Ry Mas

Ry Mas

Ry Mas is a freelance writer that believes true communication can bring about positive change and that one should never stop learning. Ry draws from her experience as a parent, certified yoga instructor, educator, and theater geek to craft together works of fiction and non-fiction. It is her goal to entertain, encourage, and spark positive change. Ry holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and is completing her M.A.T. with an emphasis on secondary education.
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B.A. in Communications, M.A.T. in Secondary Education (in progress 36 hours completed)


Be what you need to be; do what you need to do. Walk your path;success is available.



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  • First Person: Ending My Love Affair With Satellite TV
    Satellite/cable tv is expensive. With all the interesting new streaming options there is no reason to pay for t.v. I stopped and this is how I did it.
  • How to Prevent Summer Brain Drain
    Keeping students' minds active during the summer months can be a challenge. Adding a few well planned activities to your child's summer can make sure they avoid the dreaded "brain drain".
  • 4 Simple Steps to Updating the Look of Your Yard
    Your yard is an important extension of your home. A well designed yard adds not only curb appeal, but, value to your home. This article will show you how to create a yard a that is unique and inviting.
  • How to Fight Off the Effects of Stress
    Stress and anxiety are silent killers that plague millions. By engaging in effective stress repellents we can build energy and focus despite stressful situations.
  • Lowering My Cholesterol- the Good, the Bad, the Ugly
    This article chronicles my attempts to lower my cholesterol. It explains how I found out that my cholesterol was high and the changes that I made in order to lower it.
  • Summer Devotion
    This poem is a personification of Summer. It evokes the fleeting nature of Summer and how that endears devotion.
  • My Seven Day Workout
    Making fitness a priority can be tough. By following a weekly fitness plan I am able to stay fit and motivated. Because my plan is fun sticking to it is easy.
  • Tips for Sticking to a Family Budget
    Staying on a budget is essential for survival during these tough financial times. This article includes a few tips and tricks for making the process a little easier.
  • Remembering Donna Summers
    This article remembers the life of Donna Summers. It also notes how her music impacted her fans.
  • How the Middle Class is Coping with Food Insecurity
    Hunger is now affecting 1 in 6 Americans. Though the hidden nature of hunger hasn't changed the face of hunger has. Middle class families now face food insecurity at an alarming rate and are forced to seek help from local food banks.
  • Fall Arrival
    This poem offers a personified view of the season of fall.
  • No Bully, No Cry- Techniques to Help Parents Stop Bullying
    Parents struggle daily with the disruption that bullies cause in a child's life. They are not alone in the battle to stop this antisocial behavior.Proven research driven methods exist to stop bullying.

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