Hajar Mulder

Hajar Mulder

Hajar Mulder is a translator, artist, mother of two sons, and a blogger. She has worked as a translator from English, French and German into Dutch, and in banking and financial administration. She lives in Amsterdam. It has been her lifelong dream to be a writer, and, some five years ago, she started to write and illustrate her texts. She has blogged several years now, mainly poetry, but also observations on religion and philosophy, and some personal reviews on companies. Recently she started with fiction stories. On that road she found the Yahoo! Contributor Network. Her relatives live in the Netherlands and other European countries, many live in Egypt, and some live in the USA.
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Bachelor in business studies and translation, graphic design, all done in Amsterdam, Netherlands


The truth lies behind a secret door on the horizon.
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  • Challenge
    Short poem about the challenge of love
  • Leadership Debriefing
    Now that the human vegetables have arrived on Missing Money Planets, its leaders and pilots meet to report on their journey and on coming events.
  • The First Major Encounter With Missing Money
    The five abducted human vegetables from Toma Land had arrived on Missing Money Planets. They were received as long awaited guests.
  • What Went Wrong With the Role of Money and Property in the West
    Economics isn't science. It's practicality, behavior and human scale. Westerners prefer contradictory designer table models, theories, and terminology imposed by governments for shifting around money.
  • My Dad
    Shakespearean Sonnet to Commemorate All Souls Day
  • From September to October
    Summer is still in my system, yet inevitably we drift into the next season.
  • Egypt
    Like in Europe and Latin America, democracy isn't a present. It is slowly built from defining what a democracy precisely is, and what its boundaries are.
  • Reminiscing
    Ramadan should be a month of contemplation, no matter whether you fast or not. This year I'd like to think I did learn an expected lesson from a previous relationship.
  • Music
    The tones of sound production are like those of living souls: They match or they don't, and some combinations outlive everything.
  • Ramadan Kareem
    Short poetry is a good way to digest the day, or to send others holiday wishes. (Or any other wishes.) Ramadan starts 10 July this year.
  • From Spring to Summer
    Spring was more or less skipped this year, here, in a seemingly endless cold. This has become rare the last ten years. That, combined with the strange economic situation here, gave an unusual Spring 2013.
  • Arrival on Missing Money Planets
    The five captive human vegetables arrive on the unique Missing Money Twin Planets, where they encounter people's missing money.
  • Celebrating Tolerance
    Easter is the celebration of tolerance.
  • Dear Mr President
    You are somehow my president too, since I write for Yahoo! In a sincere spirit I write you this letter about the debt crisis, because it needs unorthodox solutions. In my opinion, land and small-scale land ownership are key. We need a land reform.
  • Force from Above
    I'll never forget the well-known Frankie Goes To Hollywood song, covered so well by Gabrielle Aplin: "The Power of Love".
  • It Isn't Difficult to Keep an Exercise New Year's Resolution in the Lake District of Amsterdam-West, Netherlands
    Many people have a negative association with the concept New Year's Resolution, but it is possible to keep it, if you don't set your standard unrealistically high and make a very brief month to month plan with your favorite activities to support it.
  • Stonehenge Seeker's Day Stallion
    Flarf-poetry is a young category of poetry, it emerged this century as result of an avant garde movement, trying to write poetry against all traditional topic and form standards. The writing may be odd, yet the topics may be very much alive and real.
  • Music on the Job
    Chill out, house, and lounge suites of at least an hour, but some classical works too, stimulate concentration and relaxation at work. I chose "Chillout Mix Vol. 2", "Moshic Dec Episode", and "Canto Ostinato".
  • Before We Know
    A year ago I wrote a Christmas poem here; it seems like that was yesterday. I wish everybody a great holiday season.
  • My Sports and Exercise New Year's Resolutions for 2013
    Don't deprive yourself of nice activity, above all. However, a sports New Year's resolution is no luxury for those who do seated work indoors, like writers.
  • The Sculptor's Friends Are Discovered on Spaceship Missing Money
    Spaceship MM has nearly reached Missing Money twin planets. The pilots have discovered, that sculptor Tom Turnhip wasn't their only captive and discussed with headquarters what to do.
  • Winter 2012: Ice Skating Rinks in Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Ice skating is an old tradition in the Netherlands; sixteenth century painters already memorized ice fun for posterity. The country has many waterways. There's enough space for those who want to skate, also near home.
  • Embrace Your Fears
    In English speaking countries an important Autumn holiday approaches, Halloween. Paradoxically it is a joyful holiday about fear.
  • The Ice Shelf Named Euro is Under Threat of Melting
    An allegory for the euro could be the life cycle of an ice shelf: It may break or melt altogether in Spring, but that doesn't mean there will never be another ice shelf.
  • Debate 2012: Sports Questions for Both Presidential Candidates
    As a boat owner I want to continue my passion without the burden of new rules and regulations, also when there's a new government. Also in the country where I live, the Netherlands, this is now a relevant question.
  • How I Am Learning to Fight Greedy Institutions
    Holland nor Sweden are free from financial malpractice. I've learned a hard lesson with these three: power provider Nuon, phone provider KPN, and, believe it or not, the national tax office. My lesson is, that corruption can only flourish in darkness.
  • The First Storm of Fall
    The seasons rush on, people may enjoy or get nervous, but nature quietly does its normal thing.
  • From Summer to Fall
    For parents the change from Summer to Fall is more important and more like the start of a new year than January. A great inspiration for poetry, but also a challenge.
  • Colors of Summer
    The weather and the season determine the colors of the landscape, but we decide how we see them.
  • A Stroll Through Missing Money's Memory Lane
    The space ship run by our very own money coins flies back to its home planet with five friends from Earth as captives. The cockpit crew do their job and share their life stories.
  • At Least
    'At least you know what it is' is a sentence I heard from some people lately. It's supposed to give clarity on a problem, but it doesn't solve a thing.
  • Fatherhood
    A father is an important role model to a child, his role grows with the child.
  • Summer Sun
    School is over after exams and tests, many enjoy a holiday and others make a living on that.
  • Take Off
    The four friends had entered the strange space ship, hoping to find their friend and neighbor Tom Turnhip. In the meanwhile, in the cockpit his presence was topic of a debate between crew members.
  • Bunny Song
    Togetherness, innocence, beauty, strength and vulnerability are key words when the rabbit comes to mind. I want to commemorate the thousands and thousands of rabbits in my neighborhood.
  • Nicolien Mizee and Dr Maurice Bucaille: Authors Who Have Meant Something to Me for Different Reasons
    For me it's easy to defend dr Maurice Bucaille's comparative work on Bible and Koran, because I believe in the work and translated one of his books. Nicolien Mizee ruthlessly describes Dutch educated middle class as it is.
  • Chain of Life
    Every mother was a daughter of another mother. And father. Family is a chain, it should strengthen all its links.
  • My Best Vehicles Are My City Bicycle and My Vlet Yacht
    I have had several bicycles in my life since early childhood. They are multifunctional vehicles that give me freedom and exercise. My other favorite vehicle is a boat. Ships are my dream of freedom, space and beauty and it has come true in my vlet yacht.
  • Is the Big or the Small End Better?
    A 55-word flash fiction story on personal, sometimes impossible choices
  • Never Too Small
    Even a small guy may be strong enough to kick some big ass, when the determination is there
  • The Earth
    Sestina commemorating Earth Day.
  • Tom the Sculptor is Captured
    Tom the sculptor is captured by strange creatures and awaits developments in their spaceship, on his own.
  • Easter 2012
    The one thing people of all creeds may agree upon: Easter is about renewal.
  • Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Westergasfabriek is a former storage area for natural gas, now an exciting area for creative and cultural businesses and restaurants
  • Missing Money
    Two unique twin planets, each in a shape resembling a letter M, are home to the money people ever lost in business and otherwise. Our coins have built a life there, but they are left with many questions they want an answer to.
  • Inspiration
    Saint Patrick was a man who was basically commemorated for the fact that he brought inspiration to people. I don't pretend to measure up to him. Why not think of small scale inspiration in our own immediate circle? That is enough.
  • Redivision of Wealth is Not the Answer to the Crisis, it is the Main Cause
    In short, I think the welfare state with its solidarity system of high payments is the real reason behind the crisis. Everybody lives in debt, every month of the year. It has long historic roots, yet the crisis may have unexpected solutions.
  • Freedom
    Freedom is one of our most ardent wishes, yet it is never absolute. Nature is its first limit, then follows the rest between us.
  • The Strange Missile
    We found the mysterious, coffeepot resembling vehicle on our playground near the lake. Could our neighbor, Tom the sculptor, Lisa Knoll's boyfriend, be inside?
  • Sewing the Seeds
    The days are lengthening, nature will revive soon. For people this may a moment to reflect on those they love and how to cherish them. In 55 words: what is love?
  • Spring Coming
    An original Shakespearean Sonnet.
  • Miljonair Fair Amsterdam
    The 'Miljonair Fair' is a big yearly event here, in December, since it first started ten years ago. It has a glamorous reputation, as it should have, with celebrities and well-known business people coming.
  • Tom the Sculptor Celebrates His Birthday
    Tom's birthday is on 12 June. In the afternoon, we as neighbors were invited. Mohy and I came too, we were given coffee, juice and cake. Later in the evening, after nine I think, the friends came.
  • Good Bagel Shops in Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Great choice for an authentic, organic breakfast or lunch in a relaxed atmosphere where you can read and listen to jazz and other good music. Not too expensive. Found in the well-visited areas of the city.
  • Santa's Aid
    Santa Claus can't always cope on his own and works with assistants, because these days just before Christmas are worldwide extremely busy. This story describes a miraculous meeting between a student and one of his assistants: Santa Claudia.
  • A Life Changing Visit to Israel
    A visit to Israel changed my view on life deeply and in an unexpected way. Read on to find out more.
  • One Lonely Christmas Tree Comes to My Mind when I Think of Christmases Past
    I have many nice Christmas memories, done many nice things. Yet one small item persistently dominates my memories: a small festive Christmas tree all alone in a forest of oaks and beeches.
  • Nordic Ice Skating in the Netherlands
    Long Distance ice skating on lakes, canals and ponds is an easily available winter sport and very popular in the Netherlands. It's another way to enjoy the spectacular winter scenery.
  • An Ice Shelf Instead of a Heart Called Euro
    This is a painting about togetherness: togetherness is or isn't. The painting is imaginary, however, the thoughts it gave me when making it, aren't. It could be an allegory for a real life situation now.
  • Where it Flows
    What's great about the sestina as a form of poetry is that it's relatively easy to translate into other languages.
  • Old Ghosts
    Autumn Reminiscing
  • In All Bluntness: It is as it Is
    A blind collective solidarity ideal enabled cunning people to make big gain
  • Occupy Amsterdam
    Laid back domestic atmosphere in best hippie tradition
  • Winter
    Winter has started in some places; in others, it will start soon
  • Christmas Coming
    Just Midwinter or so much more?
  • Occupy Amsterdam
    Creativity, professionalism, a daily college on the economic crisis, well-known slogans on solidarity, a festive camp for democracy
  • Our Neighbor Ms Knoll
    Introduction of Edward and Mohy's neighbor Lisa Knoll
  • A Tomaland Friendship
    A friendship in a far away land of only vegetables
  • Confident Mind
    Villanelle for the traveler
  • Good Neighbor
    The importance of a good neighbor
  • Fake Solidarity
    4line poem
  • Big nor Small
    My first haiku on Yahoo
  • What If Creation Did Change
    'No change in the work by Allah. This is surely the true religion...'
  • October
    Falling leaves, yet a new year at school.

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