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Freelance Writer with a 20 year back ground in surgery. Spending time in the ocean has taught me many lessons.
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US Academy of Health Sciences,Combat Medic, Certified Surgical Technician, Certified Nurses Aid,1979 Black Belt Tae Kwon Do,1989 Kung Fu Master Silat


Live life to it fullest potential every second



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  • Can You Support Your Family on a Surgical Technologist Salary?
    When I was training to become a Surgical Technologist back in the '70s, one might assume that the technical skill of working in surgery would be a prosperous, exciting way to support your family.
  • Surgical Technologist Resume On Steriods
    Learn how I have the decided advantage over most job candidates in my field.
  • Surviving as a Surgical Technologist
    Operating room survival for the long haul. Great training is not always enough to survive in one of the most competitive, challenging work environments on the planet. You will always need that extra edge.
  • First Person: A Surfing Retirement
    Successful retirement to me is all about attitude.
  • Kona, Hawaii Submarine Tour
    As a young boy I remember watching television and seeing the submarines dive to unimaginable depths.
  • An Easy Way to Build Muscle
    The fastest easiest way to build muscle is to find an activity that is fun and builds muscle.Find an activity that is effortless and pain less for you.
  • The Easy Method of Stress Relief
    Stress relief is easy with the method that I was taught.
  • What is a Fish Surfboard?
    Fish Surfboards have long been the secret of many surfers who seem to catch more waves. This may seem like a bold statement.
  • My First Surfboard
    All your friends are surfing now. You tried it out and you are stoked. You have been trying to figure out how much to spend on a surfboard?
  • How to Quickly Heal from an Injury
    Find balance in your life and you will heal.
  • Vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii
    If you are unique place to visit in the United States. The Big Island of Hawaii is ready for you.
  • Selecting a Surfboard
    Selection of a surfboard in the past was simple. I believe mainly because there seemed to be less selection of surfboards.
  • How to Aquire Your Own Quiver of Surfboards
    When I first became a surfer I thought that I would only need one surfboard. But as I became more experienced I realized that I could always use extra surfboards.
  • Vegetarians: Another Eating Disorder?
    Many of the so called vegetarians today that I have been meeting seem to be very closed minded. This seems odd to me because the vegans that I knew in the past were very open minded and tolerant of other people's eating habits.
  • How to Choose the Best Beach to Surf in Hawaii
    Choosing the best place to surf in Hawaii can be a challenge.
  • Surfing Secrets to Catching Waves
    First off it is really is no secret how to catch waves, people have been catching waves for 100s of years and riding them.
  • Becoming More Self Sufficient
    Many of us have been around long enough to watch the rise of what was once considered the richest democratic society in modern times.
  • Growing Your Own Food
    Growing your own food makes sense in so many ways these days.
  • How to Have More Control of Your Surfboard
    A few good tips on how to have more control of your surf board.
  • How to Generate More Speed From Your Surfboard
    Many good tips on getting that extra speed out of your surfboard to get the best ride possible and the most fun out of the experience.
  • Realizing a Change in Your Life
    Change is something that remains constant throughout our lives and whether it is something we want or not, it just keeps on coming. Many people these days are trying more and more to create that change in their lives themselves.
  • Surfing in the Pacific Northwest
    You need to know where to go and be prepared to surf the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest before heading out into the surf with the Orcas, seals and sharks of the area.
  • Choosing the Proper Leash for Your Surfboard
    Many good tips on choosing the best leash for your surf board, everything from length, thickness and the cuff to give you the best ride for your surfing experience.
  • Ocean Awareness Equals Safer Surfing
    Being aware of the tides, rip currents and weather conditions in the area you surf will help you have a much safer surfing experience.
  • How to Know when to Go Surfing
    Take the time to check the surf report, wave and weather conditions before just heading out surfing. There are many resources to help you have a safe surf session.
  • How to Catch More Waves
    Three real fundamental issues that, if you pay attention to, you will be able to catch many more waves.
  • 6 Tips on How to Have More Fun While Surfing
    There are many things that you can do to make sure you have more fun when you go surfing; here are a few tips.
  • Five Common Surfing Mistakes to Avoid
    There are a few things that surfers should take into account while surfing, most of them common mistakes that many make. If you learn to avoid them you will have a much more enjoyable time surfing.
  • 8 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy All Year Round
    Eight tips to help you stay healthy and elude the colds and flu's being passed around each season
  • Spiritual Realizations: Knowledge and Awareness Help on Your Spiritual Journey
    Being aware and gaining knowledge will help you on your spiritual journey.
  • Growing Sprouts for More Physical Energy
    Sprouts that you buy in the stores can be expensive and many times lacking quality and nutrition. But the sprouts you grow at home will be of higher quality and you can even add supplements to the water to make them even more nutritious.
  • Sprouting Your Own Greens is Fun!
    Teaching your friends and family to sprout their own greens is both a fun and rewarding activity to get involved in. Sprouts grow fast and there are many types of sprouts that change looks noticeable everyday while growing.
  • Sprouting: Start Your Own Sprouts at Home for Added Nutrition and Fun!
    Growing your own sprouts is not only delicious but also nutritious. It is a fun and easy way to add some nutrition to your diet.
  • What is Spiritual Development? Gaining Insight into One's Self
    Seriously now, I have asked myself that question so many times in my life. What is spiritual development? Also, when and how will I know that I am developing and on the correct path?
  • Exercises to Aid Your Spiritual Development
    Traditional American values are good for some, but others want and need more to fulfill their spiritual desires of becoming a co-worker with God.
  • Do You Need Surf Lessons?
    For some of us learning to surf can be a natural process. I have seen people come to the beach and get a few hours of instruction and they are standing up and riding waves the same day.
  • Custom Surfboards: Choosing the Shape Right for You Will Enhance Your Surfing Ability
    There are many shapes and styles of surfboards to enhance your surfing, knowing what you want and the types available will help you work with a shaper to get the custom surfboard that lets you really rip!
  • Where to Find an Inexpensive Surfboard
    If you are looking for a new or used surfboard, it's always nice to find one that is inexpensive. I have found several places that you can pick up decent surfboards for less than you normally buy them for at the surf shops.
  • Shortboard or Longboard Surfboard
    Which one would be best for you to buy, a short-board or long-board surfboard? It's difficult to just tell someone what type of surfboard that they should buy, there are many things to take into account.
  • 5 Tips for Choosing the Correct Surfboard for You
    Choosing the best surfboard for your weight, height and ability is hard sometimes. Many surfers actually believe that they are better surfers than they really are, so they tend to choose surfboards that do not match their ability.
  • Ancient Spiritual Study: How to Connect with Light and Sound
    Everyone is on a spiritual path and searching for that means of spiritual study that will help their con. Singing the "Hu" is one way to help your consciousness unfold.
  • Visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
    One of the most interesting places to see while visiting the Hawaiian Islands is the Hawaii Volcano National Park. If you haven't had a chance to visit the Big Island of Hawaii, it is truly a wondrous place of enchantment and mystery.
  • Your Intuition for Self Defense
    Creating an aware state of mind helps in a persons ability to act faster and be able to defend themselves better.
  • Billabong Surf Camp: A Great Place to Learn to Surf
    Billabong's Sebastian Inlet Surf Camp is a great place to learn to surf from professional qualified surfers. They offer great surf instruction, ocean safety and awareness and schedule many fun and enjoyable activities during the kids stay at the camp.
  • How to Grow Spiritually
    Over the years I have discovered that most of the masters that have obtained any sort of spiritual growth have not written it down.
  • How to Make the Best of a Difficult Situation
    Making the best of a difficult situation is a chore. Having a victim mentality is not very productive and a good thing to stay away from.
  • How to Develop a Spiritual Consciousness
    There are endless ways to develop your spiritual awareness. I share with you a method that has worked for 1,000's over the ages.
  • Vacation in Gay Friendly Hawaii
    If you are searching for a unique vacation that offers the most diverse climate per square mile in the world, Hawaii is a great place to go. In general the Big Island of Hawaii is gay friendly, in fact the island culture honors gays in their community.
  • Should You and Your Love One Get Married?
    How many times have you heard from your relatives "When are you going to get married, settle down and have kids."
  • How to Open Your Heart by Singing Hu
    It would appear that in many of our lives there may have been times we could have been more considerate to other people. I have not seen one person among us that has not made a mistake.
  • Baby Deliveries: Mid-Wife or M.D?
    In the past 25 years I have helped deliver hundreds of babies. Each couple has to weigh all the pros and cons of where and when to have their baby delivered.
  • Tips for Finding a New Job
    Many people are out of work. It can be challenging just trying to find work in your area, especially if there is plenty of competition for your industry and little opportunity for employment.
  • How to Have a Clear Advantage in Any Situation
    When I was in school it always seemed that in every class there was always a few people that had the advantage. This proved to be true in business also.
  • When Success Matters
    I have been hearing all my life that it doesn't matter if you succeed, it's how you play the game. I understand the saying but I have never enjoyed it and certainly up until now have never used it.
  • How to Always Get What You Want
    If you are reading this article and you have come here because of the title, you may be disappointed. Because, if you think that you are always going to get what you want in life, you could be mistaken.
  • How to Correct a Mistake
    Its kind of an old saying but I am pretty sure that all of us have made the mistake of hurting someone's feelings because of our own selfish desires
  • Surfing Dominical Beach in Costa Rica
    Surfing Dominical Beach in Costa Rica is fun and very challenging. If you are not familiar with this particular surf break and you think that you are a knowledgeable surfer, you should use caution.
  • Best Surfboard for Florida Waves
    You might think that I am going to write about a brand of surfboard, but you can find many brands of surfboards all over the globe. If you do not chose the correct surfboard for the waves you want to surf and your ability you will be very disappointed.
  • Surfboard Selling Tips
    Being a surfer I have sold dozens of surfboards in my life. You would think it would be pretty easy to just sell your surfboard. I think its pretty easy, but to get a good price for it may be a challenge.
  • eBay Car Selling Tips
    Selling your car can be a daunting task. It's not enough any more to just list it in the local newspaper ,4-5 people show up in a few weeks time and you take the best offer.
  • The Importance of Green Nutrition
    It seems that many of us grew up eating an occasional salad and maybe a portion of boiled vegetables in a day. The importance of green nutrition in our everyday diets has always been important.
  • What is Structured Water
    Many of us have known about structured water. Theories about the effects that structured water has on human phyiosolgy are mostly testimonial and at best antidotal.
  • Door County, Wisconsin
    When I was a kid growing up in Wisconsin, my father would take me to Door County. He always called it the thumb of Wisconsin for the obvious reason, it looks like a thumb.
  • Surfing Westhaven State Park in Washington
    When I think big powerful waves I always think Washington State. After five Hawaiian winters you would think that the first thing that would come to mind is the big waves of Hawaii.
  • Vacation in Florida
    Vacationing in Florida was one of the best decisions I have ever made. For years my friends had told me of the endless beaches, warm winter climate and laid back life style.
  • Basic Ocean Safety
    Planing on going to the beach this weekend with the kids? Just trying to think about all the things you are going to need for the day and how and where to pack them almost takes the fun out of going.
  • A Review of Seaweed as a Supplement
    Taking seaweed as a supplement is an inexpensive way to have more natural energy. It only makes sense that if we ate a substance from the ocean that we would feel healthier.
  • Seaweed as a Garden Fertilizer
    Seaweed is one the easiest most inexpensive ways to feed your plants a balanced dose of minerals and enzymes. Seaweed preparations come in liquid and powder form.
  • Fish Frying Tips
    Frying fish can be some what of a challenge if you do not follow a few basic rules.
  • Proper Surfing Attire
    Proper surfing clothing doesn't really cross your mind when you are first learning to surf. It starts to become an issue if you are not wearing surf trunks and your pants are getting ripped off your body from 3 foot waves.
  • First Aid for Surfing Cuts
    I have gotten cut so many times surfing it isn't funny. The surfboard has cut me, the reef, the bottom has cut me. These cuts can get infected easily. Make sure yours don't
  • How to Prepare to Surf
    The first thing that I normally do is check all my surfing equipment. Depending where I am going surfing and how big the waves are. I choose the correct board for the correct surfing spot.
  • Surfing in Wisconsin
    Certainly when most of us think of surfing we do not normally think of Wisconsin. But my surfing experience with Wisconsin has been an eye opening experience.
  • Is Wearing Surfing Clothing a Fashion or Lifestyle Statement?
    Surfing clothing has become a fashion statement, possibly suggesting several things about the type of person who runs around in board shorts, a tee shirt and a surf hoodie.
  • Washington State's Secret Surfing Waves
    Almost 12 years ago, I had the extreme pleasure of exploring the Olympic peninsula of Washington for surfing spots.
  • What's the Best Surf Wax
    One of the more important items that a surfer should be aware of is the type of surf wax to use. While there are many different kinds of surf waxes that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
  • A Review of Ricky Carroll's Surfboards
    Ricky is great to compete against because he always catches waves and surfs on surfboards that he has shaped. I have surfed with him in hurricane swells and in 2-foot wind chop; he always catches waves.
  • Review of Robert August Surfboards
    Why would I think that a custom made surfboard from Robert August would catch waves better than the board I had?
  • Best Surf Spots in Hawaii
    Having lived and surfed on the Big Island of Hawaii for several years I had a chance to surf plenty of different spots that were exceptional. Many people do not realize that Hawaii has 8 major islands.
  • Get Into Shape Fast
    First thing that I always tell people about getting in shape fast is find an activity that you enjoy that takes physical effort. So skip playing cards or watching TV, skip video games also.
  • Florida's Longest Wave
    If you have ever been to south central Florida you may have taken a drive down A1A and crossed one of the bridges where you can see the inter costal and the ocean at the same time.
  • The Worlds Largest Surf Shop
    If you have ever drove down A1A in Florida you already know that their are many places to visit. You can even visit the worlds largest surf shop. Just south of Coco Beach pier you will find Ron Jons surf shop.
  • Ice Fishing Tips
    Living in Wisconsin for several years, I was used to eating fresh fish almost every Friday. But there is nothing like catching your own fish through the ice
  • Kids Karate
    When I started my first karate lesson I was 13 years old. My father recognized that discipline early in life, may carry on and I could use the skills that I had learned in karate class in other parts of my life.
  • Costa Rica Traveling Tips
    When I travel anywhere, I always think of safety first. Most of the people I have traveled with haven't thought too much about safety.
  • The Best Way to Survive a Home Foreclosure
    Having your home foreclose on you is a stressful time, especially if you do not have anywhere to move to. Many people want to blame themselves, the economy and even the government.
  • How to Defend Yourself in a Fight
    Having studied Martial Arts for almost 40 years now makes me uniquely qualified for this subject. Most instructors will tell you that in order to defend yourself in a fight you must train long and hard.
  • Best Secluded Beach in Florida
    Having had the pleasure of visiting literally 100s of beaches in Florida, I have certainly chosen a few that are my favorites.
  • Common Sense Rules for Choosing a Surf Break
    You have a surfboard and you think that you are going to surf where ever you want to surf right, think again!
  • How to Survive a Doctors Office Visit
    Surviving a Doctors visit can take more than common sense at times, do your homework and your chances will increase.
  • Surfing Tips for Beginners
    Surfing is great fun until you are injured. If you want to keep surfing, Here are a few tips that will keep you in the water.
  • Surfboard Maintenance
    So you bought a new surfboard, its sweet right. You will want to take extra good care of it. I know I do. When I ask my shaper and glasser what are the extra things I can so my surfboard will last longer they laugh.
  • How to Protect Your Surfboard
    Probably the best investment you can make for your surfboard is a surf board case or surfboard bag. Having tried many different cases a over the years I have come up with a few suggestions as to what type of case that would be most beneficial to you.
  • What's the Best Surfboard Wax
    First off for those of you who are not aware, surfboard wax is applied to the top surface of the surfboard to help prevent slipping. Surfboard Wax can be purchased in all sorts of colors and smells.
  • Easy Spanish Rice Recipe
    Growing up my father made Spanish rice . Spanish Rice has always been one of my favorite dishes, its inexpensive and easy to make.
  • Easy Mexican Dinner
    Its easy to make Mexican food these days, If you are pressed for time and have to prepare a meal for several people Mexican Food can save the day. I enjoy rice and beans and it seems to be a good base for most mexican dishes.
  • Easy Way to Lose Weight
    With all the weight lose and fad diets out there today, one would think that there would be at least one good program out there that actually does what it claims to do.
  • How to Find a Good Place to Surf
    Finding a good place to surf can be a challenge at times. Especially when you drive down to your favorite surf spot on a day when you now the waves are going to be great and it so crowded that you would probably never even get a wave to yourself.
  • Preparing for a Home Birth Emergency
    Preparing for a home birth emergency will take plenty of stress away from the mother and father. My number one concern has always been the mother and the baby in any situation. I can not stress that enough.
  • Florida Fishing Tips
    Fishing for Red Snapper in Florida can be fun and easy if you follow a few general rules. Certainly their are exceptions to almost every rule, but I will share with you the simple methods and techniques that have produced fish for my family every-time we have gone fishing.
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