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I call myself Sly Navreet, and I've been a writer here at Associated Content for several years, now. Please disregard anything stupid I may have said in content since before the past year or so; I'm trying to get it deleted. I have recently had a rather dramatic spiritual and philosophical upheaval, and most of my older content no longer is representative of my view on things. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my content.
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Highschool graduate; prefer not to say more.


"No man is free who is not a master of himself."


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  • Dairy Queen Exposed
    Think Dairy Queen serves "down-home country cooking"? Think again. This explosive article explains the truth behind Dairy Queen, from the ingredients to the sanitation practices, from a former employee.
  • Jack3d: Review and Science
    Is Jack3d a rising star, or is it doomed to fizzle-out? A review of my use of the substance, and a look at the science behind its effects.
  • The Historical Jesus
    What evidence is there for the existence of a historical Jesus? What was the historical Jesus like? What do sources besides the gospel say, and how do they compare with doctrine?
  • How to Bulk Up like a Pro
    Learn three innovative techniques for packing on slabs of muscle in record-time, including one that my surprise you.
  • Christian Communism
    Why Christianity is Communist in nature. Citations from the Bible are included.
  • Eight Must Read Books
    There are some things that you've got to read before you die. It is my estimation that these are among the most important.
  • Increasing Testosterone
    A guide for increasing testosterone production for men. Increase testosterone production naturally.
  • Increasing Male Sex Drive and Sexual Performance
    How to increase testosterone, increase sexual performance, increase sex drive, increase libido and more, naturally and effectively.
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
    High fructose corn syrup is undoubtedly one of the most evil things that's been marketed to you. Learn the frightening truth about it now. Keep your family safe and inform those you care about before it's too late.
  • Best Strength and Fitness Sites
    You can have one of the greatest work ethics out there but still not be as successful as other people if you don't have the best information; but here you have it.
  • Tae Kwon Do Vs. Muay Thai
    It's a question that's been raging throughout the martial arts and mixed martial arts communities for years now. Is Muay Thai a style superior to Tae Kwon Do?
  • Getting Bigger Biceps
    How to get the best guns in town. Try out these tips and see a size increase in a short period of time.
  • Six Tips to Increase Kicking Power
    Want devastating legs? Here are some things to think about.
  • Deadliest Martial Arts
    What to look for if you're interested in hardcore self-defense.
  • How to Pack on Lots of Muscle Quickly
    Why wait? Pack on a ton of muscle quickly, and get the body you want now.
  • Dealing with Stress
    Inventive ways to deal with stress in a society where stress is a part of life at large.
  • Signs Your Mate is Unfaithful
    An objective look at the burning question. How can you be sure if your mate is being faithful?
  • How to Please Your Partner Better
    Several ways to make things a little more interesting. Who wants a boring sex life? Not you, right?
  • The Food Supply - Can't You See They're Poisoning It?
    A look at some of the things that are in food that should NEVER be in food.
  • Getting Ripped Abs - Six Pack? What's That?
    Because you know and I know you want it.
  • How Sugar Rules You
    The bitter truth about sugar and how it influences every step of your life.
  • Biblical Contradictions - How the Bible is Wrong!
    The Bible is inconsistent. Of course Christianity has so many denominations; it can't even get its story straight.
  • Moisturizing Lotion Could Be Killing You Slowly
    There are a surprising number of things in your moisturizing lotion that could be doing you bodily harm.
  • Health Myths
    Lies, all lies. Things you've probably heard over and over again that actually hold no water.
  • Autism: What You Haven't Been Told
    Certain things about the causes of autism many scientists seem to be hiding from the public. Learn some facts today.
  • The Appendix - It Has a Purpose
    The appendix has long been regarded as a vestigial organ.
  • Healthy Meal, Snack and Drink Recipes After a Heart Attack
    Healthy meal, snack, and drink recipes after a heart attack do not have to be without flavor or appeal.
  • Mexican Dessert Recipes
    A few Mexican dessert recipes can spice up any one's cook book and bring a bit of flair to any one's party or event.
  • Healthy Food Recipes
    A really great imitation spaghetti dish that tastes just like the real thing, and a tuna salad mix that's thrilling (to inject a colorful verb there).
  • Maple Sugar-Free Cookie Recipe
    These delicious cookies contain absolutely no refined sugar!
  • A Fat Virus? - More Likely Than You'd Think
    I'd ordinarily be the very last person to even begin to suggest that obesity could be related to much more than diet and exercise, and maybe genetics to some extent. However, some disturbing new research has shown a correlation between a certain virus and obesity.
  • More Health Myths
    Fruit juice, eggs, fat makes you fat, 8 8 ounce glasses of water a day, and more. Learn the facts, and don't believe the hype.
  • The Truth About Carbs
    I'd like to take a moment to destroy, defile, and set on fire the persistent shrines to what I have come to disaffectionately dub "carb-hate".
  • What You Should Know About Raw Milk
    It's not talked about very often in the mainstream media. Some might even say it's ignored altogether.
  • Understanding the Thermogenic Effects of Food
    It might come as quite a surprise to many health-conscious people that not all Calories are created equally. Depending on where you get your Calories from, you may actually be getting less Calories than you think.
  • Unknown Evils of the Food Industry
    It was only a matter of time before factors collided and American health began to be chipped away at--for the profit of corporate America.
  • Sunscreen Causes Cancer
    Sunscreen causes cancer, and more. Some interesting insight into what the FDA won't tell you.
  • Tips on Making Money for New Webmasters
    Information on a few excellent sites for new and established webmasters alike to make their site more profitable.
  • Nucleic Acids and Abiogenesis
    An interesting take on abiogenesis, and how questions of nucleic acids may support Design.
  • Christianity Exposed: Easter
    Would it surprise you if I told you that Easter is actually not a Christian celebration at all, but, rather, yet another Pagan tradition that was absorbed by the Church? What Easter actually celebrates is the annual sun-cycle; the vernal equinox, Spring.
  • 5 Best Health Sites
    These 5 sites are, without a doubt, 5 of the best sites on health, training, and nutrition on the internet. Check them out.
  • Developing Strength - How it Works, and What to Do to Make it Work for You
    A comprehensive guide on getting stronger and the mechanisms involved.
  • Alli Diet Pill
    There are some dangers that you need to be aware of that you haven't been told about the newly approved Alli diet pill. Learn the truth.
  • The Enemy is in Your Food: High Fructose Corn Syrup
    HFCS should be regarded as one of the most dangerous food additives today. Find out the exact reasons why this is so.
  • The Dangers of Soy
    It's not what you think it is.
  • American Dietary Deficiencies - What are You Missing?
    If you're American, there's a decent to good chance your diet is deficient in something, somewhere.
  • Future Environmental Technologies - Possibilities Arise out of the Use of Natural Resources
    With the consumption of natural resources by humankind at an incredible rate, scientists have began pursuing the use of more advanced means of caring for the environment through recycling, and preventing waste and pollution in the first place.
  • Things Your Hospital Won't Tell You
    With more and more complex technologies becoming the forefront of the hospital experience, so is increasing the likelihood that something will go seriously wrong.
  • The Chemistry of Love
    What exactly happens when two people fall in love, in terms of chemicals, hormones, and neurotransmitters?
  • Tips on Preventing and Treating Back Pain
    If you're like 80% of Americans, at some point in your life, you are going to experience back pain.
  • The Dangers of Sugar
    Learn some shocking truths about sugar.
  • Top 5 Supplements for Athletes
    Sometimes, an athlete will need a little extra "umph" so they can train harder and continue to excel.
  • Review of Creatine Monohydrate Supplementation
    Creatine monohydrate is a popular sports supplement--but what exactly is it?
  • Review of Everlast Punching Bags
    Everlast punching bags are definitely a top-of-the-line product. They've been used by professionals for years and years with much success.
  • 5 Secrets Gyms Don't Want You to Know
    Behind the fitness crazy are hundreds or thousands of gyms around the country. But there are also things that they would never let you know.
  • The Best Cost-Efficient Healthy Foods
    With even a very slim budget, one can pursue a healthy, productive lifestyle outside that which the average American has adopted.
  • Common Foods that Are Wonderful for Your Body
    Detailing several foods that are right under your nose that may yield great health benefits.
  • How to Increase Your Mental Strength with Your Diet
    Be sure your family is aware of the natural life-extending goodies all around you.
  • Tips on Writing for Associated Content
    A few methods for optimizing your time writing for Associated Content.
  • The Most Logical Reasons to Become Vegan
    There are a variety of reasons to adopt a vegan lifestyle, health and peace of mind being just two commonly cited ones.
  • Exposing McDonalds: "Chicken" Nuggets
    Flammable chemicals. Butane. Carcinogens. Less than half of it is actually even chicken. Read the details here.
  • Easy Tips Lightening Up Your Favorite Recipes
    I think we all have some recipes that we have grown up with and love, but, in time, have come to realize aren't exactly forgiving to our waistlines.
  • Calorie Reduction for Longer Life?
    It has been known to the medical community since around the 1930s that many animals can live around 35-45 percent longer on reduced-calorie or minimal-calorie diets...
  • Dealing with Eczema
    Eczema is the itching, scaling, swelling, redness, and sometimes the combination thereof, of the skin. It can be painful and embarrassing. But, with some help, you can manage it and not let it overpower you.
  • Sleep Aids - Are They for You?
    If you can't sleep, there's a good chance you're like most Americans. Estimates are that over a third of Americans suffer from mild to moderate cases of insomnia, at least on some nights.
  • 6 Tips to Increase Punching Power
    For a fighter, there should be no neglecting their most well-known weapon: the fist.
  • The Anatomy of a Coke
    Have you ever wondered exactly what makes that classic bubbly beverage tick? Here's an eye-opener.
  • Tips on Preventing or Reducing Acne
    Acne is a problem that plagues many. It is often embarrassing and can cripple the self-confidence of even the most capable among us.
  • The Evolution of Mankind's Diet
    It is an often-quoted fact that about 90 percent of the foods modern man eats were not eaten by our ancient ancestors. Through years of technology and trying to out-do Mother Nature, our diets have become terribly bastardized from what they once were.
  • Greasing the Groove - a Powerful Training Technique?
    Using neuromuscular facilitation and motor neuron stimulation from Pavel Tsatsouline to greatly increase your maximal strength.
  • Tips on Gaining Muscle Mass like a Pro
    Gain mass like a pro. Learn how to use vitamin A, exercises that increase testosterone production, and an approach that incorporates stimulated testosterone production with an effective high-volume approach for effective strength and mass.
  • Building a Better Cardio Workout: Aerobic Versus Anaerobic
    A good cardio exercise program can help you lose weight and increase metabolism.
  • How to Take Advantage of the Glycemic Index
    The glycemic index is a science that has recently been expanded upon extensively. Learning about it can show you when to eat which carbohydrates for optimal utilization of the energy they provide.
  • Sifting Through the Myths and Finding Diet Truths
    For the past several months, I've been frustrated with the lies and myths of diets out there. I decided to commit much of my spare time to finding a diet that represents a completely healthy, perfect or close to it, but still tasty program.
  • USDA Food Pyramid: Evil, and Incorrect
    The USDA's food pyramid is considered something of a sacred symbol by many. It's time to desecrate it. Learn about how the food pyramid is fundamentally flawed and WILL make you fat and unhealthy.
  • The Truth About Saturated Fat and Cholesterol
    There has been a lot of misinformation about this beneficial fat, mostly due to the lobbying of various American 'health gurus'. Now, find out the truth about this misunderstood fatty acid.
  • Gymless Strength Training
    Sometimes, it becomes impossible to find equipment to work out with. This could be because you're in a hotel abroad, or it could be for some other reason. Whatever the case, if you want to work out without equipment, improvisation is necessary.
  • Top 10 Most Influential Books of All-Time
    Throughout history, books have shaped the way society worked. Sometimes radically, sometimes subtly.
  • Global Warming, Carbon Dioxide, and Methane
    Global warming--amidst all the hype, here are some actual facts to digest. Carbon dioxide is not the real issue here.
  • Understanding Paid-to-Read Sites
    An interesting way to earn some extra money doing something very easy--checking your email.
  • Tips on Sharpening Your Google Search
    Using and combining little known functions to master the behemoth search engine of the web, Google, and get exactly what you need.
  • Tips on Using Less Bandwidth for Webmasters
    When it comes to the beginning webmaster, or any webmaster looking to make a profit, sometimes it's important to be healthily frugal in your dealings.
  • Tips on Generating Traffic to Your Webpage for Free
    Sometimes generating traffic can be hard, and when it comes time to making your pageview quota, you may have doubts. Now, you can generate traffic for free using viral marketing techniques.
  • Runescape Tips: Fishing for Profit
    In the world of Runescape, pillaging and waging war upon your foes is not always for everyone. Some choose to pursue more leisurely ways of profit, and many turn to the sea and a fishing rod.
  • Tips on Avoiding Runescape Scams
    For Runescape players out there, there is next to nothing more horrible than losing your most prized items--not because they were taken off of your slain player's body, but because you were tricked into giving them to someone in a legal trade.
  • Runescape Tips: Player Killing
    When becoming a player killer in the Runescape universe, going deep into the Wilderness to slay your fellow adventurers for fun and profit, it is important to consider a few things.
  • More Diet Myths
    Oftentimes, you'll hear a 'fact' told by someone that makes no sense, but you listen to them because they appear to be well qualified. Here are a few of the more common myths that have likely found their way into your home.
  • Top Diet Myths: Lies You Can Eat
    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In a world of obesity in both the body and the wallet for big-name companies, it's important to know the truth about what you're being sold on.
  • What to Keep in Your Ultimate Survival Kit
    With these 7 items, survival becomes much easier; what's more, they're also all very lightweight and easy to carry, and would be a breeze to implement into any other survival kit.
  • Free Downloadable Tools
    There are lots of free downloadable tools and gadgets available on the internet. Here are some of the more effective of them all, which I, myself, have used and do use.
  • Six Reasons to Eat Nuts
    Nuts have, for a while, been the center of various controversies. Here are seven reasons why you should eat them.
  • How to Set Up a Free Website
    How to establish a quality web presence--for free.
  • What is the Paleo Diet?
    The Paleo Diet is a diet based on the way our ancient ancestors used to eat. It's a new and very interesting idea that has worked for many.
  • Glycemic Index Explained: the Truth About Carbohydrates
    With all the "carbs are bad for you!" hype, I feel it is neccessary to set the record straight. Not all carbs were created equally; there's a carb for a purpose, and a purpose for a carb.
  • Fitness Tips: Rep Ranges Explained
    There's a lot of hype regarding the best ranges to lift weights for various purposes. This should help clarify some of the confusion. Get the results you want!
  • Five Ways to Make Yourself Feel Better
    In a world crowded with the 'it' prescription drugs, it's often easy to forget that the basis of a lot of our ill-feeling can be alleviated with simple remedies. While these might not turn a prisoner on suicide watch into a choir boy, they certainly couldn't hurt.
  • Why You Should Cut Pork Out of Your Diet
    The mighty sow often has a bad reputation for stewing in its own excrement. While this is not true, it is disturbing how we continue to eat pork. There are other, much more worrisome, reasons why we should not consume pork.
  • The Truth About White Bread
    The truth about the white bread everyone knows and loves. You will never look at white bread the same way again.
  • What is Anarcho-communism?
    Anarcho-communism is a little known yet widely misunderstood ideology. Read to better understand this form of government.
  • The History of Hemp
    An overview of the history of the cannabis plant--from its origins and original use, to the present. An interesting look at the former glory of the cannabis plant and industry. Prepare for a couple shockers.
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