Barry Livingstone

Barry Livingstone

I have long been a student of business - be it investing in global companies or digging into the microeconomics of small businesses. I enjoy financial modeling and problem solving. I have completed lean six sigma greenbelt training and expect to move forward in that continuous improvement discipline. I also have experience in building websites and increasing publicity for local small businesses and non-profits. I am well versed in web technologies and website design techniques.

I am an expecting father, looking forward to becoming a father for the first time. My little girl will soon be here and my wife and I are very excited to meet her for the first time.
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  • First Person: Financial Moves I Should Have Made in My 20s
    Little did I know that saving money in my IRA and 401K was not enough in my 20s. Had I known some of the pitfalls of these low-maintenance investments I could have saved myself a fortune.
  • First Person: Three Financial Moves I'm Glad I Made in My 30s
    These three decisions I made while I was in my thirties have set in motion progress toward accomplishing all of the dreams I had in those years. Today in my forties many of those old dreams are coming to fruition.
  • Will Bering Sea Gold Prove Deadliest for Discovery Channel?
    Discovery Channel's recent strings of hit series about deadly occupations have proven wildly popular but will their ever expanding portfolio finally result in the death(s) of people who don't belong in those jobs?
  • I Didn't Know I Had a Blog
    Well this is cool... I didn't realize I had a blog on here but since I do maybe I'll fill in a few words here and dress it up a little. I don't have much to say right now but did not wish to leave a blank space.

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