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  • Moving on...
    Hey everyone. So I could use a little advice. Suffice to say, I just got out of an 18 month relationship. At one point, I really thought he was "the one"...but by the end, I'd found out he was still happily married (even though he'd shown me separation papers he found on the internet) and had never
  • Sexy Halloween Makeup, cont'd
    Hey guys, thanks for the advice. For the pirate costume, I chose a red and gold look shown here: and for the sex fairy, tried to follow the look here: Thanks for the advice! Parties one and two are done, and I was
  • Sexy Halloween makeup
    Hi everyone. I usually wear very natural, light makeup, just a little gloss, eyeshadow and mascara. Of course, this year I'm single and have a bunch of Halloween parties I'm going to that are going to rock. I'm going as a pirate (non-skanky) to the family-friendly ones and a freaking sexy dark fairy

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