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  • After a Rock Show
    Walking out of a concert into the night, slightly deaf and a little tipsy and excited to have shared the experience with so many people: this is one of my favorite feelings.
  • Magnitude
    A short story about an astronomer leading a guided tour at an observatory.
  • The 10 Most Impressive Facts About Brett Favre
    In tribute to the recent retiree I've compiled a list. If you don't have respect for the man here are ten excellent reason why you are wrong...
  • Thoughts on Spygate
    Spygate isn't serious enough to warrant Congressional interference. If there's anything we can learn from the Clemens witch hunt it's that Warren Spector should keep his nose out of the NFL and let the league police itself as it has for many years.
  • NBA All Star Saturday Night Sizzles
    The events on the eve of the 2008 NBA All Star game were highly entertaining and a great success for the NBA as it prepares to expand across the pond to Europe. The Dunk Contest, won by Orlando center Dwight Howard, in particular was a thrill to watch.
  • NFC Championship Preview
    Coming off a surprising defeat of first seed Dallas last week, Eli Manning and the Giants head north to face Brett Favre and his miraculous Packers. Here is a breakdown of the matchup and this writer's humble prediction for the final outcome.
  • Upgrading Your Movie Collection
    A guide to upgrading your movie collection so that it better reflects your self and your range of tastes in film. Everything from how to start a collection to the ins and outs of new video formats is covered in an easy to read article.

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