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Katie Farrar studied English and Creative Writing at Old Dominion University and has found interesting ways to put it to use. She has been married for 19 years, which have been full of travels and adventures, courtesy of the Air Force. Katie worked in editing and publishing for a local newspaper and had a brief stint of teaching high school English before she and her husband set out on their first assignment. In the many moves that followed she was the owner of a desktop publishing business, a newspaper staff writer, and a volunteer for many Air Force organizations, usually in writing or publishing. Mostly, Katie has been a stay-at-home mom in years past, lending a bit of continuity to her family through the frequent changes and deployments. She has done lots of journaling, poetry writing and recording of her family history.

Katie recently published a short book called Family Counts, which captures her family history in the form of short stories told by her father throughout his life.

Katie and her husband have two adorable teenagers, who provide daily entertaining content for future stories. Some of her favorite things are going to the beach, trying out new cuisines on the family, and entertaining friends at home. Katie is also a dog lover!!!
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  • First Person: Virginia Can't Afford Military Cuts
    Slashing our defense budget is not the answer to our economic woes. Over time it will only add to our troubles and weaken our nation's security.
  • Halloween
    Fall is my favorite season, and Halloween is right in the midst of it. I also love folk art and was given a book of artwork by Grandma Moses. On the cover was a picture of her painting, Halloween, from 1955. Here is my version of Halloween.
  • No Easy Way Home
    We had planned our trip back to the US down to every last detail, except for getting sick and going through a blizzard. It was a trip we will never forget!
  • The Danger of Data
    Though modern technology has brought great things, the social networking on computers and phones has brought our youth and their parents to a dangerous new place. We are bringing up a new generation who truly will not know how to communicate.

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