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If you find an article useful, feel free to pass the link on to your friends. L Spain is an IT professional who lives with his wife and dog in the southeastern U.S. He has experience as a recreational sailor, target shooter, amateur astronomer, and computing enthusiast.
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  • Can You Really Buy a Triple Barrel Shotgun?
    A meme based on a triple barrel shotgun has been circulating on the Internet. Is there really a triple barrel shotgun? Can you buy one? This article provides the truth behind the meme.
  • What was the Best Handgun of World War II
    World War II saw the widespread adoption of reliable semi-automatic pistols for officers and support troops. This article names the Top 6 handguns of World War II and picks the best.
  • A Guide to Dive Watches Under $100
    There are plenty of watch makers that provide traditional dive watch functionality and a high degree (100 meters or more) of water resistance in inexpensive watches. Here are five watches that should be able to handle swimming and shallow water diving.
  • The Most Essential Watches for Men
    There is one place every man can express his personal sense of style: the wrist watch. If you are building a watch collection, you don't need a hundred watches. A half-dozen watches should suffice to cover most occasions. Here are the watches you need.
  • Which World War II Submachine Gun was the Best?
    The Submachine Gun gained wide acceptance during World War II. The Tommy Gun, the Grease Gun, the Sten Gun, and the "Schmeiser," all became household names. But which submachine gun was the best?
  • How to Defend Your Homeland Against Foreign Invasion
    Will Americans ever have to defend their homeland against foreign invaders? It's unlikely. But, as America and western Europe lose military strength, the world will become more unpredictable. Here is some gear to help fight invading foreign armies.
  • Five Watches for the Super Rich
    Watch making is an art. It reaches it's pinnacle in watches for the world's wealthiest people. If I were one of those people, here are five watches that would definitely be on my shopping list.
  • The Intangible Qualities that Make Luxury Watches Special
    Any timepiece can keep accurate time, but there is something magical about luxury watches. In addition to mechanical genius, stellar design, and high quality materials, there are a number of intangible qualities that simply make luxury watches special.
  • A Guide to Affordable Military Surplus Rifles
    If you have a limited budget and would like to shoot high-powered rifles, military surplus firearms can be a great place to start. This article presents a guide to some of today's best bargains in military surplus firearms.
  • Wristwatch Review: Casio MRW200H Neo-Display Dive Watch
    This review covers the rugged Casio MRW200H Neo-Display Dive Watch. It's a very inexpensive watch, but it mimics of the style and the functions of far more expensive timepieces.
  • Surplus Handgun Profile: the Russian M1895 Nagant Revolver
    The Russian M1895 Nagant revolver is one of the most interesting pistols in the military surplus (milsurp) market today. For gun collectors and recreational shooters, the eccentric Russian Nagant revolver offers several advantages.
  • Shotgun Choices for Home Defense
    The tactical shotgun is a popular choice for home defense. From traditional pump action and double barreled shotguns to radical new designs, this article highlights eight different shotguns for defending the homestead.
  • A Guide to Buying a Shotgun for Home Defense
    Few weapons are more intimidating to criminals than the shotgun. When it comes to buying a shotgun for home defense, here are a few key features to consider.
  • Wristwatch Review: Men's Pulsar Chronograph Dress Watch with Roman Numerals
    Power, sophistication, and sensibility are the perfect combination for a man's dress watch. This review will reveal if the Pulsar Chronograph Model PT3399 demonstrates all three.
  • New Years Resolutions for Watch Collectors
    Watch collecting is a fun and fashionable hobby. But, if you aren't actively managing your collection, it can degenerate into a big box of unworn watches. Here are some New Years Resolutions to improve your watch collection in the coming year!
  • Low Price Exercise and Fitness Equipment to Find at Thrift Stores
    Did you vow to start exercising this year and get in shape? Did you also resolve to manage your personal finances better. Fortunately, thrift stores allow you to do both with lots of fitness equipment at very low prices.
  • Wristwatch Review: Drive by Citizen Men's Black Ion Plated Eco-Drive Strap Watch
    Are you looking for a watch that incorporates interesting and ecologically sound technology? You might check out the Eco-Drive line of watches by Citizen. This review covers a "Drive by Citizen" watch that makes solar energy unobtrusive and routine!
  • Personal Computer Review: HP DC7900 Refurbished Desktop Computer from Microcenter
    Every home needs a computer. But, sometimes it can be a challenge to fit a computer into a tight budget. This review covers a $130 refurbished computer from Microcenter. It works for your budget. But, will it work in your home?
  • New Years Resolutions for Information Technology Workers
    Each New Year is an opportunity to set personal goals and objectives. The New Year is the perfect opportunity to improve and test your personal capabilities and release a new and improved version of you.
  • Wristwatch Review: AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane Chronograph Watch
    This review takes a closer look at a unique quartz chronograph watch that commemorates the famed Hawker Hurricane through a variety of design features.
  • Alternatives to the Television Infomercial Watch Brands
    Since some watch brands are constantly being advertised via infomercial, some of the novelty and exclusivity of owning a fine timepiece has been diminished. Here are some unique alternatives to the watch brands constantly seen on TV shopping networks.
  • How to Save Money at Restaurants
    If you enjoy the convenience of dining out, but need to reduce the amount of money you spend on food, Here are a seven money saving tips.
  • Seven Reasons Why Motorists Get Frustrated with Bicyclists
    Motorists are often admonished to “share the road” with bicyclists. But, sharing the road is a two-way street. Here are some of the many reasons that bicyclists frustrate motorists.
  • Coaching Controversy: West Virginia Football Coach Dana Holgerson
    In the hills and hollers of West Virginia and cyberspace, there is a controversy brewing around WVU Coach Dana Holgerson. With a 7-6 record in 2012 and a poor start in 2013, the coach may soon feel the wrath of angry alumni.
  • Seven Tips for Improving the Photos on Your Blog
    Good photography can set the tone for your blog and invite web surfers to stay, read, and engage. If your blog is the public face for your company, your photography makes a statement about your organization. This tips will improve your blog photos.
  • Seven Lessons Normal People Can Learn from Audiophiles
    If you hang out in enough audiophile Internet forums and read enough audiophile blogs, you'll eventually learn a few things that can help you set up your normal person stereo and enjoy your normal person music.
  • Moving Advice: How to Lighten the Load
    Moving is a daunting, exhausting, and sometimes expensive proposition. To save money and aggravation, you should be ruthless in getting rid of unneeded items. Here is how you can get rid of your junk and lighten the load.
  • Ten Things You Should Lie About Online
    The online world is filled with the worst kinds of people: sexual predators, deviants, burglars, sociopaths, psychopaths, hackers, and HR professionals. There is no need to make their jobs easier.
  • Ten Things to Notice on an Apartment Tour
    On an apartment tour, you don't have much time to decide whether you would like to live in a complex or not. Sometimes it helps to focus on the little details about a complex that reveal a lot. Here are ten things to note when you tour a new complex.
  • Wristwatch Review: Zoo York Casual Watch Black Band and Yellow Dial
    Can bold New York City "whatchoolookinat?" bravado be captured in a watch design? If any brand can do it, the graffiti art inspired Zoo York brand can. Check out this bold yellow Zoo York Watch to see if they can do it!
  • Stereo Headphones Review: Maxell Digital Studio Series Headphones
    Maxell Digital Headphones have solid specifications, but do they deliver high quality sound and comfort? Read this review to find out!
  • Eight Ways to Play Your Stereo Without Disturbing Your Neighbors
    If you live in an apartment or condo, cranking your stereo can drive your neighbors crazy. Here are eight ways to enjoy owning a stereo in an apartment or condo without getting evicted.
  • Wristwatch Review: Wenger Men's Swiss Military Grenadier Quartz Watch
    There is something cool about seeing "Swiss Made" at the bottom of a watch dial. The challenge lies in making a Swiss Watch at a price point that is attainable for middle class consumers. Can it be done? Check out the Wenger Swiss Military Grenadier.
  • Stereo Component Review: Insignia 5-Disc CD Changer
    When the CD changer on your stereo goes whirrr, kathunk, kathunk, thunk, spin, thunk, kathunk, it might just be time for a new CD player. My quest for a new CD player ended when I found the Insignia 5-disc CD and MP3 disc changer.
  • How to Be More Productive as a Writer
    There is no reason to pine away wishing you were a writer. You can write and you can make the time to write. Here are some ways to become more productive as a writer.
  • How to Expand Your Dirt Cheap Stereo
    When I put together a $40 component stereo from thrift shop components, it marked the beginnning of a journey rather than an end. If you've put together a dirt cheap stereo system, what kinds of improvements, or expansions would make sense for you?
  • How to De-Escalate a Street Confrontation
    At some point almost everyone encounters an angry person with a short fuse. They may take exception to the way you drive, park, or walk down a grocery store aisle. Can you defuse the situation before it comes to violence?
  • Nine Ways to Stop Crime in Your Community
    Some common sense tips that can help protect your neighborhood from crime without getting you into trouble.
  • A Guide to Buying a Stereo for Less Than $50
    With a little perseverance and good, old-fashioned, ingenuity, you can put together a pretty decent little stereo for $50 or less. Here are three ways to put together a sub-$50 stereo.
  • The Most Annoying Cars on the American Road
    Many motorists have cars they hate to interact with in traffic. They count on the drivers of these cars to drive in annoying, erratic, or unpredictable ways. Here are eight of the most annoying cars on the roads today.
  • How to Build an Entry-Level Component Stereo
    In the seventies, eighties, and nineties, buying a first stereo was an essential rite of passage for most young American men. It was an essential element of any bachelor pad. What would a first stereo system look like today?
  • How to Be a Hipster
    If you aspire to be a hipster, your path is not easy. The lifestyle generally requires a liberal arts degree and a certain amount of book learning in order to become hip. Here is a short guide to becoming a hipster.
  • How I Built a Component Stereo for $40
    If you shop judiciously, you can put together a nice stereo on a shoestring budget. Here is how I put together my component stereo system for less than $40.
  • A Guide to Choosing a Stereo for Your Apartment or Condo
    Choosing a stereo sound system for an apartment or condominium can be challenging. If you are a decent human being, you have to balance power and volume with consideration for your neighbors. This guide can help you navigate your stereo choices.
  • Wristwatch Review: Insignum Subwave Dive Watch
    Diving is a serious endeavor and demands a serious watch. The new Insignum Subwave Dive Watch might fit the bill for divers and other adventurers.
  • Android Application Review: Scanner Radio Pro for the Nook Color
    Do you want to know what's really going on? Scanner Radio Pro allows you to access streaming audio from 3600 police, fire, weather, aviation, and amateur radio repeater stations in real time.
  • Android Application Review: Armageddon Squadron Arcade Flight Simulator
    The ability to fly--it is one of the most amazing gifts that personal computers gave to the common person. Now, everyone takes for granted the ability to pilot virtual aircraft. That's why I appreciate my Nook Color App: Armageddon Squadron.
  • A Guide to Buying the Cheapest Possible Computer
    Unfortunately, computers have a tendency to fail at the precise moment when you are ill-prepared to buy a replacement. Fortunately, here is a guide to finding a replacement PC at the lowest possible price.
  • A Guide to Stealthy Watches for Commandos and Cat Burglars
    If you are a commando, a jewel thief, or a late night art collector, you need a watch that will work well in the dark. As movie goers know every good raid or exciting heist begins with synchronizing watches. This is a guide to the watches of the night!
  • Compact Stereo Review: GPX Home Music System with CD Player
    If you are looking for an cheap stereo that can play well with MP3 players, tablets, computers, and other gadgets, the GPX Home Music System with CD player may fit the bill perfectly. Could this $45 bookshelf stereo fit your needs?
  • Android Game App Review: Obliteration for the Nook Color
    Sometimes you have to destroy a city in order to save it--at least when the city is full of zombies. That's the premise for Obliteration--a delightfully retro bomber game for the Nook Color and other Android Devices.
  • What You Need to Survive on a Desert Island in the South Pacific
    Experts with The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery believe that aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart may have ditched her twin-engined Lockheed Electra in the South Pacific just off of Nikumaroro Island. Could you survive there today?
  • Wristwatch Review: Thre3 Mens' Sport Watch in Rose-Gold Tone
    The U.S. Polo Association's Thre3 brand creates another classy looking watch at an affordable Kmart price point.
  • How to Stream Music Through an Old Stereo System
    How can you connect your computer, MP3 player, or tablet to a real stereo system? Fortunately, the answer is easy. Here is how to connect nearly any personal music playing electronic device to a stereo.
  • Retro Technologies that Still Work Fine
    If you haven't paid $3000 for a 486 computer, you might jump on every new tech toy on the planet. But, once you've been burned a few times, you might come to appreciate old technologies that work great.
  • Financial Advice for Generation Y
    Young people of every generation get well-meaning financial advice that is not really appropriate for their age and personal financial goals. As a formerly young person, I've made plenty of financial mistakes and here are a few things that I've learned.
  • Seven Habits for Success in Life
    Aristotle once said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." The great philosopher's observation makes it critical to develop the habits that lead to excellence, ritualize them, and make them part of your daily life.
  • Internet Radio Service Review: AccuRadio
    I recently discovered a radio service called AccuRadio. While I'm a newcomer to Internet radio, AccuRadio reaches 400,000 listeners each month and nearly a million at Christmas time. Here's a review of this unique service.
  • Can Automakers Rekindle America's Love Affair with the Automobile?
    Auto makers are worried that American young people are no longer passionate about cars and driving. In fact, more and more young people are forgoing car ownership. Here are some reasons why and some ideas to help automakers overcome the problem.
  • How to Refurbish Your Old Laptop Computer
    When accessories and a cosmetic computer makeover aren't enough, you'll have to make real upgrades to enhance the performance of your laptop. Here are some maintenance steps and upgrades that will help your old laptop get its mojo back.
  • How to Give Your Laptop Computer a Makeover
    If you are trying to squeeze more life out of your laptop, here are some things you can do to help your laptop find a new role as a desktop computer. These cosmetic improvements will refresh your laptop, make it more fun, and even help it last longer.
  • App Review: Zombie Slasher by Iconosys for the Nook Color
    In the Nook Color App Zombie Slasher, San Francisco is overrun by Zombies. In this first person shooter game, you use guns or an axe to clear the streets of San Francisco of goofy looking Zombies.
  • Consumer Electronics Review: IEssentials Audio Cassette Adapter
    If a compact stereo or boom box doesn't have an auxiliary input, there is almost no way to get your media into your stereo and out through its speakers. At least no way except for the audio cassette adapter like this one in this review.
  • How to Choose the Perfect Watch for Dad
    In order to avoid an impulse buy that might not be the best choice for your father, take some time to brainstorm what a great watch for him might be. Here are some key factors to consider when buying a watch as a gift for Dad.
  • App Review: the Emergency App on the Nook Color
    Are you concerned about tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, car accidents, and other disasters? Well, there's an App for that. The Emergency App from Sivedom brings together useful information and practical lighting in one convenient App for the Nook Color.
  • How to Choose a Shooting Range
    When it comes to firearms, fun, and safety, where you go shooting is just as important as what guns you shoot. Here are some tips on how to choose a safe place to go shooting.
  • Seven Ways for Restaurant Servers to Earn Better Tips
    These tips for generating better tips from customers are universal. They work in any restaurant from your local neighborhood diner to the finest restaurant in town. They can put more money in your pocket.
  • Music Cassette Tapes Are Coming Back!
    When an old compact stereo with a working cassette deck and a spotty CD player, led me on a search for music on cassette, I discovered something interesting. Believe it or not, music on cassette tape is making a bit of a comeback.
  • Wristwatch Review: Marc Ecko Rhino Men's Analog Wrist Watch
    A rhinocerus is a two ton armored beast with heavy armor and a horn. Can a men's quartz watch live up to the Rhino moniker?
  • How to Keep Your Dog Quiet in an Apartment
    Do you live in an apartment or condo? Does your dog go ballistic every time a neighbor walks by your door? Does your dog run around your apartment and disturb downstairs neighbors? Here's how to minimize dog barking and other noise in an apartment.
  • How to Buy a Compact Stereo
    If you want to bring music to your small space, here are some basic features to look for in a compact or mini stereo.
  • App Review: Rommel in Africa by DK Simulations
    Do you have what it takes to succeed where Rommel ultimately failed in the crucible of armored warfare: North Africa? DK Simulations allows you to take command with their "Rommel in Africa" app on the Nook Color and Android devices.
  • How to Buy a Thrift Store Stereo
    If you have an abundance of CD's, vinyl albums, and cassettes, you may find some wonderful stereo systems at your local thrift store for very affordable prices.
  • How to Make an Emergency Supply Kit from Dollar Store Items
    According to FEMA, every family should do to prepare for disaster is get a kit of emergency supplies. Here are some things that you can get at your local dollar store that will allow you to build a emergency supply kit on even the tightest budget.
  • App Review: Korean War by DK Simulations
    If you were in command sixty years ago on the Korean Peninsula would the war have turned out differently? DK Simulations allows you to take command with their Korean War app on the Nook Color and Android devices.
  • A Guide to Affordable .22 Caliber Target Pistols
    While it's more thrilling to shoot a larger caliber handgun, when it comes to hitting your target, you can't beat a nice .22 cailber target pistol. This is a guide to five of the major contenders in the target pistol market.
  • Portable Electronics Review: the Memorex AM/FM Pocket Radio
    In this era of streaming media, the AM/FM radio remains a free over-the-air source of music and news. The Memorex AM/FM pocket radio is a solidly designed but inexpensive portable radio. How well does it work?
  • Portable Electronics Review: the Memorex Portable Speaker
    Do you need a portable external speaker for an MP3 player, smart phone, laptop, or tablet? The Memorex Portable Speaker might meet your needs.
  • Why Buy an AR-15 Assault Rifle?
    The AR-15 has become America's most popular rifle. While some gun control advocates claim that there is no reason for any reasonable person to want an AR-15, firearms enthusiasts have found plenty of reasons to adopt the AR-15 as their gun of choice.
  • Pros and Cons of a .38 Revolver Shown in Georgia Home Invasion
    A mid-afternoon home invasion in an Atlanta suburb illustrates the advantages and disadvantages of a revolver for home defense. Donnie and Melinda Herman kept a basic .38 caliber revolver in their home and it was a life saver.
  • Marietta Diner: A Multimedia Food Extravaganza 24 Hours a Day
    With recipes on the Web, closed-circuit TV in the restaurant, and a Food Network appearance, the Marietta Diner presents a multimedia extravaganza of food. Best of all, in real life, it all tastes great.
  • Gun Owner Objections to an Assault Weapons Ban and Magazine Capacity Limits
    Many gun owners object to the proposed bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Here are seven reasons that gun owners object to the ban.
  • What to Teach Your Young Children About Guns
    Even if your family doesn't own a gun, there are some basic gun safety rules that you should teach your children.
  • Shooting Range Report: Teaching New Shooters at a Range in Georgia
    What's a trip to the shooting range really like? My most recent expedition to the state of the art indoor range at Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, Georgia, allowed me to train two friends who were new to shooting handguns.
  • How to Clean Up a Bedroom
    With a little cleaning and organization, you can remake your bedroom into the refreshing and relaxing sanctuary that it should be. Here is a seven step program for tacking a bedroom cleanup.
  • American Civil War Resources for Android Tablets
    If you have an Android Tablet, Nook Color, or Kindle Fire, apps, books, and video can converge on your device to deliver and amazing amount of knowledge about the American Civil War.
  • Five Retro Gift Ideas
    As the fast pace of technological change continues, there is a longing for many of the basic, familiar, and comfortable technologies of days gone by. Here are some retro gift ideas.
  • Seven Unwritten Rules of Gun Ownership
    These are the seven informal rules of gun ownership that you may pick up over time or that a wise uncle may share with you.
  • Last Minute Gifts from Your Local Drug Store
    You are running out of shopping days. Christmas is almost upon us. You still need to get a gift for someone on your list. Here are some quick gifts that you can probably get from your local drug store.
  • Things to Do on a Snow Day
    One of life's great pleasures of winter is the snow day. Here are some fun things to do on a snow day!
  • How to Improve the Life Jackets on Your Boat
    On too many boats, old, worn-out, life jackets are stowed under the bow of the boat to mildew, rot, and accumulate cobwebs. Here are some simple steps to improve your personal flotation devices.
  • The Real Reason Gun Owners Want to Order Ammunition Via the Internet
    While large shipments of ammunition by mail order sounds like an issue, the real story around internet ammunition sales is much less alarming.
  • Chris Christie's Weight Could Win Him the White House
    In December 2012, New Jersey governor Chris Christie faced some tough questions about his weight. However, in a weight-obsessed America, Chris Christie's weight problems may actually propel his potential presidential candidacy forward.
  • Long Term Tablet Computer Review: the Barnes & Noble Nook Color
    For a year and a half, I have been using a Nook Color to read books, check e-mail, surf the web, play games, and write short articles. Here is my review of this incredibly useful tablet device.
  • Seven New Year's Resolutions for Gun Owners
    Gun ownership is a serious responsibility. It comes with a moral obligation to be safe, be law-abiding, and safeguard the American tradition of personal firearms ownership. Here are some resolutions for gun owners in the coming year.
  • Seven New Year's Resolutions for Writers
    This is the year that you should get serious about your writing and take it to another level. Here are some New Year's resolutions to help you make it happen!
  • How Does Santa Elude Air Defenses Around the World?
    Every year, jolly old Saint Nick penetrates the air defenses of all the world's nations and delivers Christmas gifts. Here are some of the technologies and techniques that he may use.
  • How You Can Cope with Fiscal Cliff Tax Hikes
    If the United States goes over the "Fiscal Cliff," automatic tax increases of about 17% will be triggered that will cost every American household a significant amount of money. Here are some strategies for handling the financial hit.
  • Downsizing Your Decorations for a Hassle Free Christmas
    In many households, the traditional full-sized Christmas tree may seem like more trouble than it is worth. However, there is no reason to go entirely without Christmas decorations. Here are some ways that you can downsize your Christmas decor.
  • A Guide to the Affordable Men's Watches of the Classical Revival
    If you are ready for a simple, elegant, timepiece that tells the time and looks professional, your classic watches are waiting.
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