Mark Donald Ryan Stern

Mark Donald Ryan Stern

I have my BA from the University of Tulsa in Biology, Commercial Art with some postgraduate work. I worked as a Biology department assistance doing scientific illustration such as Paul Buck PhD. s Woody Plants of Oklahoma in the Winter Condition . I worked as a commercial artist while completing my postgraduate work in Secondary Education at Langston University. From 1986-2005 I taught for Dallas ISD teaching sciences from 7-12. I took disability retirement in 2005. I have been passionate about learning and education my entire life. I have been assumed to be a medical doctor, a rabbi, a PhD in literature, and other fields due to my expertise in these areas and others. As an HIV+ gay Jew, my primary interests are in Judaism, GLBT issues, and HIV/AIDS issues. I still reside in Dallas.
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BA University of Tulsa 1982, Secondary Teaching Certificate Langston University, Oklahoma 1986


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  • If I Knew Then What I Know Now
    The foolish choices I made in my youth have put me in the miserable state I am in know. If only I could sit myself down 30 years ago, these are the things I would tell myself to be happy in 2013.
  • Why I Prefer Film Over Television
    Film is an extension of art while television is a clever way to get you to watch commercials.
  • Living With OCD and Generalized Panic Disorder
    In the first 33 years of my life I was in a steady decline into constant mental anxiety and physical stress. A diagnosis of OCD with generalized panic disorder and pharmaceutical treatment and psychological therapy allowed me to live a more normal life.
  • The Night I Met Deborah Harry of Blondie
    After 21 years of following Blondie and their lead singer Deborah Harry's solo career, I met the object of my idolatry. I saw Deborah Harry perform in a small venue and she not only noticed me, she created the most memorable night of my life!
  • My Transition to Vegetarianism
    I describe my reasons for choosing to become ovo-lacto-vegetarian as well as my problems in doing so. I did not miss meat: but eating out and social pressure to conform were problems. I have a few tips for healthy reasons, keeping kosher, and how to save.
  • The War of 1812 Bicentennial
    A comparison of the Royal Canadian Mint's War of 1812 Bicentennial coin description and the United States Mint's Star Spangled Banner Coin Program commemorative histories.War of 1812 Bicentennial: tales of two coins The different histories of Canada and t
  • 2016 Presidential Candidate
    With the economy be the nation's primary concern, my candidate pick is the Secretary of the Treasury under Obama.
  • Voters' Picks: In an Election Dominated by the Economy, Obama's Policies Still Win Out
    Despite the economic problems that the Republicans on which they have focused the election, the remaining agenda of the Republican party would set us back a generation in social progress I have witnessed in the past 52 years.
  • National Suicide Prevention Week
    During National Suicide Prevention Week, I share my personal experience with depression that leads to suicidal thoughts and suggest ways that anyone can help a suicidal person through simple acts.
  • Dewhurst or Cruz: Texas Republican Candidate for Senate
    A Democrat's opinion of the Republican runoff candidates for candidate for Texas Senator
    Also published on:
  • How I Learned to Avoid Suicide and Adjust to Depression
    I am chronically psychologically depressed and suicidal. I will take antidepressants for life. But, in therapy I learned how to chose life over suicide.
  • Tornadoes and the Intuition of Animals
    I did not take the tornado warnings seriously. My cats did. The tornado touched down a quarter mile away. How did they know?
  • New Orleans in Black and White
    A 1993 encounter with explicit, unapologetic racism in one of New Orleans' oldest and finest hotels.
  • The Boy Who Felt Too Much
    Scientists now seriously consider the possibility that a sixth sense, or psychic abilities, may in fact exist. This explores the burden of empathy and psychic abilities.
  • Adam's Blind Dates
    Genesis has two accounts of the creation of the first man and the first woman. This short story updates the Talmudic explanation for the two accounts with a fictional contrast two modern blind dates between Adam and two women.
  • The Last of Their Kind
    What if Neanderthals and Homo sapiens sapiens had successfully interbred? What if the Neanderthals did not go extinct but were fully assimilated into other Homo sapiens with whom they coexisted?
  • Love Song for Deborah Harry
    I took a clue from the master and wrote a poem that fits to the tune of "Dreaming", lyrics by Deborah Harry, music by Chris Stein, c 1979, Chrysalis Music from the album "Eat to the Beat" and numerous Best of Blondie compilations.
  • Moses Naar's (first) Chanukah
    After being disowned by his family on Thanksgiving, Moses Naar spends his first Chanukah without his family with his best friend Malachi Guffman. This is a tale of how to overcome rejection and embrace independence.
  • An HIV AIDS Memoir
    In my previous HIV/AIDS articles, I tried to be objective and not discuss my personal life. However, when I refer to myself as an HIV/AIDS activist, there is a personal story behind why I am an activist.
  • World AIDS Day: Past, Present, Future
    This article combines factual information about World AIDS Day with personal experience as a volunteer for the Names Project and World AIDS Day programs locally in Dallas, Texas, USA.
  • Coming Out as HIV+
    As a HIV+ person for 20 years, I share my experience and that of others on the process of telling others that you are HIV+: including Why, When, Who, and Why to disclose your HIV+ status.
  • The Television Commercial as Short Film
    This essay critiques what I believe makes a successful television commercial campaign. I use Progressive Insurance's Flo campaign as an example. I am not promoting Progressive Insurance, its services, prices, or policies. I love Flo!
  • The Naar Thanksgiving
    I present a story of a dysfunctional family's Thanksgiving for all the disposed, rejected people who will not be spending Thanksgiving with their family, but alone or with friends. Perhaps, reading this will let you know that you are not alone.
  • Tennessee Williams' Hamlet
    This script for a one-act play, an adaptation of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" as Tennessee Williams may have adapted it, is written as an homage to both "Hamlet" and to Tennessee Williams.
  • President Clinton Goes Gaga for Gaga
    While I watched the Yahoo exclusive broadcast of the "A Decade of Difference" I wrote and described the four hour event for those who missed it.
  • Beware Marie Laveau!
    This story, set in the French Quarter of New Orleans on Halloween, follows the day, night, and downfall of an unscrupulous woman who fails to heed the warnings of the Voodoo priest and priestess.
  • 2112: Cassandra Vindicated Continued
    This is a cautionary story, set 100 years in the future, describing a new world where environmentalists' warnings have not been heeded and we suffer the consequences. This is the second part of the story began earlier and continued to its end.
  • 2112: Cassandra Vindicated
    This cautionary story, set 100 years in the future, describes a New World in which the dire predictions of environmentalists' come to pass as we fail to take action.
  • Blondie Thrills with New Album Panic of Girls
    Panic of Girls, Blondie's new album compares well with past albums. They continue to evolve and remain relevant. In this article I critique each track on the album as well as bonus tracks on foreign releases.
  • Should the United Nations Accept Mahmoud Abbas' Call for Recognition of a Palestinian State?
    Editorial comments on the 09/23/2011 speeches of Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before the United Nations plus a brief history of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
  • The Reality of Jihad
    Before 09/11/2001, I thought that Jihad was limited to the Middle East. Now, I realize that Jihad is international: regardless of nationality and religion, no one is immune from the dangers of Jihad.

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