Yuki Kaneshige

Yuki Kaneshige

A freelance multimedia journalist based in New York City primarily focusing on global and local social issues, as well as her first marathon come November.
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  • Marathon Countdown - Coping with Injuries
    Marathon training requires dedication, a rigorous physical and mental regimen, and also good decision-making all along the way. One of the hardest decisions to make can be whether or not to continue.
  • New York City Marathon Preps - Two Weeks to Go!
    With the New York City Marathon only two weeks away, proper nutrition, on top of physical training, is what will fuel you to the finish line. Check out these basic tips on how it's done - for Marathon Day, as well as any long runs in your future!
  • Occupy Wall Street Headquarters
    This was the scene at Occupy Wall Street's headquarters in Zuccotti Park one morning in mid-October of 2011. Demonstrators are seen settled here, braced against bad weather, and in it for the long haul.
  • One Month Preparations for the NYC Marathon!
    You're one month away from running the New York City Marathon. This is a great time to make sure all your preps are in order so that you finish with a smile!
  • A Morning Spent at Occupy Wall Street
    What are the Occupy Wall Street protesters like? What does their camp in Zuccotti Park look like? I had to see for myself and hear their stories.
  • New York City Marathon Prep Schedule
    Excitement is building as you enter into the crucial pre-marathon one-month zone! Here are some basic tips on how to lay the groundwork for the weeks ahead.
  • NYC Marathon One Month Countdown
    If you're prepping for your first marathon, this one-month mark is a crucial time to ask yourself some basic questions about the best way to do it. The countdown has started!

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