Jack Connery

Jack Connery

"Crafting a biography is a lot like shaving a bear: getting started is the hardest part."

In six years of college, I received a BA in English Education and Professional Writing from Purdue University. After several years of teaching high school English, I realized education is rapidly turning into a glue trap of a profession. So I left. Now I write full-time, and although the lack of reliable income is frightening (but thanks to Obamacare, a little less frightening), the freedom is priceless. That said, I do believe the mediocre writing that passes for acceptable in some web content is terrifying...just like I think some of the reality shows that pass for "television" is equally frightening.
I hope that my writing does a little to reverse that trend.
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Arizona State University, Indiana University


It was not until late in life that I discovered how easy it is to say I do not know.


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