Josephine Sheppard, MA, PhD, NHC

Josephine Sheppard, MA, PhD, NHC

A forthcoming author of a new edited format of “Simple Steps of Lifestyle Changes & Weight Loss.” First printed article publication 2003-04, followed by online publications beginning in 2007 and a book release in 2010. Her education is in Counseling, Natural Health Consulting and Massage Therapy. Dr. Jodi (as she’s been affectionately known) has worked in Case Management, as Trainer, with various disabilities, pain management and elder care, clinical services, private practice and volunteering. She’s facilitated, co-coordinated, instructed and been guest speaker as educational and motivational speaker in mindfulness, well-being and spiritual awareness practices.
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M.A. in Counseling & PhD in Religious Counseling; Diplomas/Certifications for Natural Health Consulting, Reiki Master, Massage Therapy, High Touch Jin Shin Acupressure and Fitness & Nutrition.


Change what you think & you change your life; either way, whatever you believe ~ you are right!


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  • The Benefits of Rosemary:
    This article discusses the benefits of Rosemary, its appearance, medication interaction precautions when used medicinally and additional resources and supporting health and wellness information provided via hyperlinks are available.
  • The Benefits of Ginger:
    This article discusses the benefits of the root herb, ginger, with resources and additional information hyper-linked to support processing, planting, health and wellness goals.
  • The Benefit of Some Primary Cancer Preventing Foods:
    This article discusses the benefits of various key cancer preventing foods and herbs; the best form in which to consume them, resources and hyper-links to support health and well-being within the article.
  • The Benefits of Thyme:
    This article discusses the benefits of the herb, Thyme, with resources and additional information hyper-linked to support processing, planting, health and wellness goals.
  • The Benefits of Walking
    This article discusses the benefits of walking, simple preparation, links to support well-being and basic correlating factors.
  • The Benefits of Blueberries:
    This article discusses the benefits of blueberries, with resources and links available.
  • How to See Through Intense Emotions & Grow Beyond Them:
    The benefits of personal experiences shared and how to see through intense emotions, such as fear, doubt and anger and how to grow into more deeper meaningful experiences in life through awareness of these experiences.
  • The Benefits of Vitamins & Nutrients in Treatment & Care of Mood Disorders, Bipolar, Depression, Stress & Anxiety
    The benefits of vitamins, nutrients, exercise, lifestyles changes and related clinical studies in relationship to mood disorders, depression, anxiety, stress & bipolar disorder.
  • Benefits to Going Green in Your Own Home:
    This article discusses the benefits and meaning of being green, eco-friendly and being economical in the process in the context of ones own home, by the experience of the writer, with resources references and supporting links.
  • The Benefits of Basil
    This article describes the various benefits of Basil and what forms it has been used medicinally and its benefits in general.
  • The Benefits of Organic Gardening:
    This article discussed the basic benefits & comparisons of organic gardening & Permaculture; provides examples of what it is and links to resources for various aspects in the gardening process from planting & into watering & irrigation systems.
  • The Benefits of Mullein
    This article describes the various benefits of Mullein, where it is found, identified and how it may be used; its benefits in general.
  • How to Recognize when We're Seeking Approval & Appreciation; Motivation to Change
    This article discusses the underlying perception what it means to seek approval & appreciation by our habits & behaviors; how to notice this action by what we do & how to make changes in our lives.
  • Generosity, Compassion & Acts of Kindness
    This article discusses 2 Corinthians 9 and the meanings today of generosity, acts of kindness and compassion, as well as how to change the mindset to attain clarity for action and better community outreach and relations in general.
  • Scripture in 1Peter 5
    This article discusses today's meaning and implementation of scripture in 1 Peter 5; how to recognize and apply verses 6-7 in everyday life.
  • The Benefits of Oregano:
    This article describes the various benefits of Oregano and what forms it has been used medicinally to provide these benefits in general.
  • Intimacy, Communication & Relationships:
    This article discusses some topics of love languages, the area's of intimacy; it's definition and how it can be implemented to work within relationships. Resources are provided.
  • Organic & Natural Food Shopping & Choices:
    This article provides information and tips how to shop inexpensively for organic and natural foods, as well as resources to support this goal and how not to self-sabotage healthy eating goals, as well as where and when produce/products are best found.
  • Relationships, Communication, Family & Then What
    This article details a few positive insights towards a healthy, loving relationship with some foundational building blocks to support this goal. This is also written in format to support the communication of families as well.
  • The Subconscious, the Thinking Mind & Clutter: How to Recognize Repressed Emotions in Our Own Behavior
    This article discusses how to recognize repressed emotions in our subconscious mind that is expressed in our everyday behavior and what to do about it.
  • Emotions, Health, Stress & the Body: How to Recognize Stress in the Body & What it is Doing
    This article discusses how to recognize stress and emotions in the body, how it effects the body internally and introduces a tool to make a change effectively. This article is introducing EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping.
  • Permanent Goal Setting that Works with Weight Loss
    This article discusses steps that can promote health and well being which can support weight loss and maintenance without dieting.
  • Gifts of Sharing, Loving, Giving & Caring: Ways to Share Your Time, Service & Self
    This article with walk you through idea's and meaning of gifting of time, service, gift giving and speaking word of kindness (gifting with your words), as well as how your intention is the priority behind each activity to experience the rewards.
  • How to Work with a Noisy Mind:
    This article discusses what it means to have idle thoughts and negative self talk; how to recognize it and steps or tools to change it to become more productive, and/or behave and act in a manner that is more desirable to intended goals and relationships.
  • Insight, Revelation, Epiphany - What is it for You?
    This article discusses the perception of revelation, insight and epiphany; what takes place within the mind and emotions, with examples defining the difference between the experiences and the desired experiences to make desired changes in life.
  • Understanding Stockholm Syndrome & Cognitive Dissonance:
    This article discusses the definition of Stockholm Syndrome & Cognitive Dissonance, what/why victims of abuse, rape, sexual assault bond with their abusers/controllers and how to be a support, with resources.
  • Awareness and Prevention of Sexual Coercion
    A discussion of what sexual coercion is, how to recognize it, prevent it, resources for help and support, resources from statistics and questions to help clarify if this may be what you are experiencing in life now or not.
  • Understanding How Words Hurt or Heal:
    This article discusses the meaning of secondary wounding, why words are harmful in the processing of trauma to survivors of sexual assault, rape and abuse; as well as why this transpires. Resources and how to be a support included within.
  • Heart Smart Slow-Baked Salmon with Lime Mustard Seasoned Coating
    Slow-Baked Salmon with Lime Mustard seasoned coating recipe, defining how to complete the process, recommendations for side dishes as a complete healthy meal and nutritional information supporting weight loss and healthy lifestyles.
  • Recognizing & Recovering from Marital & Partner Abuse, Sexual Assault & Rape:
    This article discusses components of sexual assault, and abuse, defining how to recognize it, with resources and recommendations for family support.
  • Molestation, Rape, Incest, Sexual Assault and Recovery:
    This article references the first show to go public on men speaking out about sexual abuse, rape, molestation and incest on the Oprah show, as well as statistics, what to do next in recognizing need for recovery and resources.
  • Motivation at Its Best, Comes Out of Inspiration Not at Rest
    This article is intended to inspire with various quotes, as well as define motivation, explain how to recognize the difference between being motivated internally vs. externally and being inspired for overall sense of peace.
  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression or Just a Mood and Emotional Eating
    This article discusses emotional eating, provides examples which may assist recognizing moods/emotions as triggers and what steps to take upon recognizing the habit.
  • Motivating and Inspiring a Strong Self Esteem with Ease
    This article discusses how to improve your self esteem with examples and simple how to steps.
  • Motivation of Self Worth and Value in Life
    This article discusses motivation of personal self worth and value and how to impliment change and be a living example.
  • Nutrition in Tasty Cucumber Soup
    This article discusses the value in the food items provided in the enclosed recipe and indicates support to using foods we enjoy for their nutritional purposes in health and well-being.
  • Understanding How the Mind Works:
    This article discusses an example of how mental processing guides the way we behave and interact socially and how to change the process to be more productive.
  • Healthy Heart with Robust Butternut Squash Soup;
    This article provides a recipe for a Robust Butternut Squash Soup, along with a description as to the health benefits of some of the primary ingredients.
  • Spiritual Gifts from God: A Daily Self Expression
    This article discusses the meaning of spiritual gifts and how they apply to every day life, health and well being, as well as being part of our creative expression and interacting in relationships.
  • Let's Chat - About Health and How Easy the Basics Can Be
    This is a chat discussing food options, recipes and how these foods are beneficial to our health and well-being.
  • Realizing Your Life Value & Purpose;
    This article discusses how to apply historical events in Biblical scripture to todays way of everyday living in a step by step process by clarifying, assessing and applying these steps easily to daily concepts.
  • Let's Chat - About Health and How Easy it Can Be to Care for the Basics (Part 3)
    This is part three of the series in the Let's Chat -About Health series of three, discussing healthy food choices, shopping, budgeting, meal planning and mental perception for consistency and longevity of well being.
  • Let's Chat - About Health and How Easy it Can Be to Care for the Basics (Part 2)
    This article is the second of a series of 3 discussing healthy shopping, eating, budgeting for health and the mental perception to maintain focus and longevity of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Let's Chat! About Health & How Easy it Really Can Be to Care for the Basics -- (Part 1)
    This article is the first of a series of 3 discussing healthy shopping, eating, budgeting for health and the mental perception to maintain focus and longevity of a healthy lifestyle.
  • "Can We Talk", Part 4
    This article is the final segment in this series of "Can we Talk" segments 2-4 in how to deepen our communication and listening skills with our loved ones, family and partners.
  • "Can We Talk", Part 3
    This article continues from part 2 of "Can we talk" series in the "how to" steps in clear communication and listening with family, loved ones and our partners.
  • "Can We Talk" Part 2
    This is an extention of how to tools for the reader to review in practical application for improving communication and listening skills with family, partner, loved ones. This article is 1 of 3 in series.
  • Schizophrenia and Alternative Medicine
    This article reviews information, research and resources regarding schizophrenia.
  • Life, Dreams and Support Counseling
    This article defines Support Counseling with an example and also concluding with daily tips for the reader.
  • Reiki Defined
    There are several alternative and complimentary therapies available and can be misunderstood if not defined. This article defines Reiki, how it works and how it can be used.
  • "Can We Talk?" Relationships, Intimacy and the Challenges of Effective Communication
    This article invites the reader to explore how we, as human beings communicate; what might be internal/external influences and how to communicate more effectively within to be effective outwardly. Additional links provide additional definitions and tools.
  • Am I a Workaholic? Learned Thinking and Our Processing
    This article reviews possibilities to consider in ones mental perception and lifestyle that could bring awareness to workaholism or prevention. hyperlinks support steps in how to self help and additional resources for reader.
  • As My Mind Ponders
    This is an inspired prose original written in 2007 by the author. It relates to an awareness to being-ness. Reading it will bring enlightenment to the intention. You're invited to come along for the vision.
  • Awareness:
    This article explores with the author the mind, thought processes, it's complexities, simplicities and how to go beyond it's programming to reach inner peace, harmony and clarity; and "see" if there is such a possibility. Come, explore with me.
  • Review Of Byron Katie's "The Work" and Steps Implemented
    This article reviews and implements sample steps as defined by Byron Katie in her writing doing "The Work." It's an opportunity to explore a walk through with the writer, along with her insight and opinion.
  • Ode to Being an "Auntie"
    Love felt in being an Aunt can be just as joy felt as a mother with or without the heartache of worries. This non-poetic poem is a small expression of this Auntie's feeling for just that.
  • How Do We Define Ourself?
    The story lies in the content of your mind. This article explores why, what results, and what is possible beyond the limits of the mind. You are invited to explore with me.
  • Truth; Awareness of God's Presence
    This article reviews the meaning of various scriptures relating to everyday life, how we experience it and how to bring the reality of God into our daily life. You're invited to explore with me.
  • As My Mind Ponders:
    This is a poem without rhyme or rythm, but full of contemplation and awareness. You are invited to imagine with me in the exploration of self.
  • Beauty of the Divine
    Communication between humans feels very challenging at times. Explore with me a manner in which we may be able to view, communicate and respect each other that goes deeper than the judgments of our ego or the doubts of the mind.
  • Awareness: The True Self
    A clarifying process that is written with reference to life as we see and experience it and how we direct ourself to the doorway pointing us to a way in which it is natural to be the true sense of self. Your invited to explore with me.
  • From Obsession/Compulsion to Peace and Clarity
    Think too much? Get upset or frustrated easily? Your invited to explore another option or way to see into your life. Read further to discover a manner to be pointed to greater insight, awareness and clarity.
  • What is Defensiveness? An Opportunity to Explore and Understand Together
    In experiencing a feeling of defensiveness or receiving the words of defense, we realize the importance of exploring the true meanings and motivations behind them. This article walks down the path of exploration with you.
  • Listen...
    Do you want to feel heard? This slide show helps you to express to a loved one how you want them to listen to you and what it means for them to do so.
  • Self-Directed Success that Can Positively Affect Everyone
    Feel a need to create change in your life and still feel reassured that you are reaching out and being a help to others? Question how to do both, guilt free? This article will give you the "how-to" steps & ideas.
  • Our Choice - Life's Direction
    We can easily be caught up in our daily lives. And we may go on "auto-pilot", but the good news is that you do have a choice "how" you experience your life. You're invited to discover more insight into you, with the tools of "choice."
  • Relationships & Understanding Each Other
    Relationships, dating, & Marriage. How do you feel about your relationship? Here are some "practical" reminders and a little "loving" insight to understanding each other!
  • True to Self: What Does it Mean to Be Authentic?
    Feel as if your friends, family & co-workers just don't "get you?" Expressing the "real you?" This article touches on how to be aware of what may trigger these feelings, and more importantly, insight in how to change it!
  • Live to Love, Love to Live
    Does your life feel like you're on auto-pilot? Want to feel better about you, your purpose or make changes to feel more fulfilled? Here is self-help and motivational steps in doing so!
  • The Art & Gift of Self-Forgiveness
    Know the phrase, "our hardest critic is ourselves?" Sometimes we forgive others for being hurtful or making unwise choices, yet we keep "beating up" our self for not being perfect. Learn how to let go & forgive yourself, so that you may enjoy your life more fully.

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