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  • Thank You H & J Antques and Collectables in Brookville, Ohio
    This is an article about one of the greatest antique and collectable store in Ohio. Each and everytime I visit them they have what I am looking for and will help you search for what you want :).
  • Down Home Country Cookin'
    This article includes storytelling recipes from from family's down home country cookin'. I miss the good old days of family gatherings with all the delicious food, friendly smiles, and oral stories of family
  • Controversial Politics and Business Leaders Who Disgrace America Because of the Birther's Mind Games
    This article is this author's editorial opinion of the controversial power plays by politicians and business people that promote disgracing our President Obama and the rest of America by "asking for papers."
  • Learning Tolerance No Matter Our Differences
    This creative writing article describes this author's journey of self and other learning related to tolerance and includes family history stories.
  • Celebrating Earth Day
    This article includes this author's forty years of grassroots efforts to protect our earth in honor of Earth Day which began in 1970.
  • Favorite Springtime Recipes
    This article includes my family's favorite springtime recipes that celebrates the change from snowy cold winter to colorful and delicious food and weather.
  • Are We All Related?
    This article is a plea for all of us to help our human world families mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well being no matter our differences.
  • Interview Mistakes to Avoid
    This article is about what interview mistakes to avoid and how to turn those mistakes into postives.
  • Spiritual Writings
    This article is my sprititual writing about my human understanding of personal spirituality
  • Our Favorite Bestest Burger Restaurant in Brookville, Ohio
    This article describes the absolute best burger's in Brookville, Ohio
  • Humor During a Rain Storm
    This is a humorous true story about me and my foster uncle handling our safety during my childhood during a high windy rain storm.
  • Having Fun, Saving Time and Money Shopping at Our Favorite Local Thrift Stores
    Thrift Store shopping is a fun hobby that saves money and time as we take a break from over priced highly advertised name brand stores.
  • One Voter's Response to Pres. Obama's State of Union Address and Opposing Rebuttal's
    This is an editiorial opinion of President Obama's State of the Union Address and the the unfortunate Republican and Tea Party Express nonsense filled rebuttal's.
  • Musical Instruments Made from Household Recycled Items
    This article describes how to make arts and crafts musical instruments from recycling householld items.
  • Is Gov. John R. Kaisch Wearing the Wrong "Hat" as He Governs?
    This article describes concerns of citizens that Gov. Kaisch is measuring metric data instead of fair and equal hiring practices and favoring his home state of Penn. for railroads, industry, locomotives instead of Ohio.
  • Americans Must Come Together to Stop Violence in This Country
    Why are we at war with each other in this country? This editorial opinion is a call to all Americans to come together to stop violence in this country.
  • Winter Soltice Celebrations
    This article is a tribute to Winter by celebrating great old time memories of past years of family and friends
  • Why Did the GOP Deny 911 First Responders Benefits?
    This article is a plea for Americans to help 911 get benefits they should have automatically because they saved lives and some have died yet others have horrible illnesses as a result of the conditions they were in during 911 response
  • New Year's Eve Humorous Love Story
    This is a story about my 1962 Happy New Year's Party. When I opened my eyes I had kissed and hugged the wrong and I was so embarassed I cried and laughed at the same time as they were singing Old Lang Syne
  • Exhibit Building in Brookville, Ohio Honors Veteran's Today
    This article is about Brookville's outstanding places to visit.
  • Spring Wedding Poems remind me of Mark Twain's genius
    My poem compare's "spring fever" in Mark Twain's poem to "love's urgency" of spring weddings. My parents taught me that love enough to marry was like the rush of springtime. My grandparents lived that kind of love.
  • Learning About the Truth of the Real Story of Thanksgving by Susan Bates
    This article is a Thank you to Susan Bates.Our Thanks to Hill & Holler Column by Susan Bates . As a multiracial Native American, I am thankful for your article and am praying to the Great Spirit
  • LifetimeThankfulness
    This article is a poem of reflection of what I have been thankful for in my lifetime.
  • Please Vote Today
    This article is my experience at our voting site in Brookville, Ohio
  • Speaking Out Against Minority News Media Attacking Minorities
    This editorial opinion is to speak out against those minorities with power in the media who throw mud at other minorities. Racial or ethnic slurs and attacks are profiling. Minority against minority is not Free Speech its Hidden Racism.
  • Using Creative Writing for Stress Management
    This article is about how I use creative writing as part of my daily stress management plan.
  • Turning Hobbies into Your Own Small Business
    This is my story of how I turned my favorite things to do as hobbies for relaxation into my small business.
  • HodgePodge News
    The news used to entertain me but since Pres. Obama began running for our President of the United States many of us use assumptions not facts in reporting the "truth" like wantabe's just to be in the news.
  • Memorial Day Family Recipes
    This article gives family recipes that we fix to remember our loved ones; family and friends alike. Our family brings their own favorite recipe and one recipe of someone who has died in memory of them.
  • Thanks & Giving
    This is an article of what I am thankful for and Give in return.
  • One "Holiday" Opinion
    This article is my opinion and I hope others share my views that everyone's holidays are cherished no matter of creed, race, origin, or age.
  • Granny's and Grandkids Treats
    This article is a comparision of how I have tried to keep family tradition in our holiday celebrations for our youngest to the oldest!
  • Moderation and Life Balance Helped Solve My Health Mystery
    This is an article about my experience with how I merged Standard Medical Care and Alternative Therapies and finally found a healthy lifestyle to Wellness.
  • One Newly Retired Person's Plan
    This is my creative writing about how I am dealing with early retirement after 45 years of working to much. Letting Go and not planning, just living!
  • One Creative Writer's Process
    This article is about how I write creatively; my process. I am very enthused when the urge to write comes but then the haunting"English Rules" can overcome me if I do not relax my mind and emotions enough to be creative.
    This article includes " almost from scratch" recipes that are down home finger licking comfort desserts that are easy and terrific ways to celebrate any occasion.
  • Ode to My Computer Mouse
    I am visually impaired and at times it is frightening to use my computer but my faithful mouser holds my hand and guides me to the right vision aids
  • One Fan's Review of Danny Boyle's Film: Slumdog Millionaire
    I viewed this glorious film with my husband and grandson and was overwhelmed with the genius of Fox Searchlight, Danny Boyle, and all the brillant people who made this film.
  • I Half Celebrated Easter Today
    This is a short poem of my Easter Day. I celebrated by Proxy of talking to children and their parents about today and yester year ways to enjoy Easter.
  • Remembering Good Times with Memorial Day Recipes
    This remembrance during Memorial Day includes old time recipes of family and friends favorite foods. The picnics, kitchen table fixings, backyard get togethers and tips for this special celebration.
  • Earth Day Celebrates the Poetry of Gardening
    This poem of thanks to Mother Nature for her gift of trusting us with Earth.
  • A Day to Celebrate Motherhood
    This article is about my Mother Ruby's hometown and how now 43 years after her death I will celebrate her memory in our beloved Brookvilee, Ohio
  • My Answer to Our National Call to Service
    This creative writing is my plan to help all of us be a reunited American Family
  • Love to My Husband
    This is a description of what flows naturally from my heart when I write loving poems to my husband
  • Surprise Christmas Gifts
    This article is a descriptive of what I received from loved ones this year for the holidays. They included things that I loved long ago and had forgotten about but they remembered.
  • Traditional and Applied Teaching Tips
    This article addresses the problems and solutions for instructors, parents, and mentors to assist students in academic and workplace settings to increase their productivity and retain permanent learning that leads to success personally and professionally
  • Local Hot Button Campaign Issues Are Nationwide Concerns
    This article describes examples of local citizens conversations about how this campaign is turning ugly. But candidates want us to believe in change and unity?
  • Brookville, Ohio, Celebration Slated for End of July
    This article is about our local neighborhood news of our annual Brookville Community Picnic July 26, 27, 28th at Golden Gate Park which is at Arlington Road.
  • Free Lance Writing
    This article is about how I got started as a free lance writer with the help of family, friends, and readers encouragement and support.
  • At Dayton, Ohio's Appalachian Festival, Neighbors Celebrate Diversity
    This traditional festival will be held in East Dayton, Ohio on the corner of Xenia Ave. and Dover St. as a result of neighbors coming together to celebrate the unity of cultural diversity by sharing old time handicrafts, ethnic history, food, music and dance.
  • Electronic Research VS Traditional Accuracy with a Personal Touch
    The article includes my projection of wishes for internet family researchers for electronic searches to adhere to truth, accuracy, and easier access for historians.
  • Neighborhood Heroes: Animal and People Stories
    This interview was with a neighbor of mine, Mrs. Annie who has rescued and adopted homeless animals for over 20 years.She writes her stories as a stress reliever in her journal. This is the first of a series of interviews with Ms. Annie
  • Celebrating Father's
    This poem is a combined poem that I wrote to my Father, my foster Dad, and my adopted Father to celebrate their teaching and role modeling to me and my brothers.
  • Grace of Honor: Memorial to Unknown Protectors
    This poem is how I honor those I did not have the privilege of knowing but their grace of honor protects me everyday.
  • Celebrating the Women in My Life
    I orginally began writing this poem at age 9 when my birth Mother died and have added to it to celebrate all the women in my life who loved, cared, and mentored me. Some of the women in my poem are blood relatives and others are related not by blood but through love.
  • Contemporary Racial Issues: How Do You Really Know What Race You Are?
    The editorial and/or opinion article is an effort to open the eyes and mind of those who continue to identify themselves and others as only one race. Many times it is obvious that we are of mixed race. How do we decide which family race to choose and which to ignore.
  • "I Honor You Brother David"
    This interview is one with my brother David after finding out that he was terminally ill. My brother died March 28, 2007 at the age of 67; . We said "Hello and Goodbye" in the same interviews.
  • Ohio Primary Voting Decisions
    This opinion is my political perspective as an independent voter and describes how I finally made a decision who to vote for after months of becoming an informed voter who is tired of all the rhetoric and seemingly hidden agendas of candidates viaing for nomination power.
    This is a guide that gives easy tips on how to make Appalachian Art from odds and ends. Steps on how to use nature, throw away items and turn them into ONE OF A KIND ART WORKS!
  • Old Fashion Chicken Salad Recipe
    This article is a claim for call for Chicken Salad Recipes and includes an old fashion chicken salad recipe that my great grandmother created and has pasted down to her descendants. It is delicious and is quick and easy to make.
  • Easy Tips for Wedding Favors and Notions
    This easy tip guide and checklist for wedding favors and notions is based on my own handicraft and tradition learning from family and friends. Easy, fun, and fulfilling do-it -yourself projects that are memorable and wonderfully engaging.
    This is a series of articles of Down Home Cookin' recipes and tips that I have gathered over my lifetime.
  • Americans Facing Critical Political Issues !
    This paper focusing on our current election issues in the mist of all the hyph and news. It is based on my concern of critical issues facing Americans and the impact on my decisions after talking with other voters. My previous article is "Do Votes really count?"
  • Mardi Gras Recipes: Cajun Style Meals, Snacks, Drinks and More
    This is a cooking story about how my Granny taught me as a child to make jar breads. These little mounds of bread dough are baked in half-pint canning jars; right in your home oven. It's easy, fun, and you can pick your own ingredients and eat it in one bite.
  • Cooking Without Measuring
    This is one of the storytellin'recipes articles that was published by "Traditions" magazine and an excerpt from my book, Hey Mama,"What's a dab of this and a pinch of that?" published by Authorhouse. "What a dab of this and a pinch of that?
  • Happy New Year Promises
    This article is about how resolutions do not work for me. Instead of resolutions I will for the first time be self indulgent instead of resolving other's problems.
  • Racial Identity: My Human Heritage
    This article is my story of my experience being a racially self identified person of Melungeon Heritage mutliracial ancestry.
  • Do All Votes Really Count?
    This article describes my selection process as an Indpendent Voter for the next President of the USA.I have also included statements from twenty other voters of warious political party views that I interviewed at random.
  • What Happened to Our Neighborhoods?
    This story is about the changes that have occurred in our inner city neighborhoods from 1950's to present.

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