st Love is a Rose that Never Dies
    Why is The La Jolla Cove so special? The seals have colonized it their home, and an indigenousness Torrey Pine Tree grows their. For the first love (La Jolla Cove) is the most Romantic place in S. California.
  • Princess Andie's Lost Valentine
    A tale about a girl who lost and then finds her Valentine. She writes a book- goes on a journey looking for the star; whom she believes is Reeves. Legend told a Roman Priest started Valentines. When did you get a real Valentine? .
  • For Gia
    The first Supermodel Gia who rose to stardom with a smile so captivating; it radiated a charm painting a vivid soul.
  • On the Set of NIXON With Andrea Papke
    In the summer of 1995 I'd moved to N. Hollywood. Shortly after, I became an extra on the set of Oliver Stone's NIXON.
  • Life Inside the Madrona Marsh
    In Torrance there are many bunnies and rodents that make a life amid our City of Angels. However there is a place where they really thrive. It's the Madrona Marsh the last wetland in Los Angeles where animals roam free.
  • My Black JAG & I
    Elizabeth Taylor didn't just adorn herself with jewels- the ultimate naughty but nice Heroine: "Liz drove it and boy did she with style.
  • The Maiden Who Cried in the Stream
    Many Miners came to California's Sutters Fort to find their gold. And some came to see why it was there. Legend had it that a Maiden cried pouring tears like drops from heaven--and it purified the stream.
  • The Bad Wind in Your Head
    Life is fun when it is not planned and here you'll read about a girl who lives life to the fullest, but she is fleeting and so can never be kept forever......
  • Oregon Tree
    "I agree with Joyce Kilmer when he said," 'I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.'" "So true as it's quoted in Gus Van Sant's movie "Drugstore Cowboy," where cool originates from." "Portlandia is a statue; but she speaks."
  • Does the Painting Ever Fade in John Steinbeck's Books?
    John Steinbeck grew up in the Salinas Valley. He was born like I with a keen sense - though he studied at Stanford and witnessed The Dust Bowl, we were both raised on fertile land. As a child like he we picked among the migrant workers. I in the Willamette Valley and he in the most fertile land in t
  • Does the Painting Ever Fade in John Steinbeck's Books?
    Steinbeck's work is classic because it re-invents itself for future generations.

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