Amy, Using Our Words

Amy, Using Our Words

After 10 years as an award-winning copywriter for international brands (including Toyota, P&G, Yahoo! and more), Amy moved into the world of social media. She ran, a blog for moms who work at Yahoo!, as well as the Yahoo! Mother Board, a group of 75 external influential mom bloggers. Working closely with these talented women inspired Amy to start her own blog,, which allows her to share her experiences as a mom, and has gained a loyal following.

Amy is now a freelance writer and social media consultant, working closely with companies to build their brands and connect with moms in innovative ways. She was also named a Shine Parenting Guru in 2010 and continues to enjoy being a part of the Shine community.

While a good creative brief can lead to great writing, Amy s found her best inspiration is real life. She s the proud mom (most of the time) to two busy little boys--ages 5 and 3--and a sweet baby girl. While she s no stranger to difficulties, Amy uses her writing to find celebrate life s little triumphs and find solutions to challenges that come her way.
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  • Parenting Guru: From Chaos to Access
    I'm hoping some of the frustration in our house will change with a simple word: Access.
  • Parenting Guru: From Gimme to Gave Me
    Sure, we still have our wish lists, but this is our family's way of celebrating our wishes that have been granted.
  • Parenting Guru: Fall Means Football
    Sure, the leaves are changing, and ghosts and pumpkins are everywhere we turn, but the true sign that it's fall in our house? It's tailgating time.
  • Parenting Guru: 4 Things Parenting Books Don't Tell You
    While I've read plenty of books about being a good parent, these are truths I've learned on the job.
  • Parenting Guru: 5 Things I Want My Kids to Know About Me Someday
    One day, I'll share these parenting truths with my three little kids. But first I have a lot of mistakes left to make.
  • Parenting Guru: 10 Things I Love About Summer with My Kids
    My three kids and I are spending the summer as unplugged and uncommitted as possible. And we're having a great time doing it.
  • Parenting Guru: A Resolution My Whole Family is in On
    On January 1st, I told my family we were going to start talking about the great things that happened to us each day. Here's how—and why—we're documenting the positive.
  • Parenting Guru: Giving thanks for a brother who's also a role model
    When I think about what I want my little boys to be like when they grow up, this is one male role model in their lives who deserves more credit.
  • Parenting Guru: DIY Halloween costume fail: The Baby in the Yellow Hat
    Be warned, DIY costumes are not for everyone. Even those of us with great ideas should make note that it's all about the execution. Enter Curious George and The Baby in the Yellow Hat.
  • Parenting Guru: When life hands you back to school, make lemonade
    Instead of buying classroom supplies and cute outfits, we're having a lemonade stand. And that just may be the best way to prepare for back-to-school madness.
  • Parenting Guru: 5 simple ways to get your family’s move back
    Finding new ways to channel your kids' endless energy can be challenging. Here are a few simple things we’ve discovered to make everyday items and places a bit more interesting -- and keep us moving.
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  • Parenting Guru: The best way to remember your family vacation
    Sometimes the best vacation memories are the moments between the perfectly planned events and outings. The ones that still have you laughing years later.
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  • Parenting Guru: The art of doing nothing this summer
    Three and a half months of summer vacation. Three kids -- ranging in age from one to six. What on earth are we going to do? The answer is simple. Whatever we want. (With a bit of prep, this can actually work. I think.)
  • Parenting Guru: Sometimes it takes a bit of mom time to get me through bedtime
    As a mom of young kids, spending time with friends (while the kids do the same), leaves everyone feeling happy and refreshed.
  • Parenting Guru: What to do with a kid who hates to lose
    I have a little boy who hates to lose. And next weekend is his first t-ball game. While I’d love to think he’ll make it through Little League with an undefeated record, I know that’s not realistic. And, logically, I know it wouldn’t actually be good.
  • Parenting Guru: For the love of superheroes and princesses
    You can imagine my surprise when, at 2 years old, my son proclaimed his love for the cute tween girl down the street. He turned to his 5-year-old brother and said, “I just saw the most beeeaauuutiful girl!” He’s passionate. Enthusiastic. Impulsive.
  • Parenting Guru: A monumental milestone
    Smiling. Rolling over. The first tooth. They're all exciting moments with a baby. But in our house, there's one thing that truly initiates you into the family. Dancing.
  • Parenting Guru: Holiday Spirit Bootcamp
    A fun way to teach your kids a lesson in gratitude and giving this holiday season.
  • Parenting Guru: When a Mom is Also a Grieving Daughter
    While it’s been over a month since my father passed away, it still feels raw. I think people think I should be “back to normal” by now. But I’m guessing those people haven’t lost a parent. They don’t know that there’s no going back.
  • Parenting Guru: The Halloween momster strikes again
    There's no doubt this is the scariest time of the year. But it's not the ghosts, witches and goblins that do me in. It's the ketchup bottles and men in yellow hats. (Ok, not men, one particularly feisty baby, really.)
  • Parenting Guru: The summer it all started
    It's funny, I'm not a fan of change. I like things to be routine, predictable. So the fact that this summer was packed with newness should have me going crazy. And, in a way it does. But the good kind of crazy. The kind of crazy that makes you laugh out loud-just at the thought of it.That's because
  • Parenting Guru: 5 fun after-school activities
    While trips to museums, zoos and parks may have to slow down now that school's back in session, here are five ways to have some fun around home in the afternoons.
  • Parenting Guru: The slacker mom's guide to kindergarten prep
    Yesterday was my son's first day of kindergarten. And, yes, I've known this day was coming for close to five and a half years. But it snuck up on me anyway. I wasn't ready for it. But it turns out my son, Big, was. Which was really surprising given how sensitive and emotional he tends to be. As I lo
  • Parenting Guru: How my kids are bringing new meaning to a long-lost love
    Swimming. Over the years the word has had a lot of different meanings to me.When I was very young, the baby pool was home for the summer. It meant friends, fun and snack bar goodies. By the time I was eight, it meant early mornings, blue ribbons and pool records. Soon came the Olympic dreams (far fe
  • Parenting Guru: A simply suburban summer
    Don't get me wrong, I love the smell of salt water on my skin and the freeze of pina coladas on my brain. And if I didn't have 3 kids ranging from 6 weeks old to 5 years old, I'd be on a plane to Hawaii at this very moment. But I do. So this summer, we'll be making the most of being at home-in the a
  • Parenting Guru: Camp WhereYaWannaGoToday
    Much to my 5-year old's disappointment, I'm not a camper. In fact my friends joked that the reason I had a baby this Spring was so I could avoid their annual summer camping trip. Again. (And they just might have been right.)I have no doubt that one day this will catch up to me. I'll lose the battle-
  • Parenting Guru: What I learned in preschool
    In about a month, my oldest son, Big, will be "graduating" from preschool. And while a ceremony might seem a bit silly, recognizing how very far he's come in two short years is a must. His first day he tackled me crying, begging me not to leave. Now he practically tackles me running in the door to s
  • Parenting Guru: The gift of Mother's Day eve
    When you're the mom of a 3-year old and 6-month old, "sleeping in" isn't in your vocabulary. In my case, "sleeping" wasn't either. A couple years ago as Mother's Day was approaching, I hadn't had more than a 2-hour stretch of sleep in two months thanks to a sick and needy baby. My husband knew I was
  • Parenting Guru: The perfect Spring Break do over: a mommy & me slumber party
    The last few years, Spring Break has not quite lived up to the fantasy it's supposed to be for our family. A couple years ago my youngest, Little, was suffering from severe ear infections that landed him in surgery (at just 7 months old). This year, I'm stuck on bed rest and my oldest son, Big, is f
  • Parenting Guru: The 5-year milestone birthday
    The other day I woke up as the mom of a 5-year old. It shouldn't feel that much different than last week, but it does. Because for some reason to me, 5 is a huge milestone. My little one will go from being a preschooler to a grade schooler. Lights are starting to turn on and the world is becoming a
  • Parenting Guru: A fun way to get your picky eaters to enjoy new foods
    At the beginning of each school year, I read all kinds of inspiring articles about lunchbox creativity. I buy "fun" (and healthy) new items to try, but within a month or so, we've settled into a few easy favorites (and by favorites I mean things that, for the most part, get eaten). This leads to my
  • Parenting Guru: What my kids have learned from their disabled grandfather
    The other day we were driving by my son's soon-to-be elementary school-which happens to be two stories-and he asked me if there was an elevator. I quickly responded, "No, just stairs." He corrected me (of course), first saying that there was probably a cool ladder instead, then by asking, "Well, wha
  • Parenting Guru: Oops, I flubbed again...and again
    You know how most parents have that one story about the time they royally messed up? I cannot, I mean really cannot, think of my biggest parenting flub. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of them. (So many, in fact, that I started a blog to capture them all.)Was it the time I sat there frozen-and
  • Parenting Guru: "How do you juggle it all?" Insult or compliment?
    What's the rudest question you can ask a mother? According to Tina Fey's recent article in The New Yorker, it's "How do you juggle it all?" As a working mom of two young kids, a baby on the way, a blogger and the daughter of an ailing father, I'm someone who gets asked this a lot.
  • Parenting Guru: Simple, creative painting projects for kids
    If you're stuck inside (again!) and looking for some fun ways to turn a quick watercolor activity into an afternoon project, here are some of our favorite spins on the craft (watch out MOMA!):Art in the Driver's SeatGetting my son to paint: difficult. Getting my son to play with Matchbox cars: easy.
  • Parenting Guru: How I love being a mom of boys
    Come May, things around our house will be changing. We'll no longer be a boy-only household. The pink is already starting to seep in. The realization that princesses and dolls will eventually be moving into our house as well has my oldest son exasperated. Don't get me wrong, we're all thrilled to be
  • Parenting Guru: Do You Have Pregnancy Product Musts?
    I've done this whole pregnancy thing a few times now. And sure, each pregnancy is different (like one requiring me to stock up on ranch dressing and another on Frosted Flakes). But some things remain the same. These are the tried and true products I can't live without. I figured I'd share them in th
  • Parenting Guru: Embracing our inner Griswold
    Growing up, our holidays were just as they were supposed to be. My dad would hang the lights on the house-literally flipping off the roof at least two years that I can remember-only to discover half of the strands weren't working when he plugged them in. Then there was the year my mom decorated the
  • Parenting Guru: Grateful for simple truths and the best of friends
    [Editor's note: This month, Shine Parenting Gurus were asked to write about a moment over the last year that they are genuinely thankful for, whether that was a good time with their family, or a more difficult experience that made reflect upon their lives in a new way.]Recently my 4-1/2-year-old son
  • User post: A Real Mom's Fashion Wish List
    I've never been a trend setter. I wore Jordache zipper jeans, not Guess. I thought Gap was high fashion until I went to college with L.A. fashion mavens. And even now I'd choose flip flops over Jimmy Choo's (did I even spell that right?). Don't get me wrong, I try to buy (reasonably) fashionable clo
  • An Everyday Moment Turned Into a Magical One
    The other day I rushed home from work after an important morning meeting. Little was feeling sick and I hated to be away. I arrived home to find him sound asleep, not missing me a bit. Big and our sitter were playing a nice, quiet game of Chutes and Ladders in our playroom before lunch.
  • User post: How Does Your Child Reflect You?
    The good. The bad. The ugly. My personality has its fair share of each, it turns out. Sure I knew this, but only recently did I really see this. One day I was chatting with Big and realized he talks like a 15-year-old valley girl. The "like"s, "totally"s, "dude"s and attitude that made up his story
  • Parenting Guru: A family tradition that rocks
    Our family tradition isn't a once-of-year kind of thing. It's become a way of life. Years (and years) ago when my husband and I were first dating, he'd see me starting to get stressed out about something and he'd turn on some music. "Let's dance it out." Within seconds of watching his silly faces an
  • A Heavy Heart and a Promise to Remember
    We all have our September 11th stories. Mine happens to include putting my boyfriend (now husband) and cousin on planes first thing in the morning the day after my grandmother's funeral in Denver. After driving back to my grandmother's house, I couldn't fall back asleep, so I turned on the TV to cat
  • Packing Peanut-Free School Lunches—The Why & How
    There was a time when you could find me rolling my eyes at those crazy parents who wanted everybody to be mindful of their kids' peanut allergies. I mean seriously, your kid, your problem. Fast forward a few years and it's my kids. My problem. (Though Big has miraculously outgrown his food allergies
  • 6 Tips for Talking to Kids About Death
    Recently a friend of mine, preparing to say goodbye to her mom, asked me if I would consider writing about how to talk to kids about illness and death. I was honored that she'd trust me to start this conversation on such a personal topic, but also overwhelmed by what it meant: That I'd have to face
  • User post: 6 tips for talking to kids about death
    Recently a friend of mine, preparing to say goodbye to her mom, asked me if I would consider writing about how to talk to kids about illness and death. I was honored that she'd trust me to start this conversation on such a personal topic, but also overwhelmed by what it meant: That I'd have to face
  • Another Humbling Visit to the Hospital
    The past few years, I've spent far more time than I would ever hope for at our children's hospital. But every time I'm there, I find myself completely humbled. And grateful. I watch parents walking their kids down the hall. But instead of holding that sweet chubby hand, they're pushing an IV cart. A

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