Sheri Hundley

Sheri Hundley

Sheri has lived a very unique and interesting life. As a single parent, she has raised talented and creative children. As a passionate people person, she has built a career in helping others achieve their full potential. She continues to try new things, delights in life, and enjoys her family.
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BA from the University of West Florida in Criminal Justice


When people say you can t do it-that it is impossible-never lose hope. Just because they couldn t doesn t mean you can t.
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  • Simple Living
    Enjoy simply being a part of this wonderful world.
  • It’s Your Time
    It's time to take control of your life. Pay attention to what you need to do to live happy and healthy.
  • Evening Rendezvous
    A pretty night and being with someone you love.
  • It's Up to You
    Life means change but it is up to us to grow. Choose wisely.
  • Total Joy
    Life is too short to take everything so seriously. Learn to lighten up and have some fun.
  • Thanking God
    What would happen if you woke tomorrow with only what you thanked God for today?
  • Weather the Storm, My Friend
    Life can be hard but we can get through it, sometimes simply by waiting it out.
  • When Your World Looks Dark and Gray
    Life can hurt but you can't change what is past. Learn, gain the wisdom you need, and choose your path.
  • My Journey
    We each have a journey in life and we must make our own way.
  • Three Simple Thoughts to Help You Stop Smoking
    Everyone knows that smoking can kill you but oftentimes smokers struggle with quitting. Here is what helped me quit and stay quit.
  • Challenge Your Limits
    A poem of encouragement.
  • Words Don’t Always Come Easy
    I truly believe that when we take the time to help others, we are making the world a better place.
  • The World Forgot
    So many lonely people in the world need to be noticed and welcomed back into society. Please take time to notice.
  • Dancing
    I love to dance and music is my happiness.
  • Know Who You Are
    Understand that you are unique. Don't try to be someone else. Like yourself, know yourself, and be proud of you.
  • I Hope
    Sometimes the best you can do is nothing but hope for the best.
  • The Happy Little Star
    A story for all our little stars. Be who you are.
  • Wisdom and Pain
    Depression does not hide the true heart.
  • Don't Despair
    At times, life can be overwhelming and discouraging. Allow yourself to feel the negatives but remember that you'll get over this and happiness will come again.
  • The Words Won't Come
    Sometimes I'm at a loss for words when I see cruelty of others. People use words to hurt those who are unprepared to not care. We need to be kind simply because it's the right thing to do.
  • Avoid Burn-Out at Work
    Working in child protection and mental health, I've seen many workers burn-out by not handling the emotions that come with working with these populations. People who love working with others are often sensitive to the emotions of others.
  • The End of a Marriage, the Beginning of Co-Parenting
    Divorce does not always mean the end of happy children. Parents can work together to assure the emotional well-being of their children.
  • Colors
    Colors create beauty. The different tints and shades of colors are simply breathtaking. Take some time each day to enjoy the glory of colors.
  • Early Morning
    Time seems to be suspended during dusk and dawn. Peace holds all in warmth and comfort.
  • Faded Beauty
    A story of a woman who never looked beyond skin deep.
  • Imagine
    Children and adults are living lonely lives, unloved and unwanted. Each one of us can make a difference simply by noticing the unnoticed.
  • Heaven is Waiting for Me
    I try to keep my eye on my goal even when life gets tough. I try to remember that there is something better waiting for me and I hope heaven is waiting.
  • Spread Your Wings
    When you are struggling to define yourself, don't let anything or anyone hold you back. Break free of your fears and fly.
  • Just Hold On
    When you feel there is no hope, just hold on a little longer and you will find yourself again.
  • When Love Dies
    Love and hate go hand in hand. Relationships can turn around so quickly and crush those who are unprepared.
  • Fate Has Other Plans
    Some say that fate decides our lives, others say chance. We will never really know.
  • 9/11 Remembered
    America holds on strong through tragedies, trauma, and unforseen terrors. May God continue to guide us, to love us, and to watch over us.
  • You Are a Star
    We tend to treat others better than we treat ourselves. Take the time to treat yourself gently and you will find your life will be filled with peace and joy.
  • Ashes
    Time moves fast even though we wait forever for all our dreams to come true.
  • God Believes
    Just when you think you can't do anything right, God is there telling you He believes you can.
  • Whispers in the Air
    Time only moves forward and so much is lost that can't be regained. That loss can stay forever, making the world an empty place filled with echoes of the past.
  • God Wants it This Way
    God loves us and wants us to love each other. No judging, no finger pointing, just be there for each other.
  • Older and Wiser
    I have learned to let the little things go and they are all little things. You only live once so enjoy it, live it, and never forget to laugh.
  • An Artist's World
    I need to write as much as an artist needs to paint or a dancer needs to dance. It's a passion with me and I hope everyone has a passion for something in life.
  • Treasures of Life
    People find it hard to let go of old hurts, grudges, and sorrow. Forgiveness can also be hard. But don't be one of those people who say, "If only I'd known." Hold on to all the good, all the love, and all the wonders of life.
  • So This Is Love
    Those first feelings of love are something everyone remembers.
  • Don't Give Up
    Depression is a serious mental illness but there is so much help out there now. Don't give up or think things won't get better. They can and they will....just ask for help.
  • In Humble Appreciation
    I simply enjoy life and know how very blessed I am to be here. There is always time to smile and never enough time to do it all.
  • How Beautiful
    Life is beautiful. We just need to remember that. Don't look towards what you don't have. Give thanks for what you do have.
  • Shadowed Souls
    Evening hours bring out shadowed souls looking for satisfaction, not caring about those who believe the lies.
  • True Love
    Someone comes along and your life is forever changed. It is marvelous and scary and exciting!
  • Danny's Day
    My son got married yesterday and I felt such pride and love as my little boy became a husband and step-father. It's not hard to let go when you know your child is now a man.
  • Secrets of the Ages
    Wisdom should be passed on through the ages. It often is but people are blind and deaf to the clues left behind.
  • If You Hear Me Weeping
    A story of sadness. Overwhelming sorrow and tears never-ending.
  • I Know
    I know how to feel shamed but even more, I know how to live in gratitude. I hope to pass this on to those who struggle to find themselves.
  • 5 Facts About Mental Illness You May Not Know
    Mental illness is often misunderstood. Here are five facts about mental illness you may not know. I hope it helps you understand this illness.
  • Her Charming Smile
    Some people just enjoy life as it is, whether good or bad. This is honoring someone I know.
  • I Live on Hope and Faith
    We are so much more than we give ourselves credit for. I truly believe that.
  • The Journey
    I may not know much but I'll share what I do know. Live for today as it's all that you have. You can't live in the past because that's not living. Tomorrow is not promised.
  • Lazy Summer Days
    A time to relax and enjoy life.
  • The Charming House of Blue
    A happy couple, a happy truly can happen. Life doesn't always have to be hard.
  • It's OK
    It's ok to feel how you feel. Be strong within yourself and live your life for you.
  • Sermon from the Heart
    There is nothing harder than losing a child or a grandchild. But one woman who lost both, found faith enough to comfort others.
  • 'I Believe' Poem
    I believe in good, I believe in joy. I believe that we all need to stick together. I hope you all enjoy this!
  • Remember Me This Way
    Try to remember the best of people.
  • The Butterflies Danced
    A song of nature, a song of Spring. For those still fighting winter, may this bring you some warmth.
  • The Best That You Can Do
    Life on earth is short and time goes by so quickly. I hope I have lived life to the fullest and I hope I have inspired someone else to do the same.
  • It's Spring
    Everyone loves Spring! It shows that the coldness of winter is over. Flowers bloom, birds sing, and nature takes flight.
  • The Violin's Song
    Life isn't life if you never have a bad day. Tough times come just like good times do. You can't get around them so simply go through them while knowing life will get good again.
  • In All Honesty
    A cheater who tells on himself isn't always forgiven.
  • The World Cries
    Too much sadness these days. Too much tragedy and too many who don't care. The world cries for all of us.
  • True Grace
    As pretty as a picture, as lovely as a rose. That's my daughter.
  • Hush Now, Honey
    It's always better to have someone there when you go to sleep at night and still be there when you wake in the morning!
  • Nothing Left to Hold
    Love is wonderful and joyful until the break-up occurs. Then the spirit is shattered and it doesn't seem like things will ever be right again.
  • Did You Know?
    Stop for a minute and look around. Not at nature or things. Look at people you've never paid attention to before. Look beyond the physical or even the attitude. Look at person.
  • Love May
    Love is wonderful, love is terrible. Love is what it is to those who feel it.
  • Pretty Promises
    Promises sound wonderful but can be broken so very easily. Actions speak louder than words, so if you are in love, show it.
  • Just Me
    This is who I am :)
  • You Are Amazing
    I wrote this about all the important people in my life and even people I don't know. The world is full of those who will never know how important they are and how much they matter to those around them.
  • Looking Ahead
    Life is short. We need to learn to keep moving forward, not back and keep trying to get it right.
  • Throughout the Ages
    People throughout time have all wanted the same thing. To be accepted and find love.
  • For Those Who Still Believe in Magic
    Good people bring with them good things. Feeling hope, love, and a sense of belonging makes life beautiful.
  • Happiness Within
    I believe you can't find happiness with someone else without having it inside yourself first.
  • Kids and Clutter
    Too many toys, too much clutter, and stress may build in a child. Here are some easy solutions to minimize clutter in a child's room while also creating more family time.
  • Evening Music
    A haiku of music, lovely and soft.
  • Good Morning World
    Dawn is a time to glimpse the true beauty of the world. The rising sun glows with gorgeous color and warmth. God is showing us hope.
  • He's Lonely
    Lonely people are sad and lose hope for better things.
  • I Wish I Had Courage
    I am who I am but I wish I had the courage to change the world.
  • A Gift for Mom
    Sometimes the simplest gifts make the biggest impressions.
  • The Secret to Life
    A poem about truly enjoying life.
  • Happy Endings
    When you don't know any differently, you don't know how to hope for different. She didn't even know how to dream but miracles happen to those in need.
  • It is What it Is
    We sometimes feel like we're being singled out for bad times. Some people also feel they are being punished for past mistakes or they don't feel like they deserve better.
  • Simply Let Go
    Sometimes we take too much on and feel we are the only ones who can do it all. By letting go, others will be there for support and to help. We are only one of many who support and assist each other.
  • She Knows
    A story of a child who has no family of her own. This is not written to make anyone feel sad, it is to make us aware that children across America are growing up alone and unloved.
  • The Meadow
    A sestina about life in a meadow. This was a thoroughly and delightfully challenging poem for this novice!
  • A Letter to Santa
    A simple Christmas story of a boy's love for his family and belief in Santa Claus.
  • Take Time to Be Silly
    It's fun, it's happy, and being silly will delight you! Everyone needs a bit of goofiness in their day. So be happy, be silly, and make fun memories.
  • Night Has Fallen
    Night falls and all grows quiet. Evenings are lovely, still and calm. The dawn comes slowly and eases us into day.
  • The Best of You
    It's ok to be angry, to want to lash out at those who've hurt you. But take just a moment and do nothing. Those negative feelings will pass.
  • Be Glad
    Life is too short to be anything but glad! A limerick about being glad.
  • Life Intertwined
    Life is never simply good or even simply bad. Life just is. Live it as it comes and feel it as it happens. You can't do it over.
  • A Different Point of View
    Sometimes the meaning behind the message is lost simply due to the reciever's different point of view. We may not always understand each other, but together we can build a strong world.
  • He Loved Her
    Love comes in many forms but love should never hurt. This is a story of a man's love and a woman's pain.
  • True Forgiveness
    We sometimes just tuck away old pains and hurts others have caused or we have caused others. True forgiveness is rare. Have we forgiven or have we simply moved on and tried to forget?
  • Sometimes Life is like This
    Sometimes you feel lost, alone, or just stuck in your world. Not going forward and not knowing quite what's going on. Just hold on and it will pass, as life continuously moves forward.
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