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  • Review of BurnOut Clean and Clear Zinc Oxide Sunscreen
    BurnOut Clean and Clearn Zinc Oxide Sunscreen is the closest to perfect chemical-free and natural sunscreen I have found to date. Read what I like and don't like about this product.
  • The Quest for Beauty
    Stop listening to skincare companies who try to sell you products that simply don't work. Learn effective ways to take care of your skin without spending a fortune.
  • Osteoarthritis and Runners
    Non-weight bearing exercises are safe for people with osteoarthritis. Depending on the severity of osteoarthritis, running--a weight bearing exercise--may be OK. If you are going to run, follow these tips to minimize damage to the joints.
  • Make Your Bedroom a Healthy Place
    Do you wake up feeling sick in the morning, have frequent headaches or respiratory complaints, but can't figure out why? Toxins in your bedroom may be the cause. Breathe easier and reduce your exposure to chemicals by creating a non-toxic bedroom.
  • Dysgerminoma: The Young Woman's Ovarian Cancer
    Dysgerminomas are a rare form of ovarian cancer that most commonly occur in young women of reproductive age. I was diagnosed with dysgerminoma ovarian cancer at 23 years old. Read my story.
  • Possible Causes of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
    The exact cause of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is unknown. Chemical imbalances, malfunction and overactivity in the brain, genetics and environment may all play a role in the disorder.
  • Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome
    Selective sound sensitivity syndrome, also known as soft sound sensitivity syndrome or misophonia, is a condition which causes an extreme dislike of some sounds and results in extreme anxiety and despair in the sufferer.
  • Treat Anxiety Without Medication
    Medication is not your only option in treating anxiety. Learn scientifically proven effective ways to treat anxiety.
  • Health Care and Health Insurance Options for Immigrants
    Learn about the health care and health insurance options available to immigrants in the United States, including private and public health insurance.
  • How to Remove Facial Hair with Sandpaper
    Are you tired of razors, wax, and chemical hair removal products? You can try using fine grit sandpaper instead.
  • How Does a Satellite Phone Work?
    Ever wonder how a satellite phone works? This article explains how.
  • Top Five Beaches in Southern California
    A guide to five of the best Southern California Beaches.
  • Top Ten Malibu Restaurants
    Malibu restaurants offer fine dining and wonderful ocean views in a casual and relaxing environment. Malibu has a lot to offer when it comes to an enjoyable dining experience. Read on for ten of the top restaurants in Malibu.
  • The Dangerous Side of Nuclear Power Plants
    How Clean is Nuclear Power? What are the risks of nuclear power plants? Have there been nuclear power plant accidents? Read this article to explore the answers to these questions.
  • You Don't Have to Be Rich to Make a Difference
    You don't have to be rich and famous to make a difference in the world. Each and every one of us has the power to help people. Money is not the only way to make a difference. Every day there are opportunities for each and every one of us to help people.
  • The "Real" Healthy Diet
    It is easy to understand why consumers are confused when it comes to eating a healthy diet. There are many fad diets marketed as diets to make you healthy or lose weight. How is one to know which diet to follow? The answer to the healthy diet is a simple one.
  • Is it Finally Time to Dump Windows 2000?
    Is it time to dump your old operating system? You might find that it is. Many personal computers and business computers still run old operating systems. More and more new programs are not compatible with older operating systems.
  • How to Protect Wildlife with Proper Trash Disposal
    Common trash items can injure and kill wildlife. Read tips on how to properly dispose of trash items to avoid harming wildlife.
  • The Many Uses for Pesto Sauce
    Top chefs know that pesto is a healthy and tasty addition to many meals. Pesto is a quick and easy way to make gourmet meals that taste great. And pesto is good for you.
  • How to Treat Severe Diaper Rash
    Severe diaper rash can be uncomfortable and painful for baby. It can be frustrating to parents. When severe diaper rash happens, there is help to soothing and treating it. This article will discuss the different methods to treating diaper rash.
  • How to Repair Wood Rot
    A lot of times it is easier and less expensive to repair rotted wood than it is to replace it. Before repairing the wood, it is important to identify the cause of the damage in the first place. Wood rot is caused by water damage.
  • Four Stretches to Relieve Headaches and Neck Pain - Start Out Your Day Pain Free
    Stretching can help to relieve headaches and neck pain. Even if you do not have any pain, stretches can help prevent headaches and neck pain.
  • How to Leak Proof Your RV
    A motorhome or recreational trailer is a big investment. Protect your RV from leaks that can cause water damage. Water damage can lead to rot in your RV. With the proper maintenance, you can keep water damage from happening to your RV.
  • How to Maintain Your RV Toilet
    It is important to properly maintain the toilet in your RV to avoid smelly problems. Maintaining a toilet in a RV is not complicated and you should be able to avoid problems if you follow these guidelines.
  • Newman's Own Organic Cat Food Review
    Newman's Own organic cat food is a premium food. With organic ingredients and availability at most grocery stores, Newman's is a winner.
  • Newman's Own Premium Organic Dog Food Review
    Karma organic dog food is a super premium certified organic dog food. They only use human quality ingredients and they don't use any chemical preservatives.
  • Pleo Dinosaur by UGOBE: Tech Toy Reviewed
    The Pleo Dinosaur by UGOBE is an advanced robot toy. Pleo is so lifelike, it will amaze you. Pleo is so cute, you will want to cuddle with him.
  • How to Start an Animal Rescue
    Starting an animal rescue requires a person to put their business hat on. Make no mistakes about it; an animal rescue is a business. There is quite a bit of work involved in starting and running an animal rescue. Let's take a look at what is involved.
  • People Who Live in Their Office
    Eight people are secretly living in an industrial complex. Situations go on like this more often than people think. Why are people living in offices and what do they think about it?
  • Planning a Blues Clues Theme Birthday Party
    A Blues Clues theme birthday party is a lot of fun for little Blues Clues fans. This article will give you some fun ideas to make your Blues Clues theme birthday party a huge success.
  • Will People Eat Cloned Meat?
    On January 15, 2008, the FDA released a statement saying that cloned meat is safe to eat. Let's take a look at the issues regarding cloned meat. What are scientists saying? What are people saying? Will people eat cloned meat?
  • Top Indian Restaurants in Los Angeles
    There are quite a few Indian restaurants in Los Angeles. The quality and of the food and service offered in the restaurants varies greatly. Below is a list of seven of the best Indian restaurants that Los Angeles has to offer.
  • Planning a Pokemon Theme Birthday Party
    A Pokemon theme birthday party is a perfect choice for your little Pokemon lover. It is easy to throw a fun Pokemon party that all the kids will love. Read on for some tips to make your Pokemon party a successful one.
  • Two Christian Bible Colleges that Offer Free Courses
    Ames International School of Ministry and Online Bible College are both Christian colleges that offer free courses in biblical studies. Free is my favorite price! These are high quality courses that are perfect for anyone who wants to learn biblical studies.
  • Thule Atlantis 1600: An Attractive Cargo Carrier
    The Thule Atlantis 1600 is an attractive cargo carrier that mounts to the roof rack of your vehicle. It holds your snowboards or anything else. Easy to mount and easy to use, this product is a winner.
  • Meredith Emerson's Body Found
    A nation mourns for Meredith and her family after worst fears have come true. Meredith Emerson's body was found.
  • Model Releases and Copyright of Photos
    Understanding copyright and ownership of photos as well as the model release. How can photos be used without a model release? Understand what rights you are giving away before signing that model release.
  • Review of MountainSmith Bike Cube Deluxe
    The Bike Cube Deluxe made by Mountainsmith is the ultimate travel pack for your mountain bike adventures. Moutainsmith thought of everything when designing this deluxe pack.
  • Meredith Emerson is Still Missing; Authorities Want to Speak with Gary Michael Hilton
    Georgia authorities are looking for sixty year old Gary Michael Hilton regarding the disappearance of Meredith Emerson after witnesses have reported seeing Hilton with Emerson on the day of her disappearance.
  • The Smart Strip: The Power Strip that Conserves Energy
    The Smart Strip is an energy saving power strip that you plug your electronic devices into. Oprah.com says the Smart Strip is a "great way to conserve energy and cash".
  • Biking on the Pacific Coast Highway
    The beautiful Pacific Coast Highway is one of my favorite biking routes where I ride on the weekends. Usually my ride which takes me from Oxnard to Malibu, is a stress relieving experience. One particular Saturday, it was anything but relaxing.
  • Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for a Single Mom
    Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to spoil single moms. Make Valentine's Day a special day for the single mom in your life with these ideas.
  • Lauren London: Hollywood's New Starlet
    Lauren London is one of Hollywood's newest actresses. Her pretty face and edgy look are part of her popularity. Music videos, acting and modeling - Lauren does it all.
  • Bike Helmets of Today and Tomorrow
    The history of bicycle helmets. Bicycle helmets of today and the future.
  • Acupuncture for a Toothache
    Toothache pain can be absolutely unbearable. If you can't get to the dentist, give acupuncture a try. It relieved my pain when vicodin could not.
  • Bake a Birthday Cake for Jesus
    Baking a birthday cake for Jesus is a great way to teach your children about the true meaning of Christmas. Make it a yearly family Christmas tradition that your family will look forward to.
  • Homemade Holiday Corporate Gift Basket Ideas
    Holiday corporate gift baskets are a great way to show your employees and clients that you appreciate them. This article will show you how to make beautiful gift baskets at affordable prices.
  • How to Creatively Hang a Christmas Stocking on a Mantel
    Hanging your Christmas stockings can be fun when you get creative. My favorite way of hanging Christmas stockings incorporates a Christmas nativity scene on the mantle. You can create any scene that you desire. Your imagination is your limit.
  • Raise Money for Charities with a Click of Your Mouse
    You can help charities with just a click of your mouse. Several web sites will give money or items to needy causes when you click on their web site. What is the catch? None! This costs you absolutely no money.
  • Are There Beetle Guts on Your Lips?
    Are there beetle guts on your lips? If you are wearing lipstick, there just might be. You might have even eaten beetle guts today! "No, I would never eat beetle guts." you say. Maybe not on purpose, but chances are you have.
  • How I Learned to Live with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    I have lived with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for eighteen years. My IBS symptom is sudden onset diarrhea also called nervous diarrhea. My body only gives me about two minutes of warning that I am going to need to use the restroom.
  • Smoking Cessation Drug Chantix Under Review by the FDA for Safety
    The drug Chantix that is commonly prescribed to aid patients in quitting smoking, is being reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for safety.
  • Thanksgiving Murder-Suicide in Laytonsville, Maryland
    On Thanksgiving night, police found five dead bodies in the town of Laytonsville, Maryland at 1.5 acre Unity Park. It is believed to have been a murder-suicide with a domestic related motive.
  • Smegma - Women Have it Too
    Many people think that just men have smegma, but that is not true. Women also have smegma. What is smegma? What is the purpose of smegma? What about hygiene and smegma?
  • Undercover Investigation of Butterball Uncovers Inhumane Treatment
    Peta did an undercover investigation of the Butterball slaughter house in Ozark, Arkansas. The tortuous treatment of the turkeys at Butterball is horrifying. The blatant abuse the slaughter house workers subjected the poor turkeys to, brings tears to your eyes.
  • List of U.S. Presidents with Trivia Tidbits
    1. George Washington (1789-1797) Fact: George Washington never went to college. 2. John Adams (1797-1801) Fact: John Adams died on the same day as Thomas Jefferson.
  • John Edwards Make Me Proud to Be an American
    John Edwards, make me proud to be an American! Let me know my country respects me. Is not America its' people? Then tell me you didn't forget me.
  • FDA Orders Tubes of the Product "Age Intervention Eyelash" Seized
    The US Food and Drug Administration had the US Marshall seize 12,000 tubes of Age Intervention Eyelash due to concerns over the products' safety.
  • Hopeful New Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis
    Researchers have found that the drug amiloride can reduce the degeneration of nerve tissue in mice. Research was done on mice that had a condition similar to multiple sclerosis in humans. Researchers believe this would benefit multiple sclerosis patients.
  • Ned Cobb: an Important Person in American History
    Ned Cobb also known as Nate Shaw was the son of slaves. Nate, a sharecropper who had all odds against him, managed to accomplish a lot. His story is inspiring.
  • The 2007 National Thanksgiving Turkey
    Thanksgiving 2007 at the White House brings the annual turkey pardon for one lucky turkey. Actually two lucky turkeys.
  • Triumph and Tragedy: The Ray Mancini Story
    The ESPN documentary will cover the life of Ray Mancini and the historic World Boxing Association fight between Ray Mancini and Duek-Koo Kim which sadly ended in Kim's death. The documentary will also air footage of the historic tragic fight.
  • ASPCA Announces New Animal Behavior Lifeline
    Need help with your pet? Is your dog chewing on the furniture? Does your dog bark 24 hours a day? The ASPCA Lifeline will offer advice on these topics and more.
  • What You Need to Know About Tenant Rights in California
    It is important to know your rights as a renter. California has many laws designed to protect tenants.
  • Loopt is the New Friend Tracking Service for Cell Phones
    Loopt is a new friend-tracking service for cell phones. It uses the GPS feature of cell phones to track locations of other users. It combines friend tracking features with Myspace like capabilities.
  • Nancy Reagan Exhibit on Display at Ronald Reagan Library
    The Ronald Reagan Library will host a year long exhibit for the former first lady Nancy Reagan, showcasing over 80 of her outfits.
  • A Guide to the Dreaded Defense Medical Exam
    A plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit almost always has to submit to a defense medical exam. This guide will help you to understand what a defense medical exam is and what to do during one.
  • How to Find a Good Doctor
    Finding a good doctor can be hard. First, what makes a good doctor? How do you find one?
  • How to Get Your Child to Talk to You
    How to get your child or teenaget to open up to you and talk about their lives. The secret to open communication.
  • Telebrands Doggy Steps Review
    A review of Telebrands Doggy Steps
  • Hotel Review: Best Western Thousand Oaks Inn
    A review of the Best Western Thousand Oaks Inn. What I liked and disliked about it.
  • Midget Mac: 2007's Most Popular Little Person
    Midget Midget Mac, a contestant on the VH1 TV show I Love New York 2 is winning the hearts of the audience. Let's take a look at what some of his fans have to say.
  • What Will Men Risk for a Fulfilling Sex Life?
    Men will take Viagra even though Viagra has a risk of heart failure, blindness and hearing loss. What does this say about men and our society?
  • Are Anti-Bacterial Products Spreading Disease in Your House?
    Anti-bacterial products are weakening our immune systems and making us sick. Can keeping your home to clean, make your children sick?
  • Is Your Medication Causing Hearing Loss?
    Some medications can cause temporary or even permanent hearing loss.
  • Fear of the Word No
    Some people are afraid to say "no". What can be done to get over their fear?
  • Where to Buy Holiday Decorations in Los Angeles
    Five places to shop in Los Angeles for holiday decorations.
  • Facts About the Skin Condition Melasma
    What is melasma and what causes it?
  • Medical Marijuana: Where the System is Failing in California
    The process of dispensing medical marijuana is failing. What improvements can be made?
  • Buy Meat Products with the "Certified Humane Raised & Handled" Logo
    Buying products with the Certified Humane Raised & Handled Logo ensures that the farm animals have been handled in a humane manner.
  • What is Phakomatous Choristoma?
    Phakomatous Choristoma is a rare benign tumor found in infants that is congenital.
  • Organic Clothing at Whole Foods Market - Review
    Whole Foods is selling organic clothing for men, women and children. The clothing designs are getting more fashionable. They even sell tennis shoes. Whole foods is giving people the opportunity to live green in their clothing choices.
  • Elisha Graves Otis's Invention that Helped Form Modern Society - The Elevator
    Elisha Graves Otis invented the safety elevator making the elevator a commonly used machine in society.

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