Andrea Coventry

Andrea Coventry

Andrea Coventry is a Montessori child, now Montessori educator, who seeks to share this educational philosophy with the world. This background, coupled with over 20 years of experience with children of all ages, gives her a unique perspective into the worlds of education and parenting. Follow these topics on Twitter @MontessoriWrite.

With four years of online writing experience, she has published on numerous websites. Under the previous Featured Contributor program on Associated Content, she was an FC in education, parenting, arts & entertainment, and local. She has been in the Top 1000 Contributors annually since 2008. Her work has also been published on Yahoo! News and omg! She covers the Superfan beat for the Showtime hit 'Dexter' on Yahoo! TV and the college football fan's perspective on Michigan Wolverine football for Yahoo! Sports. Follow all of these topics on Twitter @AndreaCoventry.
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