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An American immigrant born and raised in Norway. Now living in Southern California.
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Computer Science from the University of Oslo
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  • The Cutest Video Game Characters
    Not all video games are about blowing stuff up and shooting your friends in the face. There is a healthy crop of cute wholesome games and characters out there. Here is a collection of some of the very cutest characters in existence.
  • Most Shocking Video Game Moments
    Since a hair-raising moment on the Playstation 2 rocked the world of gamers everywhere, games continue to raise the bar in their attempts top shock and surprise gamers. Here is a rundown of some of the most shocking moments in video game history.
  • Can Donkey Kong Save Video Gaming
    Donkey Kong Country Returns solidifies the resurrection of 2D platformers. Can this be the shot in the arm a stagnant industry needs?
  • Why Kinect is Beating Move
    Microsoft scores a huge hit with their innovative motion controls. Kinect is running circles around the Move by separating themselves from existing technology.
  • Market Street on Facebook Game Guide
    Market Street is the perfect Facebook game for wanna be shop keepers. This game guide walks you through the basic steps of starting your own shop in Market Street.
  • CityVille Game Guide
    A guide to the new Zynga game CityVille. Learn how to make money fast and level up quickly in CityVille
  • Who Ruined Video Game Movies? Uwe Boll
    Movies adapted from video games are some of the worst movies ever made. Here is a short overview of some of the very worst, and the story of the man who made them all.
  • UDraw's Impact on the Wii
    The uDraw brings touch screen gaming to the Wii. Will this new device go the way of Wii Speak or can it give the Wii a much needed boost into the new year?
  • Is it Time for a New Wii
    The Wii has outperformed everyone's wildest expectations. The console is on track to become the best selling console in history.
  • The Best FarmVille Crop for Gaining Experience Points
    FarmVille is all about levelling up, and levelling up fast. While there are a few ways to gain experience quickly, one of the best tricks might come as a surprise.
  • Wii 2010 Holiday Shopping Guide
    The Wii has one of its strongest game lineups ever this Christmas. With so many choices, which games will be sure fire hits?
  • How to Make Kefir
    Kefir is a supremely healthy fermented milk drink. Loaded with probiotics that can help restore a healthy gut flora. Learn how to make this amazing drink easily at home
  • 6 of the Most Addictive Video Games
    Some games are impossible to quit. No matter how much you loath crawling to bed at 5:30 am er 9 hours of collecting virtual goods, you still come back for more.
  • Where Does Video Gaming Go from Here?
    The video game industry is growing bigger every year. While this is great for gamers, there is also a flip side to the coin.
  • The 5 Worst Video Game Controls
    Nothing can ruin a gaming experience faster than poor controls. These games are at the absolute bottom of the barrel in that category.
  • Lessons to Be Learned from the Success of FarmVille
    'FarmVille' represents the perfect storm of the casual gaming market rising to power. Traditional gaming companies need to get with the trend or risk getting left behind.
  • The Hardest Final Boss Fights of All Time
    Nothing beat the feeling of finally beating a game that's been giving you a hard time for weeks. Here is a list of the most difficult boss fights in any video game.
  • Farmers Markets in Riverside, California
    Consumers looking for clean locally grown produce in Riverside have several great options.
  • Microsoft and Sony Play Follow the Leader with Their Respective Motion Sensing Controllers
    Initially considered a fad, Nintendo's motion sensing controller has now established a new industry standard for video game controls. How will Kinect and Move change the playing field?
  • Stories in Video Games - How Important Are They?
    Video Games are trending towards getting more and more story driven. Is this happening at the expense of the gameplay? What is more important, a strong story or a good game?
  • Are Video Game Graphics Getting Too Realistic?
    Video games look better than ever before, especially with the introduction of HD graphics. But is improved graphics always a good thing?
  • The 5 Best Facebook Games
    Social gaming is making a big splash in the video game world. Here is a list of the 5 best games currently available on Facebook.
  • Video Games so Difficult You Have to Cry
    There is difficult, and then there is just plain evil. These games are so difficult they have all it takes to make any gamer pull out their own hair.
  • 10 Essential Video Game Accessories
    Many or most video game accessories are cheap cash ins that do nothing to improve the game experience, there are however some products that are must buys for a serious gamer.
  • The World's Longest Video Games
    These games are guaranteed to provide a massive amount of game time for the money.
  • Wii Party Review
    Wii Party is Nintendo's biggest gun for the holiday season, is this party game worth checking out?
  • Overrated Video Games of 2010
    These 2010 video games are some of the most overrated games released this year.
  • The Most Ridicolous Video Game Accessories Ever Made
    The Wii has revolutionized many aspects of video gaming, unfortunately it has also unleashed a flood of truly terrible accessories.
  • Video Game Glitches You Have to See
    Glitches and bugs are unavoidable in video games. Some, however, are more hilarious than others.
  • Tournament of Legends Game Review
    Tournament of Legends delivers a strikingly average experience from a setting that deserves a better game.
  • 5 of the Most Anticipated Video Games for Fall 2010
    2010 looks to be one of the best years ever for video gamers, and the fall lineup is incredible. Check out this list of 5 must own titles all scheduled for release this fall.
  • Childrens Museums in Riverside, California
    Find out where to take your kids for a day at the museum this summer. Riverside has many great museums for families.
  • FrontierVille Cheats and Tips
    FrontierVille cheats and tips to help you level up fast and get rich in the new Facebook game from Zynga.
  • Why Football is Unwatchable
    Every Sunday for half the year, Americans flock to what they call football. But why?
  • World Cup Memories
    The World Cup is the biggest sports event in the world. For a boy growing up in football crazed Europe, the World Cup holds many dear memories. Here are some of my favorite World Cup moments.
  • FrontierVille Tips and Game Guide
    FrontierVille lets you clear the land and start your own homestead on Facebook. Read this game guide for important tips and strategies for playing FrontierVille on Facebook.
  • World Cup 2010 Group a Preview
    Group A sees two former World Champions take on the host country. With France looking like group favorites, who joins them in moving on to the next round is harder to predict.
  • Personal Trainer Walking Review
    Personal Trainer Walking is a game in the Touch Generation series of games. The software is a good way to keep track of your walking goals and progress
  • Monster Hunter Tri Review
    Monster Hunter Tri brings hardcore monster hunting to the Wii. Fiercely challenging, and hugely rewarding the series gets its best game to date on the Wii.
  • Weird Foods of Norway
    Norway is locked down by winter for up to nine months each year. This has lead to some pretty weird experimentation with their food stuffs. Here is a list of some of the worst offenders in the Norwegian kitchen.
  • Treasure Isle Cheats and Tips
    Treasure Isle is a fun Facebook game where you travel from island to island to gather valuable treasure. These tips and cheats will help you to get the most fun from the game.
  • Hotel City Game Guide
    Hotel City is a Facebook game that lets you manage your own skyscraper. This start up guide explains some basic strategies for being successful in the game.
  • Treasure Isle on Facebook - Game Guide
    Treasure Isle is the latest big game to hit Facebook. Read this guide to learn how to get off to a great start in the game.
  • The Best Team to Never Win a World Cup
    In 1974 the Dutch national team impressed the entire world with their Total Football. Despite their dominance they would never win the biggest price in soccer and remain to this day the best team the never won the World Cup
  • What is The Artifice on Facebook?
    The Artifice is an online mystery. The people behind the game and the movie are doing everything in their power to create buzz without giving out any real information. So what do we know about the Artifice?
  • Top 10 ABBA Songs
    The first Swedish act to break into the international market also is the most successful. ABBA is one of the best selling music acts of all time. Here is a list of their 10 best songs.
  • The La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles
    The La Brea Tar Pits is a unique fossil deposit in the middle of the busiest parts of Los Angeles. The Tar Pits have a wonderful museum and lots of fossil fun for the family.
  • Miracle Mile in Los Angeles
    A one mile long section of Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles; the Miracle Mile pioneered some important changes to the city and the entire country.
  • When Do Cafe World Dishes Go Bad?
    Every Cafe World Chef has spoiled their food. Find out exactly how long your food will keep by using the tips from this article.
  • Tiki Resort Game Guide
    Tiki themed simulation game on Facebook. This Tiki Resort Game Guide shows you all the tricks ang strategies for building a fantastic resort.
  • The 10 Best Pixies Songs
    The Pixies were the final stepping stone for the grunge movement. This is a list of their 10 best songs.
  • How to Build Stables in FarmVille
    FarmVille adds a convenient horse stable. Just like the chicken coop or dairy farm it is a must for animal farmers. Unlike the other animal buildings though, the stables have to be built from scratch. Find out how.
  • 10 Best Depeche Mode Songs
    One of the first bands in the world to go fully electronic, Depeche Mode is also one of the most successful underground bands in the world. This is a list of essential tracks from this ground breaking trio.
  • Olvera Street - the Original Los Angeles
    Between the highly modernized downtown and the Los Angeles Union station you will find a rare quaint spot. Olvera street is a pedestrian only Mexican marketplace that draws millions of visitors every year.
  • St. Patrick's Day Folly
    You never know just how the party turned out until you check youtube for surprises the next day. Enjoy St. Patrick's Day irresponsibly!
  • Country Life on Facebook Game Guide
    Learn basic strategies for mastering the Facebook game Country Life. Tips on what crops to grow, how to get the most out of your animals and more.
  • History of the Wiltern, a Los Angeles Landmark
    The history of the Wiltern is both interesting and dramatic. Once one of the most dazzling theatres in the United States, this Los Angeles landmark still holds it's own.
  • Watching the Soviet Union Collapse Firsthand
    As a young man I patrolled the border between the Soviet Union and Norway. From my position in the extreme north I got a first person perspective on a key moment in history.
  • Restaurant City Tips and Game Guide
    One of the first restaurant games on Facebook, Restaurant City is still one of the most popular applications. This article explains some of the key things you need to know to get the most out of Restaurant City.
  • The 10 Best Soccer Players of All Time
    A list of the 10 best and most influential soccer players of all time. Short overviews of their outstanding careers and contributions to the world biggest sport.
  • Tiki Farm Game Guide
    Tiki Farm is a new farm game on Facebook. Building on the concepts from FarmVille or Farm Town, Tiki Farm adds their own Islander twist.
  • Best Music of 2009
    A look back at the very best music released in 2009.
  • Bejeweled Blitz Tips and Strategy
    Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook is a super addictive puzzle game. Use these tips and strategies to score as high as possible.
  • Cafe World Medals - Earn Medals Fast
    Cafe World just followed in the footsteps of FarmVille and added medals. Medals are awarded for a number of achievements in Cafe World. Find out how to get yours fast.
  • How to Make Money in PetVille on FaceBook
    There are many ways to make money in PetVille, this article covers some of the best strategies to use.
  • Amusing Computer Pranks
    Few things are funnier than a well played prank. With everyone now having their own computers it opens up a whole new world of possibility for the creative prankster.
  • RabbitAir BioGS Air Purifier Review
    The RabbitAir BioGS is a HEPA filtered air purifier that runs very quietly. The unit runs very quietly and can filter the air in quite large rooms.
  • Why Do Americans Hate Soccer?
    Many of the ideas that are commonly associated with soccer in North America are really misconceptions. This article addresses some of these ideas from a different point of view.
  • PetVille Game Guide
    Learn how to get a head start in this PetVille Game Guide. Tips on making money and leveling up quickly in PetVille.
  • Best Cafe World Dishes for Making Money and Getting Cafe Points
    Find the best cafe world dishes to either level up quickly or make the most amount of money possible. Top 10 Cafe World dishes listed for either case.
  • Medical Mayhem Game Guide - New Facebook Game
    Medical Mayhem game guide that covers some basic strategies for the newest social game on Facebook. Learn how to be successful in Medical Mayhem.
  • FishVille Cheats and Tips
    FishVille cheats that let you advance in this new Facebook game quickly. FishVille cheats that let you get unlimited cash and gifts.
  • Alone in the Street
    When I was twenty years old I was very nearly killed. This is the story of how it felt.
  • Dancing Ghosts - a Personal Ghost Story
    Completely secluded, high up in the sparse Norwegian mountains, I spent an unbelievable summer. And although we were miles and miles away from other people, it turned out we were not alone.
  • The Best Southern California Beaches
    California is well known for the endless beaches. But with 118 beach cities to choose from; how do you pock the right one for you? This article lists some of the best beaches in southern California.
  • Cutting Your Own Christmas Tree
    Cutting your own Christmas tree can leave lasting memories for you and your family.
  • Monetize Your Website Traffic
    Most advice on how to make money from your website recommend attracting traffic through keywords. This article explains a different approach that has a much higher potential
  • Traditional Norwegian Christmas Recipes
    Norwegian Christmas dinner is a very traditional meal. It marks the official start of Christmas and is enjoyed with close family. These recipes explain the most common dishes.
  • Setting Up a Local Development Environment in Ubuntu
    Learn how to create new web sites and serve them up on the fly as they are created.
  • How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather
    There are many ways to make sure you stay warm in very cold weather. From personal hygiene to the type of clothes you wear, it all makes a difference. Learn how to stay warm in cold weather.
  • A History of Koreatown, Los Angeles
    The most densely populated area in Los Angeles is also the most exciting. Read this brief history of Koreatown to learn more about this often overlooked gem.
  • Cafe World Cheats and Tips
    Cafe World Cheats to help you out with this very addictive Facebook game. Use these Cafe World Cheats and tips to make your Cafe the best in Cafe World.
  • Pet Society Cheats and Tips
    Find the best cheats and tips for the popular Facebook game Pet Society. These cheats will help you beat your Pet Society friends.
  • Sorority Life Brownie Points for Free
    In Sorority Life, brownie points are very valuable. They can get you glam, favors from the House Mod more. Brownie points cost real money, but here are step by step instructions on how to get brownie points for free.
  • The 5 Worst Halloween Costume Ideas
    Picking Halloween costumes is fun, but showing up at a Halloween party with a terrible costume can be very awkward. This list will help you steer clear of the worst costume catastrophes.
  • Stress Free Travel Tips: Packing Light
    The further people travel, the more stuff they feel they need to pack. Not only is hauling heavy luggage stressful and physically challenging, it can also be expensive. Here are some simple rules to encourage packing light and enjoy traveling more.
  • FarmVille Farm Cash for Free
    The coolest items in FarmVille requires Farm Cash, here's how to make as much Farm Cash as you want without spending any of your real world money.
  • FarmVille Crops Guide
    Use this FarmVille Crops Guide to decide what crops will make you the most money. Every crop in FarmVille is rated based on profit.
  • Travel Tips: Guide to the Most Important Sights in Oslo, Norway
    Experiencing Oslo can be done on a budget, if you know where to go and how to get there. Read these tips on the best travel locations in the Norwegian capital.
  • Zhu Zhu Pets Shopping Guide
    Zhu Zhu Pets are looking to be the most popular toy this holiday season. Here are a few tips on how to locate on of these hard to find mechanical hamsters
  • Halloween Safety Tips
    Halloween is coming, and everybody wants to be safe while celebrating their favorite holiday.
  • Sorority Life on Facebook - the Cheats and Tips
    Learn how to level up fast in Sorority Life, using some of the best tips and cheats available for this popular game.
  • Health Care Reform - a Public Option to Save America?
    Health care reform is urgently needed in the USA as prices keep rising and puts a stronger and stronger drain on an already struggling economy.
  • Blogger Templates - the Best Places to Spice Up Your Blog
    If you have your own blog on blogger, check out these websites for some of the best blogger templates you will ever see.
  • Passive Income - Why Do You Want It?
    Passive income opportunities are being advertised everywhere, and a new wave of internet entrepreneurs are scrambling for their piece. But why do people look for passive income, and is the income they are finding really passive?
  • Country Story Friendship Guide
    Friendship points can be very useful in Country Story, read this article to learn how to maximize and take advantage of your friendships.
  • Country Story on Facebook Game Guide
    Country Story is the newest Facebook farm game, this article is full of great tips on how to play the game.
  • The Best Turbonegro Songs
    Find the very best song by the legendary Norwegian band Turbonegro.
  • Roller Coaster Kingdom Cheats and Tricks
    A guide to playing the new FaceBook game Roller Coaster Kingdom
  • SinuPulse Elite Product Review
    Sinus irrigation can be a very effective way of combating sinus problems, this review tests one of the premiere products available for sinus irrigation
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