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I am a 25 year old wife and mother with many different experiences in life that allow me to write on a wide variety of subjects. I currently help run a family business in Blue Ridge, GA but live in Cleveland, TN. I have been writing from home in my spare time for 5 years now and have many articles published in various types of literature, as well as manuscripts in the works for publishing. I love to write and to share my experiences with others in the hope to help them in their lives.

I have experience in health, business, pets, farming, computers, parenting, and many other subjects. I grew up on a farm where I learned about horses, cattle, and many other animals and trained with a local Farrier. I then went on to work with a veterinarian in Augusta, GA where I gained experience in animal nutrition and had on the job training as a veterinarian technician and pet groomer.

I attended the health program in High School where I obtained my CNA, First Responder, and Child Nutrition certifications. I also did many different clinical terms at multiple doctors' offices through the Health Occupations of America at the High school. I worked in pediatrics, surgery, radiology, and obstetric practices throughout High school with clinical training in each field. I then went on to attend Augusta State University and take a few medical courses at the Medical College of GA.

After deciding I wanted more time with my family, I transferred out of Augusta State and went on to attend a year of criminal justice school and then a year of business/architecture/art school. I have classes that amount to 244 hours of college credit hours, in 4 different colleges, but due to my varied interest still have not gotten a degree to show for all of my experience, but continue to take classes as I can to get closer to my goal. I am also an experienced photographer and have worked as one for 6 years now. My family owns a photography and wedding store where we also sell retail items and flora
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Currently in college pursuing a business degree as I can. Graduated high school in Fannin County GA in 2004.


If it's meant to be, it will be and theres nothing you can do about it.... Me



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