Sharon Potter-Case

Sharon Potter-Case

Potter-Case is 67 years old and lives in Southern Indiana,right accross the river from Louisville, Ky. She is a widow and has (2) grown sons and (5) Grandchildren.....and 1 very beautiful great grand daughter....Addie
Looking forward to a baby brother or sister for Addie in April 2014 Potter-Case is a published Poet and loves to write Poetry and commentary.
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Crothersville High Crothersville Indiana, Ivy Tech Columbus Indiana,IVTC School of Nursing Bloomington Indiana


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  • Addison
    A tiny Angel was delivered to us on November 26, 2010.Her name is Addison Marie Potter. This is a tribute to her.
  • JFK: The Impact and Collateral Damage in the Heartland
    This is a story about a day in November. This is a story about grief and despair. this is in fact a story about a Hero cut down in his prime.
  • First Person: Not Alone When Working During Retirement
    One Great Grandmother's description of her rumble through the jungle that is todays so called retirement.
  • THE Killing of Caylee Marie Anthony
    A look at the facts and evidence in the murder case of Casey Anthony mother of two year old Caylee Marie Anthony.
    This is about a strange, wonderful and intriguing new tradition
  • A Day in December
    "A Day in December" is a poem designed to inspire precious thoughts and memories of Christmas past present and future.
  • Apple of My Eye
    "The Apple of my Eye" is a sober,thoughtful yet whimsical tribute to the all american apple.
  • Winter's Cry
    "Winters Cry" is a descriptive poem about Winter.This poem is written in Haiku style.
  • Little Man
    A heartfelt tribute to John Robert Potter II (JP).JP is the Grandson of Author Sharon Potter-Case.
  • Who'll Stop the Rain
    This is a unique type of Ballad Poetry called a Vannelle.This is the same type of poetic structure used by Poet Dylan Thomas for his poetic contribution entitled,Do not go Gentle into that Good Night.
  • An Ode to the Passing of Autumn
    "An Ode to the Passing of Autumn" is a passionant,descriptive love letter to the beautiful season of Fall....Autumn
  • Make Money Working from Your Home: I Did It, and So Can You
    This is a brief overview of things I have personally done from the comfort of my home to earn money. Any sales person worth their salt can take this information and run with it.

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